Swabhimaan 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kunal telling Meghna that he will wait for her and she knows that he is not tired of wait. Meghna says sorry. Kunal says I am not trying to impress you. He tells her that he won’t let anyone come inbetween them. Meghna says I am glad you kept my word and solved this before we sleep. Kunal tells her that he really was not aware of his brother’s illness till now. Meghna says she is worried about Naina much. Kunal says we are a team and whatever we will do, is as a team. Meghna hugs him.

Meghna comes to Naina and asks her to show her hand. Naina shows her hand and tells her that Kunal didn’t know anything about Karan’s skin disease and tells that Karan told her this. Meghna says you are even now thinking about me. She says she feels scared thinking about her future.

Naina hugs her and says her soothing childhood dialogues. She says you used to scare everyone at our home, here you are scared. Meghna laughs. Naina says I can’t see you upset. Meghna says even I. Kunal comes and asks why you both cry. He asks Meghna to stop making his saali cry. Naina thinks how to make you believe that I am fine.

Karan calls Meghna and says yesterday you asked Naina, but not me. Meghna says Naina is my sister. Karan tells her that he came to tell her that Naina will not suffer because of him, and tells that I couldn’t refuse to do marriage, but opened the ghatbandhan. He says we never have any husband and wife relation and asks her not to worry about Naina. Naina comes and says this is truth. Meghna says Karan told me everything, now I am feeling peace. Naina says she will call Vishal for breakfast. Meghna comes to call Vishal and she hits Vishal with pillow. Khyati comes and tells that she is impressed seeing their siblings love.

Nand Kishore scolds Nirmala and she collides with him. She cleans his shoes as gravy falls on his feet. Nand Kishore insults her badly and goes. Meghna thinks Nirmala is good to forget her insult easily. She tells Dada ji that she thought to keep puja at home and will call bhajan mandli. Nirmala gets tensed. Meghna thinks they are doing this to make Nand Kishore realize her worth.

Karan is making music. Naina comes and asks him to have breakfast first. She thanks Karan for talking to Meghna and making her understand. She thinks you are my good friend and solves my problem without I tell you. Oh Piya….plays.

CM comes to meet Sharda. Kalpana opens the door and gets happy. Vishnu tells that they will go inside. Sharda asks him to stay. CM tells them that he got the results of the enquiry which he got it done for the drama outside their house. Vishnu asks him to keep that culprit behind bars. CM says that culprit is your relative and says I thought to inform you and leaving decision on you. He asks Sharda to check the name of the person. Sharda is shocked.

A fb scene is shown, Nand Kishore insults Nirmala. Dada ji tells that he wants to hear Nirmala singing bhajan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lovely episode. Good and rare story.

  2. Hi friends…again a good episode..plz comment guys

  3. Luved kunal n meghna’s part…..nice epi….hope every one gets United

  4. Episode – 118
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 31 May Set Alert
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    Kunal tries to explain to Meghna how much he loves her. Later, Karan approaches Meghna and comforts her by telling her the truth about his relationship with Naina.
    Episode – 119
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 01 Jun Set Alert
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    CM tells everyone that he knows the identity of the person who threw ink on Sharda’s face. Later, he gives Sharda an envelope and tells her that it contains the name of the culprit.
    Episode – 120
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 02 Jun Set Alert
    More show timings
    Naina and Meghna decide to surprise Nirmala by repairing her veena. Meanwhile, Choti Mami sneaks into Sharda’s room and starts searching for the envelope.

  5. Can any one tell why vishal is staying in the chauhan house and since when

    1. AAYUSH

      Karan called him there due to rashes on naina hand

    2. Cz he is a skin specialist and due to Naina’s illness he is there for her treatment

  6. Thanks ayush and meheer

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