Swabhimaan 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Meghna telling Naina that everyone will be shocked knowing this. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that this marriage would be a big business deal. Kunal tries talking to Dada ji. Dada ji tells that this marriage can’t happen. Kunal tells Dada ji that he was just giving a reason to Nand Kishore to convince him, and says he really wants to marry Meghna. Dada ji gets happy. Meghna sees Kunal’s pic. Naina comes to Sharda and says she wants to tell her something. She says Meghna di….Meghna comes and says I like this alliance, smiles. Naina is confused. Sharda asks if she is saying truth or keeping her word. Meghna says I am saying right. She hugs her and says this is my wrong number. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that Meghna’s poverty will benefit them worth 150 crores. Meghna smiles

happily and plays with pillows. Kunal does exercises and smiles seeing Meghna’s pic.

Naina comes to Meghna, and sees his pic and asks did she gone mad? Meghna says there is something special about him, and says I couldn’t understand KC, the rockstar is Kunal Chauhan, my wrong number. Naina smiles and says you are lucky. They hug each other. Khyati comes and snatches Meghna’s pic. She says I want to see her face. She runs out of home holding Meghna’s pic. Dada ji tells Kunal to sit as Pandit ji fixes date for his engagement. Kunal agrees. Nand Kishore says he has a wish with this marriage and asks Pandit to take out mahurat after 3 months. Kunal says he can’t wait for 3 months as he have to start the project of Bundi. Nirmala says we have to meet bahu and get clothes for her.

Nand Kishore thinks about 150 crores profit which he will get from Bundi project and agrees for early engagement. Dada ji asks Nirmala to talk to Sharda. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala to take care of house, and says Sandhya will talk to Sharda. Dada ji says we will do as they say. Kunal comes to Meghna’s house and admires her pic. He sees her coming and hides in bathroom. Meghna also goes to bathroom and keeps towel in shelve. She opens the shower tab and is about to take shower, just then Kunal’s phone ring as he is hiding there. Meghna is about to shout, but Kunal keeps hand on her face and tells that these water droplets loves you so much and that’s why sparkling on your face.

Meghna is shocked to see Kunal and asks him to leave. Kunal falls on bed and gets up. He says you are still boring just as you were in the college. He says I am waiting for you since 2 years and asks her to tell if she waited for him for any day. He tells that he has kept coffee coupons for 2 years when she refused to come with him for coffee. Meghna asks why didn’t you tell me that your Dada ji and my mum have fixed our marriage. She says I named you rightly wrong number. Kunal is surprised and says he named her topper, ghazal, beautiful etc….He asks her to come for coffee date. Meghna says here in Bundi and asks him to go. He ties dori of Meghna’s dress. Oh piya song plays………….She turns and looks at Kunal. Kunal smiles.

Sandhya calls Sharda’s home. Kalpana picks the call and asks who are you? Sandhya introduces herself and asks her to give call to Sharda. Kalpana gives call to Sharda. Sandhya tells Sharda that Chauhan family have agreed for Kunal and Meghna’s alliance and thought to do their engagement. Sharda is teary eyes and emotional, and asks do you want to see Meghna before engagement. Sandhya says they have seen her pic and liked her. She says engagement mahurat is after 2 days. Sharda says after 2 days. Sandhya asks them to come to Jaipur for engagement, and says that foreign delegates came for Nand Kishore’s project. Sharda agrees to come. Sandhya tells that they have chosen Pride Palace for engagement and asks her to get arrangements for her guests. Sharda says she will do all arrangements. Sandhya cuts the call and looks on. Sharda is teary eyes.

Vishal tells Sharda that the cost of the hotel room is 40000 Rs. Sharda is shocked. Later Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that they shall buy ring for Kunal as he can’t let his son wear ring brought from small town. Sandhya looks on. Meghna and Sharda come for shopping.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nainaa

    |Registered Member

    Yeah..!! Finally a scene of cute couple MeghAl (Meghna+Kunal) This episode rocked…
    Ofcourse I am sad that Swaragini ended but I believe all good things must come to an end..
    And Swabhimaan is rocking and I am loving it.. I am so excited for Karan aka Samridh Bawa’s entry.. Swabhimaan rocks..

  2. Adeena

    Awww….😍😍😍Love this serial alot…😍😍😍 Hope they don’t change pairs as Swaragini nd thapki pyaar ki…

  3. Mudang yami

    I am loving the elder sister character.but it’s sad to think that the story line might go back to saas bahu drama like every other serial.

  4. isha

    ahhh I’m loving this . I’m in love with this serial already .. I was waiting for today’s epi n it rocked.. lovely ..

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