Swabhimaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nirmala asking Tamanna to tell what happened? Tamanna hugs Meghna and cries. Meghna tells Nirmala that her husband beats her and tells that husbands often misbehaves with their wives etc. Nirmala recalls Nand Kishore insulting her and tells Meghna that they shall not interfere between husband and wife. She asks Meghna to drop her for pooja. Meghna thinks Nirmala thought about her problem and thinks they shall fight with their problems. She asks Nirmala to sit till she comes back.

Karan sees Naina washing his tshirt and comes to take his tshirt back. Naina says she was washing it. They argue. Karan tries to take his tshirt and touches her hand by mistake. He gets worried and asks her to wash her hand. He takes the water pipe and makes her wash his hands. Naina says I have

washed my hand and takes pipe and throws water on him. Karan says he will get drenched. Naina says we shall go and have icecream. Karan says nobody can come in my personal time, and says we will have icecream later. Naina thinks he is hiding something and thinks to find out what is important to him.

Tamanna makes tea for Nirmala. Nirmala praises her smile and asks since when this has started. Tamanna says she got hurt 2 days back. She says if problem is mine, then I have to handle and fight. Nirmala thinks Nand Kishore insulting her and asks her not to be silent and takes someone’s help. She says if you are silent once, then you will never be able to open your mouth, and your silence will be taken as your weakness. Meghna hears them and smiles. Nirmala says she has seen such woman who was insulted by her husband. She tells that woman are asked to keep silent for values and relations. She says even your children will be affected by these fights. She asks her never to lose her Swabhimaan and never to leave it even for her husband. Tamanna hugs Nirmala and cries. Meghna smiles. Ek Shringaar plays………………Mr. jain sees Nirmala in the office and calls Sandhya.

Naina follows Karan…She thinks where did he go and see his umbrella.

CM is giving interview to the media. Reporter asks why he is building hospital in Bundi. CM says when people get educated then they move to big cities. He introduces Vishal and says he wants to work in the Bundi hospital for the city people. Sharda and Vishal gets up. Shweta, a reporter tells that her earring is lost and that she is emotionally attached to it. CM says they will resume conference after she gets her earrings. CM gets the earring and asks Sharda to give it to Shweta. Reporters take their pic as if CM is proposing her.

Reporter tells that CM is busy searching a woman’s ring. The news flashes on the TV screen. Sandhya asks what is happening. Reporter says we want hospital than earring. Sandhya tells now we know how did Sharda cancelled our land deal and says she seems to be college girl. Nand Kishore says if this is her age to fall in love. He says she is romancing with CM. Sandhya says reporters are talking about Shweta, but we shall take advantage of the situation and provoke Dada ji against Sharda. She says Bundi is a small city and everyone shall know Sharda’s ishq. She says even her daughter shall know, if pic came today then her name can come tomorrow with CM. Nand kishore asks what she is thinking? Sandhya says we shall change Shweta’s name with that of Sharda.. Nand Kishore praises her.

Vishnu asks Sharda to answer him and asks until when I have to bend my head for you. Solanki calls Nand Kishore and tells that Meghna returned his money. Nand Kishore says she didn’t tell us. Nand Kishore rues to defame Sharda’s respect and seeks Solanki’s help. Solanki smiles..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love this serial.

  2. Supriya sri dayana

    Nice&lovely serial it is

  3. Ambika

    Just can’t tolerate sandhya anymore…
    she’s just too annoying!!!

  4. Scooby

    Awesome.. Girl power is needed here.. Arghh hate this nk and sandhya. Punch them..
    Nairan scenes ?? whr is megnal ????

  5. very nice serial but it needs more support from fans, i feel people have to stop comparing it with swaragini n start enjoying this….

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