Swabhimaan 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pushpa reminding Sandhya of her promise that she will get her daughter Sawri marry karan. Nirmala hears and is shocked. Sandhya runs to her. Pushpa says Sandhya has hidden many secrets from you. Sawri sees Kunal and Karan coming and thinks her mum haven’t told her that she will have swayamwar. She imagines Kunal and Karan as grooms, and thinks whom to marry. Kunal asks who is she? Sawri says she is Sawri. Kunal says what is her name. Sawri says Sawri. Pushpa tells that she will get her mad daughter marry Karan. Kunal asks with whom she wants to meet. Sawri says their mothers are best of friends. She talks strangely. Kunal and Karan looks on.

Kunal asks if she would like to have tea. Sawri goes. Kunal says she seems strange. Karan teases Kunal. Nirmala asks Sandhya why

did she lie to her. Sandhya asks what I would have told you that Pushpa is threatening to tell truth to Nand Kishore, and says she has threatened me daily. I thought we will handle. Nirmala says Naina and Karan are already married and tells that she won’t let her kids separate. She asks her to make everything fine. Sandhya thinks she won’t let the truth comes out.

Sharda comes to CM’s office and apologizes to him for Meghna’s behavior. CM says he wants to tell her something. Sharda talks about him who wants to bring change in the city and talks about her daughters and goes. CM thinks this is Sharda ji.

Sawri makes tea for Kunal and Karan. Meghna and Naina bring tea for them and see Sawri already serving them. Sawri says she thought to make tea, afterall it is her house. Kunal, meghna and others are surprised. Kunal thanks her. Sawri says I have to become someone’s bride one day, and says her Amma says this. Meghna and Naina looks on. Naina says let go inside and tell what our Mamma says. Meghna says why Sawri and her Amma are doing here suddenly.

Meghna comes to Pushpa’s room and sees many jewellery sets on bed. Pushpa asks her to come. Meghna says when I came to your house, you didn’t let me go. Sawri tries to mingle with Kunal and Karan. Kunal says they are busy and asks her to go and watch TV. She says she didn’t come to go. Pushpa asks her to tell clearly. Meghna says I don’t want anyone’s heart to get hurt and says I want to know why you came here suddenly. She asks what she knows? Pushpa asks her not to run after the secret and says you will be hurt.

Naina overhears Pushpa threatening Sandhya telling that Kunal is her son and not of Chauhan family and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Princess hira

    Now i think if truth gets revealed NK wont accept kunal and wont love him anymore as he is not son of chauhan’s family?
    i love the bond that karan and kunal share …they are not brothers uffff ? this twist was totally unnessasary feeling bad for him he will get shattered BTW damnnnn excited for Nairan’s performance karan looks soo handsome in that black kurta ?

  2. Lovely episode.

  3. Ramzy

    Princess hira i totally agree with you

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