Swabhimaan 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sharda making medicines and kada for Karan. Dada ji says I am sure that this will be useful for Karan. Sharda tells that oil massage is useful in Ayurved and acupuncture shall also be done along with medicines. Sandhya says she will hire someone who will massage him. Sharda says she has learnt Ayurveda and knows how to do massage, if others do then it might harm Karan. Sandhya gets angry and says you are saying as if this house is yours. Dada ji says I am afraid that you might catch his infection. Sandhya says Karan’s illness is at advanced stage and we can’t take risk. Sharda says you all must have hugged him and asks why nobody catch his infection. Sharda says nothing will happen to me and asks them to let her try. Karan comes and says he don’t want her treat him and catch

infection. Dada ji says even he will not permit him. Sandhya says what we can do when he don’t want to get treated. She asks Sharda to massage Nirmala’s head with this oil.

Sandhya asks Gopal what is he doing? She scolds him and asks if he went and got her sim blocked. Gopal says he is going. Meghna says what could be Sandhya’s phone password. Naina says we shall return the phone. Meghna says then what we will tell her that we had taken her phone.. She says we have to take some risk to know her big secret. Naina asks her to try Sandhya’s birthdate. Meghna says she tried. Sandhya thinks she can’t trust those sisters and thinks where are they? Naina says she must have kept someone’s dob whom she loves the most. They think may be Kunal and the phone opens. Gopal comes to the shop to get Sandhya’s number blocked. Meghna says may be she loves Kunal a lot although she scolds him. Just then Nand kishore call comes on that sim. Naina panics. Shopkeeper informs that the phone is blocked, just then Meghna sees Pushpa’s message about the secret.

Meghna says we have to find out who is P? Naina says it is not a small place. Meghna says it is a big matter as someone is blackmailing Sandhya. She says we have to find out about this secret which Sandhya is hiding from us. Sharda asks Karan to open the door and says we want you to be fine soon. Karan says treatment is going on already and he don’t want to get further treatment. Dada ji says we already talked about it and then asks why you are insisting to treat him. Sharda says I didn’t feel bad when you scold me, and says just like you have accepted me as your beta ji, I have accepted karan as my son. She asks him to listen to her once. He thinks he don’t want her to get his infection and thinks if she catches infection then he can’t face Naina and thinks she wants to give her all happiness, but not his infection. Sharda says when I was in need of you all, you came to Bundi running. She says I regard you as my son and says she will not go until he opens the door. Karan opens the door. Sharda smiles seeing her. Karan says if anything happens to you. Sandhya stops Naina and others from coming inside and asks them to leave her with Karan, as wants to concentrate on him. She closes the door. Naina goes to inhouse temple and prays.

Sandhya puts candle paraffin on Karan’s pic and says he will never get fine, else her motive can’t be fulfill. She says she has done many sacrifices. Naina asks God to protect Sharda and make Karan fine. Nirmala says Sharda will be fine and asks them not to let any bad thought come in their hearts. Sandhya thinks this infection will be spread to Sharda also.

Nand kishore tells Nirmala that he wants to see how Sharda is treating Karan. He goes to Karan’s room and sees Sharda applying ointment on his bruises/wounds. He is shocked. Later Pushpa calls Sandhya and tells her that she sent message on her old number. Sandhya thinks someone is trying to know her secret.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kunal is Sandhya`s son and thats why she made Karan ill so Kunal could get all the Chauhan property and riches. It was in a spoiler.

  2. Nice episode.

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