Swabhimaan 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kunal and everyone making arrangements for Karan and Naina’s wedding. Dada ji asks Kunal to select the wedding card. Meghna says she has make a simple list. Kunal teases Naina. Dada ji tells that they shall have a party before the wedding. He tells Nand Kishore about his idea. Nand Kishore says whenever you are asking something, you are informing me. He says my sons see God in you. Dada ji says it was your idea to get Naina have strict kunwari puja and she has completed it miraculously. He says you have called the doctors to confirm that Karan is fine or not, as you wanted to become dada. He says now as you have strengthen their relationship, they shall marry.

Kunal asks Nand Kishore not to get upset. Sandhya looks shocked. Sharda calls Dada ji and tells that she will

bring Shagun as marriage is happening with all the rituals. Dada ji asks her to come and not to worry, informs that the marriage mahurat is after 15 days. Karan comes to Naina and tells that he don’t need this copy which she had written for him to follow as he has original copy. Naina says original? Karan says you are with me naa who will decide everything about me. He says he will select dresses for her. He gets romantic. Naina says it is not in any list. Karan says it is in my list and tells that you have changed me. She holds her dupatta between them. Karan kisses her hand and is about to kiss her, when Meghna comes and asks them to do romance later. Karan and Naina feels shy.

Karan hugs Meghna and goes. Meghna tells Naina that he has changed completely. Naina hugs meghna. Meghna says we will go for shopping. Nirmala thinks about Pushpa’s threat. Meghna and Naina come there. Nirmala tells that she was thinking about Sawri. Naina says she is trying to become part of house and served tea to Kunal and Karan. Nirmala gets angry and asks how dare she to enter kitchen and what you both were doing then. She says only bahus can enter kitchen and not any guest. Naina asks her to get ready for shopping. Nirmala says worry doesn’t end with shopping and then tells that she is tired. Naina and Meghna cheer her up. Nirmala asks them to go for shopping.

Vishal and Vishnu talk about Naina’s marriage. Vishnu asks Asha to make tea. Asha gets angry and tells that she will not make tea and talks against Sharda indirectly. Sharda asks Vishnu not to scold her.

Naina asks Kunal if he needs tea. Kunal asks her to feel shy and fear infront of them Naina says one is my Daddu and other is my jiju and she is daughter here in the house. Pushpa comes there. Kunal asks her to tell Naina how Chittorgarh bahus feels shy. Pushpa gets furious seeing Kunal covering her head with dupatta and goes to Sandhya. She tells Sandhya that she has made arrangements for Sawri’s marriage, and says you have promised to get your son Kunal married to my daughter, but you didn’t fulfill the promise. It is good that my daughter will marry Karan. She says you didn’t get anything in this house except respect and which I can snatch at anytime. She says you and your son Kunal are always beggars. Sandhya says it seems you are worried about your daughter and asks her to calm down. Naina hears everything. Pushpa says she will inform Nand Kishore that kunal is not Chauhan’s blood . Sandhya is angry. Naina is shocked and teary eyes.

Naina thinks this truth will shaken up and will change everything and if Meghna comes to know about this then she will bring out the truth. Pushpa tells Sawri that she will become Karan’s bride and asks her not to do anything. Nirmala hears her and is shocked. Sawri picks a knife and might stab Nirmala. Nirmala faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Now naina will scarifice her love and sawri will marry karan to hide truth… now its stupidity to watch swabhiman as it is less swabhiman but its more self-deprecation (vinti krna)

  2. Jiya09

    Today’s episode was so cute.. Karan has fully changed. The way he is now romancing with Naina ??.. But please Naina don’t break his heart! Hate this pushpa and sawari.. Hope nirmala will do something.

  3. Nairan scene was good ,also bhabhi devar scene was very cute..

  4. Nairan scenes were lovely! ?
    Spoilers say that Karan will get married to Sawri and then Naina will reveal that she swapped places with Sawri on purpose and that she didn’t want to get married to Karan. It seems Karan will think that Naina betrayed him and accept Sawri as wife! ?
    After going through so much, Karan is normal and now Nairan separation! Truly sad!
    Don’t understand this concept! To safeguard this truth about Kunal, Naina is sacrificing her love? This one step destroys so many lives! Karan will be left heartbroken! He might start losing hope and then the story is back to Square 1! Hate Pushpa and Sawri!

  5. Nairan are very cute

  6. Lovely episode

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