Swabhimaan 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Karan setting rules for friendship. Naina says it seems like you have set rules for 7 births and says she will follow all his rules. She tells her rules and says he shall smile, shall try to have food with everyone, and says we will not hide anything from each other. Karan agrees. Naina smiles. Karan also smiles a bit. Naina keeps her dupatta on her hand and forwards hand for hand shake. He shakes his hand through umbrella. Naina thinks I will wait for the day when you shake hand with me. Oh Piya plays……………..They change each other name in phone memory as Naina friend and Karan friend. Naina thinks he don’t speak much. Karan thinks she speaks much and thinks he might have to take headache tablet too.

Nirmala tells Nand Kishore that a new doctor told that Karan’s

illness is related to his heart. Nand Kishore says Sandhya didn’t tell this and asks who is this doctor. Nirmala says Naina talked to this daughter. Nand Kishore says I know that she is an engineer and now she became doctor also. He asks who is the person who will be motivating Karan. Nirmala tells that she is Karan’s inspiration and he wants her to go to office. She tells that Naina thinks if I go to office then he will get inspiration to work and go to office She asks what do you think?

Nand Kishore laughs aloud. He asks her to come. He says I tried to take you to any party where you don’t make me feel insulted. He asks him if she has a mind. Naina hears him and thinks he is shouting at Maa because of me. Nand Kishore asks her to say. Nirmala cries and says I thought…..Nand Kishore says Nirmala Devi is thinking now. Meghna comes and thinks how can he talk to Maa like this, she is shaking up being scared. Nand Kishore says you was going to Bau ji and was not bothered to take my opinion. He asks her to handle home first. Naina thinks of her words. Nirmala cries. Meghna thinks I will take Maa to office.

Meghna sees her employee Tamanna having a wound and asks about it. Her employee tells that she got hurt. Meghna asks who have done this and makes her drink water. She says I don’t want to interfere in your life, but you shall not hesitate to tell me. Tamanna tells that her husband have beaten her. Meghna asks why you are not doing anything. Tamanna says I have to be careful. Meghna says why you don’t want to do police complaint. Tamanna says she can’t else her marriage will break. Meghna thinks she don’t agree with Sharda in some matters and says I have to help Maa and Tamanna like woman. She thinks Maa and Tamanna have to meet each other, and that’s why Maa will come here.

Nirmala thinks about Nand Kishore’s words and tells Naina that she will talk to him later. Naina thinks she heard their conversation. She tells Nirmala that she made Soup for karan. Sandhya is irked. Nirmala tells her that Naina is taking care of Karan well. Sandhya says if anything goes wrong then Karan’s illness will deteriorate and says she is reminded by holi incident. Nirmala tells that Naina will not let anything happen to Karan being educated and shows trust on her. Sandhya goes to kitchen and looks at the food. She thinks our choti bahu will do a big mistake today.

While everyone is seated for dinner. Sandhya asks Nirmala why nobody is coming. Nirmala says Naina went to call Karan. Sandhya says he don’t come to dining table to have food. Naina comes there. Nirmala tells her that Karan don’t have food with them and asks her to send his food to his room. Karan comes and says Maa….Oh piya plays………….Naina smiles.

Sandhya cuts brinjal and thinks Karan is allergic to it. She thinks to accuse Naina for Karan’s allergy. Later she comes to her room and tells that her love and care is only for you looking at someone’s pic hidden behind a cloth, and says I can’t be wrong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today makers drag the episode

  2. Naina wants2 see everyone happy megna focus on women empowerment

  3. Scooby

    Nyc.. Sandhya im waiting for her truth to b revealed.. I think so she was first bahu r was going to marry nk but later nirmala got married to nk..

  4. Titli

    Sandhya is so wierd.. whom is she talking to? Is it nirmala’s son.. maybe he got killed accidently by nk.. or maybe he’s nk and nirmala’s son.. of which nk is also not aware

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