Swabhimaan 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with CM asking Sharda that he will wait for her decision. Sharda doesn’t see that person’s name and tells Vishnu that she don’t want to see, and tells CM that she don’t want to file any complaint. CM tells that she is making a mistake by forgiving the guilty and tells that he will appoint guard here. Sharda tells him that she has good relations around her, and she was never afraid of anyone. CM asks her to know his name atleast, so that she can be careful with him. Vishnu says CM Saheb is right. Sharda says everyone is with me and tells that the man couldn’t snatch anything from me and tells that revenge is not good. CM tells that it is difficult to understand her.

Sharda requests CM not to tell that name to anyone. CM says I will not tell anyone, but leaving this envelope

here, as he feels he needs to know the truth. Dada ji tells Meghna and Naina that he wants to hear Nirmala singing bhajan and tells that she used to sing nicely, but now she stopped. Meghna comes to Nirmala and sees her seeing pics. She asks her to keep pics hanged on the wall. Nirmala says I kept it in the bag locked. Dada ji tells that whenever I asked her to sing and practice, she used to make excuses. I told her not to waste her talent and think it as goddess saraswati’s blessings, but she didn’t agree.

Meghna asks Nirmala to bring her talent out and tells that she has to sing first bhajan in the bhajan sabha. Nirmala gets tensed. Meghna says we will move a step further and says you will sing this time. She asks her not to be afraid. Nirmala asks Meghna to understand and tells that she can’t sing. Dada ji tells Naina that Nirmala will refuse, and tells that he wants to see Nirmala singing. Meghna comes back and tells Dada ji that she kept Bhajan Sandhya so that Nirmala can resume singing again. Dada ji asks if she agreed? Meghna says she seems to be hiding something from me. Dada ji says I know and wants you both to know this truth. He tells that when Nirmala came home after marrying Nand Kishore. A fb is shown, Nirmala sings bhajan sitting infront of God.

Nand Kishore comes, breaks her musical instruments and says whatever I say will happen. He asks why didn’t you come to party. Nirmala says she is unwell. Nand Kishore warns her not to play music or sing any bhajan. Fb ends. Dada ji says since then she haven’t sung. He says I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but parents’ behavior is reflected through their children. He tells that he couldn’t give motherly love to Nand Kishore, and tells that he was hopeful that Nand Kishore will melt down by her, but that day her hopes are broken. Meghna promises to bring Nirmala’s Swabhimaan. Ek Shringar Swabhimaan plays….Dada ji blesses them with a hug.

Meghna tells that they have to clean the musical instruments. Naina says we will get it repaired. Karan comes and says he will get it repaired and asks Meghna not to worry. Naina says Maa didn’t tell that she will sing. Karan says Maa will surely sing. Meghna thanks him.

Sandhya calls Nand kishore intentionally. He hears Nirmala singing bhajan and comes home angrily. Nirmala is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Arjit5

    I am new to swabhimaan updates. Please join me with you. But i am not new to watch it. I love Nairan pair very much. I will tell you a thing. Sandhya’s secret I guess is. Sandhya and NK know each other than before Nirmala. Nirmala have some complications in her pregnancy. So she asked sandhya to marry and give a child to her. But sandhya refused. So she gave a boy child with Nand kishore. He is Kunal. Then Nirmala adopt him as her own child. But then she becomes pregnant and gives birth to karan and Sandhya thinks Karan is NK and Nirmala’s child so he will gain the more property than Kunal. So she gives allergic drugs to the baby and make him allergic to sun and artificial things. And it can be passed to others. So she discouraged Karan from his childhood to make him weak. But karan thinks she supports him. She doesn’t express her care for Kunal much because Meghna and naina will doubt her. So she wants kunal’s wife meghna to not take more respect than her. It could be the truth. Reply friends.

    1. But Nand Kishore behaving normally to Sandhya,or is it that Kunal is the son of Nirmala and some other person whom Sandhya loved dearly,and is it his pic that she has kept in cupboard.?whatever ,feel like killing this Sandhya.

    2. Devihaa

      Hi arjit.. Welcome to our swabhimaan family… Welly it’s good guess… But Sandhya is calling NK as Bhai …. But of course something is fishy…With her… She is doing this all for some revenge I hope so…
      Heyyy same pinch… Even I love AnRidh..aka.. NaiRan a lot… I hope they become real life couple…Too…????

  2. Hi Arjit welcome to swabhimaan forum. upto an extend this can be the truth. there is some deep relation for the Chauhans with Sandhya which will be exposed by Naina soon hopefully

  3. A good episode..hope nirmala become successfull in this..sandhya??i hate her..
    Guys pls comment

  4. I don’t think that’s the Case arijit.. Cz she calls him Bhai sahab..
    There must b smthn else… Smthn more tricky….

  5. Sandy is a real witch.

  6. means she loves someone else. she gives birth to Kunal. thanq for joining me.

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