Swabhimaan 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahasangam Swabhimaan and Dil Se Dil Tak (9:30 – 10 pm update)

The Episode starts with Dadi coming to Shorvori and Parth and says they have brought methi laddoos for her. Parth informs them that he is going to Chittorgarh for business. Dadi asks him to take Shorvori also. Shorvori calls Dadi. Parth asks her to make arrangements. Shorvori calls Meghna and asks how are the things going on. Meghna says she is going to resort in Chittorgarh. Meghna recalls doubting Sandhya and tells her that they will join them in the same resort and asks when they are going? Shorvori says in the morning. Sandhya hears them. Meghna asks Kunal if they shall go. He says ok. Meghna asks them to come by air there, and says we will go altogether by car. Shorvori says ok and says bye. Kunal says I will inform

Maa and Maasi Maa. Meghna says I will inform them. She thinks it is good if she don’t know that we are going to Chittorgarh. Sandhya gets alert.

Meghna comes to Naina and tells her that they are going to Chittorgarh. She says her friend is also going with her husband. She says she will find Sandhya’s secret. Sandhya hears them. Naina asks her not to forget herself while searching secret and asks her to update her. Meghna leaves in car. Sandhya comes out and follows her in another car. She hires a goons and asks him to do something so that the girl don’t reach the destination. Kunal asks Meghna to call Shorvori and goes to bring water. Meghna tells him that the girl should be unhurt, but she shall be very much scared. Goon collides with Meghna. Kunal beats him and asks him to say sorry. They leave. Goon gets Sandhya’s message and see Meghnas pic. He is shocked and thinks he will not spare Kunal for slapping him.

Meghna, Kunal, Shorvori and Parth meet in the restaurant. Meghna says we were soul sisters in the college. Parth asks if they have boyfriends. Shorvori says you couldn’t bear that. Parth asks Kunal, what does he do? Before Kunal could reply, meghna says he has a family business, bharat industries. Goon calls Sandhya and tells that he has cut his car’s petrol pipe. Sandhya says she will come there. Goon says they will go now. Teni and Aman reaches the resort. She thinks about Parth and Shorvori. Aman asks who is coming in her thoughts. Teni says Parth and says they didn’t message or call us.

Parth is driving the car and it stops suddenly. He says there is a leakage in the petrol and it stopped suddenly. He calls Aman and tells that their car is not working. Aman calls them to their resort. Kunal calls Sandhya and tells her that they stopped at a resort. Sandhya calls goon and asks him not to hurt anyone. He promises her, but determines to kill Kunal. Aman greets them and tells that Teni is upset with them and don’t want to meet. Meghna says now you have to convince your surrogate mum. Teni is in the resort and thinks they don’t care for me and thinks they left me alone and that’s why their car stopped working. Parth and Shorvori try to cheer her up using toy. Teni closes the door.

Parth and Shorvori push the letter inside asking for forgiveness. Teni smiles and opens the door. She says leave me again, just like you went before. Meghna and Kunal open the door. Kunal says Parth were talking about you. Meghna says Shorvori also talked about you, and cares for you. Shorvori and Parth gives her letter. Teni reads the letters and gets happy. Parth says now we all will go to Chittorgarh altogether. Teni thinks they can’t live without mastani. Goon thinks they have increased from 4-6. Kunal’s phone falls down. He picks it up and looks on. Goons hides.

At the resort, Shorvori asks Parth to sing a song for her. Parth sings song yeh mausam ki barish and dances with Shorvori.

Remaining update in Dil Se Dil Tak Update.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Titli

    No nairan.. its so bad.. when nairan met dsdt, then meghnal were also shown.. its very bad yaar.. also, it was more of dsdt.. pls stop mahasangams with such flop shows.. i hate it.. serial starting with dsdt scenes, also ending with dsdt.. and yet no progress in the story.. for this dsdt trp will increase but swabhimaan’s will decrease.. pls stop mahasangams with such flop shows.. please..

  2. Spoiler: Kunal is Sandhya`s son and thats why she made Karan ill so Kunal could get all the Chauhan property and riches.

    1. I thinj so

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