Swabhimaan 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Nand Kishore asks if Shardha would stop him from going inside the room in his own house, he wants to see what kind of Ayurvedic treatment is being given to his useless soon. He enters the room. Sharda ji was applying herbal medicine over bruises on Karan’s body. Sharda tells him to leave the door shut behind him. Nand Kishore walks outside silently.
Sharda ji calls Naina and Meghna from upstairs as Karan walks down with her. They were worried and asks if she is fine. Sharda assures she is fine, and soon Karan would also be. Karan says he can’t explain how good he feels, he got off all the stress; he wonders the magic was in the oil or in Shardha’s hands. The massage on pressure points really work. He takes blessings from Shardha. Nirmala hugs Shardha calling her an elder sister. Sandhya thinks

Nirmala has forgiven her at once.
There, a servant brings Sandhya her cell phone saying he found it near the sofa. Sandhya thinks there is someone trying to mess with her as the phone wasn’t there. She gets a call from Pushpa and apologizes for not being able to reply to her messages and calls and her number was blocked. Pushpa says Shandhya read the message within one minute of receiving it; she wrote ‘everything would be lost when the secret of Chittorgarh unveils’. Sandhya was worried that Meghna wanted to go to Chittorgarh and she had stopped them with much effort. Sandhya tells Pushpa to destroy his present sim and buy a new number for himself.
Outside in the rain, Kunal was doing some romance with Meghna in good mood. There in the room, Naina smiles asking if Karan feels good working here. Karan says he would make Naina help him when she is back in the room, that day would soon come. There, Meghna thinks about making Kunal right now for going to Chittorgarh. Kunal promises to go tomorrow. Sandhya heard their conversation through window.
The next morning, Sandhya stops Kunal and Meghna from leaving. Karan says they are going to Chittorgarh, Meghna has some business work there and they will have an outing together. Sandhya reminds Kunal its Teej and the rituals are starting from today. Nand Kishore and others also come there. Kunal says Meghna has to go for market survey and it’s really important. Sandhya calls Meghna’s boss and requests him to send someone else for market survey. The boss says they aren’t sending anyone to Chittorgarh as they have no projects there. Nand Kishore asks about meaning of all this, why are they lying as they never stop anyone from going out. Nand Kishore says its good this happened in front of Shardha ji. He says he brought the bell home to discipline everyone here but they are being lied. He says Shardha didn’t teach her children of anything and she must now decide what their daughter in law must be punished with.

PRECAP: Bau ji tells everyone about their rituals of Teej’s Pooja. Karan takes blessings from Nand Kishore. He instead gives him an advice that wearing only suit won’t turn him into the boss of the company. Meghna tells Karan to take blessings from Nirmala. Nand Kishore shouts Meghna must have realized the important of father’s blessings only if she had a father.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Can someone kill Nand Kishore?! Such an a*****e he is. He just knows how to taunt and show off

    1. Yaar,without reading comments,I was also going to type the same thing,what an idiot,tie that Sandhya and *Durand* Kishor e together and burn alive, irritating a..ho.es.

  2. oh my god their eyelock

  3. Today i feel NK bcom emotional by seeing karan in that situation he can’t speak… I think kunal is sandhya son that why she doesn’t want karan bcom fine so that his son (kunal) get everything bussiness,name ,property Guy do u think when karan telling abut childhood he said that sandhya does force kunal for study but she doesn’t force for study…

  4. Yes Thrisha, you are right. For some reason i think that Nirmala has hidden the fact that Kunal is Sandhya son from Nk and dadaji. May be Karan had a elder brother and pushpa is the only person who knows all this and thats why sandhya and nirmala is scared if NK will get to know about it.

    Anyways soon it will be revealed 🙂 Sharda treating Karan was such a emotional scene. She portrays a mothers character so amazingly.

    Meghna was too quick to plan the outing. She must have thought that Sandhya is watching her.

  5. Please over sandhya n all drama … It’s irritating….

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