Swabhimaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nirmala doing aarti of her kids. Kunal says we went for Bundi for just 2 days. Dada ji says they are welcoming them and they have fulfilled their responsibility well. He says he is proud of them. Megha sees Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that they are returned from lovers place and are getting welcomed by family. Meghna thinks she made her heart understand but….She gets angry. Naina holds her hand. Nand Kishore takes file from Sandhya. Sandhya thinks you took Karan to Bundi, but how can you forget me and thinks to cut her feathers. Sandhya calls Meghna. Meghna thinks may be she forgot to taunt me. Sandhya says I don’t like you and our way to work is different. She says I came to ask you about Sharda and asks how can anyone do such a bad thing with Sharda ji. She says

she is hopeful that culprit will be found soon and says if we try together.

Meghna thinks since when she became concerned for Mamma. She gets doubtful. Sandhya says I wanted to come to Bundi, but thought Sharda must be in pain and that’s why she didn’t go. She tells that they shall find the culprit together and says she will go to Bundi soon. She asks her to take care of naina and goes. Meghna is silent. Sandhya thinks why she was silent, didn’t say anything. Meghna thinks to hurt Nand Kishore using Sandhya.

Naina brings cold milk for Nirmala. Nirmala says I don’t drink. Naina says she did 10 Rs. bet with servant and says I came to know that you never have milk. She says she knows about her acidity problem and asks her to drink milk. Nirmala agrees and drinks. She asks her to sit and asks about Sharda. Naina tells that she wanted to stay back, but Sharda asks them to go. She tells how Karan and Kunal supported Sharda and stood by her. Nirmala is surprised and happy. Naina says if you would have been there, you have been surprised.

Meghna comes to Sandhya’s room. Sandhya closes the cupboard just then. Dada ji hears her and says he is proud of Karan. Nirmala tells that Karan stood by Sharda’s side. Dada ji says Karan is becoming a good husband and damad and he is changing for better. Nirmala tells that he is changing and thanks Naina for bringing change in him. Dada ji says he has become responsible now. Sandhya is shocked and says you? Meghna asks are you scared? Sandhya says no. Meghna says I came to thank you for talking to me sweetly. Sandhya says its okay and says this family is mine and that’s why worried. Meghna thinks her concern is fake and land them in problem.

Karan comes there. Nirmala tells him that she wants him to go to office. Dada ji says we want you to handle office with kunal. Karan recalls losing with Kunal and refuses, goes. Naina tells Nirmala that they shall give time to him and then he might agree. She asks her not to be sad and goes to kitchen to make malpua.

Dada ji asks Nirmala why she is upset. Nirmala says she can’t see her upset. Dada ji says you have become mother to her and says Naina will change him.

Sandhya tells Meghna that how can anyone do this with Sharda ji. Meghna asks if this had happened with your loved one, what you would have done. Sandhya says I would have taught them a lesson, and would have taken revenge. Meghna thanks her. Sandhya asks for what? Meghna says for clearing my confusion. Sandhya thinks if she came to know about her and thinks it is not easy to catch me.

Naina asks Karan to go to office. Karan refuses. Sandhya tells that she will find the culprit. Meghna says she trust her. Later Naina peeps in Sandhya’s room and sees Meghna seeing pics with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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