Swabhimaan 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Meghna gets sad wearing costly dress given to her by Sandhya and Nirmala. She takes out Sharda’s lehenga and hugs it, thinking about her childhood and Sharda gifting her same lehenga for her. Sandhya tells Nand Kishore that Meghna will wear the lehenga given by them, and says she will shocked to see such costly lehenga. She says you have takena right decision and she should change herself so much. Nirmala disagrees with her.

Meghna tells Naina that they have gifted her costly lehenga and made her feel that they are poor. She cries thinking about Sandhya’s words. She says Mamma’s simpe middle class wedding dress is of no use now, no matter that mamma’s dreams and my childhood are attached with it, cries. She says childhood is gone, and now I have to become bahu

of big house. Naina asks her not to feel bad, and says why you are thinking that you have to wear this dress forcibly. She asks her to think that she is taking this step for happiness of new family. She says this is rasam of your family and you have to wear this dress, asks her to smile. Meghna looks on.

Karan comes but seeing Nand Kishore, he is about to go. Nand Kishore gets the call and attends it. Sandhya says I wish that girl and Kunal meet each other. Khyati says Karan will handle their meeting. Karan says Dada ji trapped him. Sandhya says Kunal shall know what he is getting into, and asks him to call Meghna. Nirmala smiles.

Sharda thinks about Naina’s words that Meghna and Kunal know each other. She thinks to talk Meghna later. Naina receives call on Meghna’s phone. Meghna tells her that she will get call from Paras company. Naina comes to room and picks the call. Karan asks her to give call to madam. Naina asks if he called from Paras company and asks him to give details. Karan asks her to give call to Meghna and gets angry on her. Naina asks her to clean his mind first and says we don’t want this job. Karan cuts the call. Khyati asks Karan to go to hotel and talk to Meghna. Karan goes to hotel and asks manager to book coffee at 6 pm. He books the restaurant and asks the manager to remove the painting as it will distract them. Khyati calls Karan and tells that she talked to Naina and that she will bring Meghna to coffee shop. She says she is sending him naina’s number. Naina is coming there.

Karan is holding the umbrella on his head again. Naina comes to the hotel and asks about table for 2. Manager says it is reserved. Naina says it is wrong naa, we are doing function here, and you couldn’t give us 1 table and 2 chairs. Manager asks her to talk to Karan. Naina goes to Karan and laughs seeing him. Karan asks do I know you, then why you are laughing. Naina says your umbrella is nice. He gets inside and asks Manager to remove the painting from the wall. Naina apologizes to him. Karan says I don’t know you, and you have allergy with my umbrella and you are very mannerless, I don’t understand why you are talking to me. Naina thinks he is very mannerless and asks Manger to tell Karan to make rocket with his umbrella and fly off. She gets a call from him. Karan says he is Karan. Naina says hello.

Naina realizes that they are talking to each other. Karan says he is Kunal’s younger sister. Naina pats on his shoulder with mobile and says she is Naina, Meghna’s sister. She says I haven’t touched you and shows the phone. Karan says you are Naina badtameez. Naina says what arrangements have you done and tells that it should be romantic set up. She asks him to keep umbrella down and says two countries need to be here, and says flowers and beautiful. Karan says for me, they need to meet each other without any distractions. Naina tells about her idea of romantic date. She asks him to come and is about to hold his hand, but he stops her.

Naina calculates food and decoration expenses. Vishal comes there. Sharda asks if Meghna is ready and asks him to get ready. Vishal says I know you are stressed and says if we tell Papa then he will arrange money, and I have savings also. Sharda says she has money. Parlour lady comes and gives bill to Sharda. Sharda sees the expenses to be nearly 20000 and says it is not ours. Vishal sees all Bundi women coming out of parlour and says they want to look Po today itself. All the women are happy getting make up from 5 star hotel. Vishal says he will scold them, but Sharda stops him and signs on the bill.

Naina makes the arrangements and thinks Karan is not helping her.. She thinks something is missing. Karan brings flower vase and keeps on the table. Naina says lovely and smell the flower. She says you will learn romance if you follow me. Karan says I have heard this dialogue before. He says you are saying as if you have two three boyfriends who give you tuition in romance. Naina asks if he is mad always and says she don’t want to go mad with him. She slips and falls in swimming pool. Karan doesn’t stop her from falling in. Naina scolds him and calls him show piece to be kept in the museum. Karan panics.

Meghna comes wearing Sharda’s lehenga. Nand Kishore and Sandhya get angry. Sandhya says she showed how much she value us. Nirmala says she is a young girl. Nand Kishore tells that she didn’t think to wear the lehenga brought by us. Meghna looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very good that it is written we can easily read and know what happened in the seriel.

  2. Watching only for Samridh Bawa… love him as karan

  3. Karan&naina are giving life to this serial..
    They pair is too gud&funny just like swasan…I love to watch them morethan Kunal&meghana….Love u chili&karan….Super action enjoyed alot this episode….Pls more concentrate on Karan&naina pair

  4. nice

  5. This show big crap can’t watch even for 5mins Naina too over acting hope this ends gets replaced from good serial, please don’t compare with swasan they both r cutest pair nobody can replace them

    1. I just dont understand you,if you dont like this serial than why come here and comment on this drama you have anything better to do, seriously get a life.
      And as for this serial loving it and only watching it for naina and karan

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