Swabhimaan 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Karan coming to mandap. Sharda looks on. Naina recalls their first meeting. Pandit ji asks them to bring garland. Someone gives garland to Naina and Karan. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garland. Kunal thinks about Sandhya’s words that Karan is too sensitive and no outsider will marry him. Meghna sees them exchanging garland from the room. Naina makes Karan wear garland. Everyone claps. Karan is standing still. Pandit ji asks him to make her wear garland. He makes her wear garland. Pandit ji asks them to sit. They sit for marriage. Sandhya tells Nand Kishore that she is thinking to inform Nirmala as she shall know being Karan’s mum. Nand Kishore says no need. Pandit ji asks Sharda to do kanyadaan. He asks Sharda to give Naina’s hand in Karan’s hand. Karan forwards his

hand, but when Sharda gives her hand in his hand, his hand shakes up and he moves his hand. Pandit ji asks Naina to give flower to Karan. She puts flower in his hand without touching him. Pandit ji asks Sharda to move and asks someone to do ghat bandhan. Vishnu does their ghat bandhan. Karan tries to open the ghatbandhan silently. Naina sees and gets upset. Kunal thinks to bring Meghna and goes.

Pandit ji asks them to get up for pheras. They get up. Naina holds the ghatbandhan cloth and ties it properly. They take the rounds. Karan looks at Naina. Kunal comes to Meghna. Meghna asks him to stop the marriage and reminds him of the promise he made with her. He asks her to think positive and tells that you and Naina will stay together after marriage. He says my dad is also insulted, but I am not making issue. Meghna is shocked. Sandhya comes and asks if everything is fine. Kunal says yes. He thinks you shall understand that whatever is happening is for everyone’s betterment. He goes. Meghna thinks about their premarriage vows and says I saw even vows breaking today, they have no meaning. Pandit ji asks Naina to step forward and explains that both husband and wife will respect each other parents.

Meghna thinks Kunal gave me same vows few hours back and broke it. She says I will take backward vows and will fulfill it. She takes backwards rounds and promises to break Chauhan family ego and will make them cry like they make her mum cried. Meghna vows to make Chauhan family depend on her for their living. She says I will make your ego taste the dust. She takes vows that she will snatch their respect, swabhimaan etc. She says you have taken advantage of my mum’s goodness and promises to make Nand Kishore and his family bend down infront of Sharda. Pandit ji tells that for last vow, wife shall take care of husband in every situation. Meghna says she is coming to Chauhan’s home with the intention to ruin them. Naina thinks she has to understand Karan forgetting the past happenings. Pandit ji asks Karan to fill her maang with sindoor. Karan takes a pinch of sindoor to fill her maang, but stops and looks at her. Nand Kishore thinks why he is not filling her maang.

Naina wears Sharda’s slipper and decides to follow her foot steps. Later Meghna asks Sharda not to cry and says they will soon realize their mistake. They leave after Bidaai. Karan stops his car and asks Naina to get down. Naina is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nila

    oh precap is so sad

  2. I think karan has some danger diseases. …….y meghna did this return pheras..all know wat chauhan family did was wrong..even she can do some other way to respect and get back her mom swabimaan…..
    As like as swaragini elder (megu )becomes evil..and younger(naina) opposite wise…
    I m vry happy fr naina n karan mrg………………….hereaftr naina will give full respect nd support karan……..
    I feel sad abt kunal’s situation

  3. RUSHI

    Hii, I have just started watching this serial Amnot able to understand what is prob with karan
    isn’t he normal?
    y he always has a umbrella
    what r issues with him?
    Any idea plz tell me

    1. I think Karan has a compulsive disorder, he hates people touching him mostly, he doesn’t like dirt. I don’t think his sick physically but in the mind. Naina already understands this and I think they’ll be a great couple. I also like that Karan hates NandK, that means he doesn’t have his mindset . Chances are Karan will take Naina’s side against NandK. Meghan has bigger problems, Kunal is the pampered one, loved by his father. This is also the reason why Karan doesn’t get along with Kunal. He might be in love with Meghna but he’s always trying to plea his father and grandfather.

  4. All are copies no one make new ideas serial directors are copy machines no new idea family culprits

  5. Riddhima

    Precap is sad

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