Swabhimaan 5th May 2017 Written *Maha* Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Meghna thinking if Naina saw her taking car’s pics. She asks what you are doing here? She says Papa will be taking this car tomorrow. Meghna says may be, and tells that she was searching for her earring. Naina says it is in your ears. Meghna asks if I have only one earrings and asks why she is questioning her. Naina says I trust you, I am your pooch and loves you very much. She says I know you can do anything for Maa and that’s why gets scared of you. Meghna hugs her and says you gets scared of me and asks did you talk to Mamma? Naina says she will talk in the evening. Meghna says we both will talk in the evening. Meghna opens the cupboard and recalls telling that she will take revenge for her maa. She talks to Saraswati Goddess and says she wants to take decisions with patience

and calm mind, and asks her to help her make guilty take revenge. She opens her laptop and gets the number. She thinks if she shall call anti corruption dept from her phone and looks at other sim card. She thinks I will call even if I change the sim. She thinks about Naina’s words, Nand Kishore insulting Nirmala and Sharda. She says you do mistake everytime and says you are not Chauhan, and thinks to stop him from doing more mistakes. She calls the anti corruption dept. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that Sharda and CM’s news are viral on the net. He asks if the enquiry is going on. Sandhya says I am stopping it and says nobody can reach you.

Meghna tells that she wants to give info and tells that a white car will pass from jawahar nagar, and tells that it will have crores of black money and asks him to seized the money. Nand Kishore talks about Sharda. Sandhya thinks her next target is Meghna and Naina, and they didn’t know they are getting in the pit. Nand Kishore asks if she has done arrangements for tomorrow. She says yes.

Karan scolds Naina for coming to room and says I am not topper like you people. Naina tries to make him understand. Karan says only Maasi man don’t force me to do anything. Naina says she saw some toy train in his childhood toys. Karan says I was telling you that Maasi maa gives me freedom. Naina thinks because of her, he lost his confidence. She plays toy train. Karan says you have no mind and says makes the toy train run on its track. Naina tells that train have a motive when it travels on the track else it will crash. She says you have much talent and when you get the motives, your train will never crash as it will come on track.

Meghna thinks when 10:30 am will come. She gets Kalpana’s call and rejects her call. Kalpana thinks please tell me if you have fixed mama’s job. Meghna waits for 10:30 am. Naina asks why she is getting late for office and asks her to come. Meghna thinks I have to break your trust and hide truth, and thinks it is good and for everyone’s betterment. Karan sees a bird and smiles. Dada ji says when I came here, I saw you in deep thoughts. He tells you have to decide what you want to do. Karan says I want to do something which will be beneficial to someone.

Dada ji says today kids’ are doing job of their interest and says you married a nice girl who wants you to work for your betterment. He asks him to work for his happiness. Karan says he gets happiness by music. Dada ji says you got an answer and asks him to do whatever gives him happiness. Karan recalls Naina’s words and thanks Dada ji. Meghna thinks how to know if they have changed their plans. Naina asks Meghna to go and says she will go. Naina asks what you are hiding from me. Meghna thinks she is nervous as she got late. Naina asks when you will return? Meghna asks her not to worry and goes.

Naina prays to God and asks him not to let her do something wrong. Meghna comes to the place and sees Police. She thinks Nand Kishore and Sandhya must have left by now. Naina does aarti and pray. Meghna thinks if she is doing right and thinks this is right. Nand kishore and Sandhya are in the car. Police stops white car and check them. Meghna sees Nand Kishore and Sandhya car coming there and is stopped by the Police. She thinks now he will know what it means to hurt someone. Inspector sees Chauhan written on the car and lets it go. Sandhya recalls driver telling that car is not working. She asks him to get another car. Meghna returns home angrily. She sees mechanic repairing the car. Mechanic tells that someone compromised with the car and made the oil leakage. Meghna thinks Naina must have done this as she comes from mechanical engineering background like her.

She comes to Naina’s room and asks her to close the door. Naina says you have come early today. Meghna asks how did oil leaked from car. Naina is tensed. Meghna says I am asking something. Naina says she did this? Meghna asks why? Naina asks her to calm down and says I know you love Mamma very much, and can’t see her broken. When I saw you standing near the car, I got restless and that’s why made the oil leaked. Meghna gets angry and asks did you know what was going on in that car. She says 1 crore cash was going in that car, it was black money.

Meghna asks Naina why she is supporting Nand Kishore. Naina says Mum never taught us to take revenge. Meghna says I understood that you wants to make good image and says she don’t need any help and goes to her room and locks it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This time is meghna right. Nand kishore should respect every woman. Naina should support meghna and stop being stupid

  2. Lovely episode.

  3. Nairan part was gud…….happy to see improvmnt wit karan…..
    Revengful meghna……just escaped nk bcuz of naina…shit

  4. It was good

  5. Titli

    Karan in black!!!!????
    And i feel, meghna should do something to expose nk.. it ll have a great impact.. coz while taking revenge, her image is also getting damaged.. i guess both sisters must collect proofs against nk and sandhya and expose them..

  6. Harshiti 4evr

    Good episode… BTW did u all notice a mistake by writers… In today’s episode meghna said that naina and she has mechanical engineering background… but do you all remember when naina repaired the gift brought by Karan (the gift for CM in the party) , karan said that electronics is her area, which means she had specialisation in electronics… I wonder which one was correct…??
    Anyway love naina and meghna…

    1. Titli

      Yep.. i noticed.. but u know.. i feel engineers know basics of electronics.. they need to know.. coz am a btech student.. but god knows whats the majra here??

      1. your silver lining

        Hmm…may be…

    2. Yup..i noticed?may be they show them as civil engineers in future

    3. I am also in confusion

  7. Devihaa

    Hi everyone….I’m new to swabhimaan page…Hope u will accept me as ur friend…
    Today’s episode was awesome…. Loved the way how naina used the toy train to make Karan understand…. Hope NK get exposed soon…

  8. Iam new here..a big fan of nairan..loves meghnaal too

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