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The Episode starts with Bade Mama asking about Meghna. Sharda asks Vishal to enquire about the hotel charges. Vishal thinks this hotel is very costly and we can’t think of staying there even for a day. Kunal romances with Meghna in the room and they have an eye lock. Naina goes to call Meghna. Sharda says she must be in room. Kunal makes Meghna sit and makes her wear anklet. Meghna asks what you are doing? Kunal says I gave gift to my would be wife. Naina knocks on the door. Meghna asks Kunal to go and opens the door. Naina says everyone is waiting for you. Meghna says lets go. Kunal smiles looking at her. Meghna also smiles. Bade Mama and others play dhol. Sharda makes Meghna have sweets and says Chauhan family have agreed for your alliance without seeing you, and asks her to tell them if she wants

to meet the guy. Meghna sees Kunal sitting on window and says she don’t want to meet. They dance and celebrate. Meghna looks at Kunal. She takes color in her hand, goes to her room and throws on his face. He pulls her closer….Kunal says I was already colored in your love. Meghna asks him to see his face. He pulls her closer and makes colors apply on her face now. Meghna asks him to go, else she will get him colored in cow dung. Kunal gets impressed with her attitude.

Nirmala calls Karan and asks him to come soon as Kunal is getting engaged. Karan says it is just news for me and says they will not like if I come there. Nand Kishore gets angry and says he should do all arrangements here, but he is busy in the medical centre. He says I am going late to office because of function and he is sitting far from home, running away from the responsibilities. He blames Nirmala for covering him up. She makes him wear watch and thinks Karan loves everyone.

Meghna asks Kunal to go just as he entered home. He says bye…. And jumps down and leaves. Kalpana hears the pot breaking and comes out. Naina comes and asks what happened? Meghna says nothing. Kalpana sees someone holding meghna’s bracelet in his hand. Naina asks Meghna if jiju came. Asha takes Kalpana inside. Naina sees Kunal and waves him hi. She tells meghna that Kunal is romantic. Meghna says he is mad. Naina says love should be mad.

Vishal tells Sharda that he talked to the hotel and asked for discount also. He tells that they charge 18-20 thousand for a room. Sharda is shocked. She talks to bade Mama and asks how many people will attend engagement. Bade Mama says 20-22 people. She says we will adjust in 2-3 rooms being a family. Vishal says they will not allow more than 2 persons to stay in a room. Sharda asks about food. Vishal says 40000 per day. Sharda calculates and says 2, 80000 Rs. She says shagun etc will be 1 lakhs Rs. and tells that marriage budget was 3 lakhs rs. She tells him that she will do something. Sharda checks the cash with her, and also the bank passbook. She talks to her husband’s pic and says it is not easy to get their daughter marry in rich house, and asks them not to worry.

Nirmala selects a ring for Meghna. Nand Kishore says ring should be costlier. Meghna also choose ring for Kunal and tells Sharda that they shall not buy costly ring. Sharda tells her that son in law is so good. Meghna says we will give them much respect than value of ring. Nand Kishore tells that the ring should be costly. Khyati says we will buy something else. Sandhya asks jewellery to move middle class things and shows exclusive ring. Jeweller shows the diamond ring. Nand Kishore likes it. Meghna and Naina select the ring. Sharda is about to see the rate, but meghna stops her. Bade Mama likes it and says he will buy ring being elder of the house.

Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that they have bought costly ring for the girl, but they will make Kunal wear cheap ring from Bundi, and says it seems we have to buy ring for Kunal too. He takes Sandhya inside and asks shop keeper to show ring for groom. Shop keeper shows 12 Lakhs ring to Nand Kishore. He buys it.

Sharda shows the ring to Asha. Asha says it must be good as it is bought by bade mama. She locks herself and refuses to attend engagement function. Everyone is shocked. Later Karan steps down of his car holding umbrella. Naina is quite surprised to see him with umbrella.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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