Swabhimaan 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina seeing Karan outside a restaurant as he gets down his car. Naina finds him strange. Vaibhav comes to Naina and says he got bored. Naina says if you want to watch cartoon. She takes him to show Karan and says he is world’s 8th miracle and tells that he is sitting there with umbrella on his head. Vaibhav shouts carton bhaiyya. Karan sees him. Naina and Vaibhav hides. Karan gives money to waiter and crushes note before giving. Naina says he is having attitude and says she will teach him a lesson. She makes tea fall on him. Karan gets angry and calls her. Naina doesn’t see him and goes. Bade Mama asks them to come and sit in bus again. They reach the hotel. Asha gets happy seeing the hotel hospitality. Manager welcomes them and gives cards. Kalpana and Asha drink juice.

Kalpana says it is good and asks what did you add in it.

Receptionist says it came from kitchen, I didn’t make it. Meghna asks Sharda why did she agree to Chauhan’s demands and took rooms in this costly hotel. Sharda tells that she is just fulfilling her wishes and got discount from hotel because of Vishal. She asks her to enjoy her day. She gets Dada ji’s call and he asks her if they are fine? Sharda says yes. Dada ji asks her to tell anything if she needs. Sharda says yes. Dada ji asks her to bless his bahu specially. Sharda ends the call and tells Meghna that Dada ji is so good and she is lucky to get such family. She asks her to think about her coming life. Meghna nods.

Kunal and Karan’s car are about to hit each other’s car. Kunal gets down and greets him, asking for a hug. He says today is my engagement. Karan asks so what to do? Kunal says you can get happy in my happiness. Karan says if I will not get entry without dancing. Khyati comes and is about to hug him. Karan stops her. Dada ji comes and tells Karan that today is Kunal’s engagement. Kunal asks why did you come if you don’t care about us. Karan says for Maa. Dada ji hugs him and asks not to widen the distance. He says your Maa is waiting for you.

Meghna takes Naina to side and says she did a blunder. She refused for Mumbai job and said yes for Jaipur job. She says today she has to go and signed on the contract. She says now I have to go. Naina says today is your engagement, and asks what I will tell Mamma. Meghna says I will manage and asks her not to scare her much. Naina says you have to get ready for engagement first. Meghna tells that Sharda’s dream is most important to her. Naina says what you will choose between engagement and job. Nirmala welcomes Karan and asks how is he? He stops her from touching him and touches the floor near her. Nirmala does his aarti and is about to put Tilak. He stops her. Nirmala asks about the Ashram.

Karan says it is good and shows the pics in his phone. Just then he sees Nand Kishore coming down the stairs. Meghna gets Kunal’s call. Naina picks the call and tells that meghna is very stressed, as it will be last day for her to sign Paras company job. Kunal says we have engagement after few hours. Kunal asks her to put call on loudspeaker and asks Meghna to go and sign the deal. He says he will give her lift and bring her back before engagement. Meghna runs. Nand Kishore gets angry seeing Karan’s rude behavior and says we have wasted money on him, and says we have sent him to mental hospital instead. Nirmala says he came just now. Nand Kishore says we can’t tell that he came last also. He compares him with Kunal. Khyati asks him to come to room.

Kunal sees meghna coming out of hotel and admires her. Yeh Kis Makhaam pe song plays………….He asks her to sign in car. Meghna sits in car. She sits and asks him to stop seeing her and drive car. Kunal says okay and drives the car. Oh Piya plays…………

Nirmala and Sandhya are in the car. Sandhya shows the dress to Nirmala and says it will look good on Kunal’s bride. Nirmala says there is no such rasam in our family. Sandhya asks her to think about Nand Kishore’s wish and tells that she accepts that Meghna is good, and says because of education, she got marks and not status. Sandhya and Nirmala come to hotel. Sharda greets them. Sandhya and Nirmala speak nicely with her, and tells that they came for rasam. Sharda says she doesn’t know about such rasam. Sandhya says her team have done all arrangements and asks her to call Meghna. Naina gets worried and thinks to call Meghna before she gets scolded. Meghna and Kunal get down the car.

Missed the precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. May b naina end marrying up kunal and meghna with karan coz they r elder…….and a rift will begin bwt 2 dear sis……..coz naina told meghna that the day when she won’t agree to her she will tell her……right guys??????

    1. Erm no , karan and naina are younger and it was confirmed that they will get married on the day kunal and meghna get married.

  2. Meghnal Slay!!??

  3. Worst show ever

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