Swabhimaan 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dada ji telling Kunal that he has fixed his meeting with Meghna so that when they meet during engagement then there shall be something to talk. Kunal thinks Dada ji trusts him a lot and tells him that he has hidden something from him. He hugs him and says they have studied in the IIM together, but he was not aware that she is the same girl. Dada ji is shocked. Sharda comes to Meghna and says your mehendi is looking good. She says I felt bad as you have hidden this fact from me. I was searching groom for you and the chosen one turn out to be your choice. Meghna says she was unaware that she (Sharda) went to Kunal’s house with the marriage proposal. She says that time I was not. Sharda believes her and hopes that she will adjust in their house.

Dada ji says I am your

dad’s father and knows that she was your classmate, and says he understood when he read her biodata, and was waiting for him to say truth. Dada ji says you lied to me. He asks if she used to get more marks than you. Kunal says yes. Dada ji says she will pull your ears, and asks him to go on a date with Meghna. He says she is waiting for you. Kunal asks Khyati what is her planning? Khyati asks what plan. Kunal says I will sleep and will wake up in the evening. Khyati says Karan have made all arrangements. Kunal says this can’t be happen and says he is fully mad.

Naina tells Meghna that Karan is fully mad and that’s why she will maintain distance with him. They come to the coffee shop. Naina introduces Karan to Meghna. Meghna likes the decorations and says we shall also do like this. Naina says we have done this together. He paid all the expenses. Karan says it was her idea. Naina says we wanted you both to talk like normal people. Meghna thanks him for the surprise. Karan says Kunal must be coming. Meghna gets Kunal’s call and asks where is he?

Kunal says you are talking as a wife. He asks if Karan is there? Meghna says yes. Kunal says I can’t come there and says I will give you more surprise than this. Karan hears them. Kunal says he don’t want to argue with Karan again and asks her to go and get ready. Meghna says okay. Karan says Kunal is not coming naa. Meghna says he is stuck in some work. Karan gets teary eyes. Meghna says I will give you both coffee treat. Naina asks what you will take. Karan says anything and goes. He calls Khyati and says Kunal haven’t come here because of me. He says I am good in my room and cuts the call. He comes back to Meghna and Naina. Meghna says they have ordered cold coffee for him. Karan asks them to come out of romantic set up and breaks it. Naina asks him to stop and is shocked. Meghna and Naina are shocked.

Dada ji and his family come to the engagement venue, hotel. Media clicks Sujan Singh’s pics/Dada ji. Nand Kishore thinks he is sidelined even here. Media tells that Sujan Singh is very much happy. Karan, Kunal, Khyati, and others come to the function. Manager says he will take care of everyone. Sharda looks for Dada ji. Nand Kishore sees Sharda and thinks what this woman is doing here. Sharda spots Dada ji and goes to him. Dada ji greets her. Sharda compliments on his looks. Dada ji says I want you to meet someone. He calls Nand Kishore and asks him to come. Nand Kishore come to Dada ji. Dada ji tells Sharda that he is Nand Kishore, Kunal’s father. He says this is Meghna’s mum, Sharda ji. Sharda recalls the insult. Nand Kishore is shocked too. Ek Shringar Swabhimaan plays……………..

Seeing Media there, Nand Kishore greets her and says I am fine. Sharda says I don’t want this relation to start with any hatred. She says I was going home, and went to temple, there I met Dada ji. Nand Kishore asks her to forget everything and says it is our luck to have relation with your family and Bundi family. Sharda thinks it is good that even Nand Kishore agreed for this alliance. Nand Kishore thinks he has no option than to agree due to big profits in project. Sandhya introduces Kunal to Meghna’s family. Nirmala asks Kunal to touch elders’ feet. Bade Mama and Asha introduces them. Naina says I was very excited to meet you. Sandhya asks about Sharda. Sharda comes. Nirmala says meet your son in law.

Sharda looks at Kunal. Kunal touches her feet. Sharda blesses him, and gives a gift. Kunal says it is not needed. Nirmala asks him to take it. Sandhya asks where is Meghna? Kalpana says Meghna came. Meghna comes wearing Sharda’s lehenga. Everyone’s smile vanish seeing Meghna wearing simple and old lehenga. Sharda thinks why did Meghna wear this lehenga? Naina brings her. Nirmala and Sandhya looks at Sharda. Sharda nods she doesn’t know. She recalls Sandhya telling that Chauhan bahu can’t wear down market simple lehenga. Reporters click Meghna’s pics.

Nand Kishore gets angry and says she didn’t value our lehenga. How dare she? Sandhya says it shows our value. Sandhya tells Sharda that they have fixed the alliance in a hurry and have to reconsider. Nand Kishore tells Bade Mama that they have to reconsider the decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pooja Prajwal

    Hai guys actually I’m new here and I am liking this show. But today I felt bad for Karan how could kunal do this ya it’s not fair na

  2. Ya me too. Meghna shoudn’t do it

  3. hie guys.. m new here.. this show is very nice n m liking it too… ?
    Karan did all the preprations for their date…. bt Kunal spoiled whole…. n this is the reason y Karan is aloof from the whole family.. No1 values him..his work..poor Karan..
    otherside NandKishore is more worried for his status than his Son’s happiness… i think he is very much money minded type of a guy….

  4. Hii guys
    I think there must be a quick reunion of Karan Naina to ensure our interest
    .After all
    we need some happy moments

  5. I like this serial…. Please watch dis

  6. I am like the concept and love Samridh Bawa. He is doing a great job as Karan 🙂

  7. Hi began to watch this and it’s really enjoyable , I like the concept of swabhiman 🙂

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