Swabhimaan 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Pandit ji to take out good mahurat for Karan’s wedding. Nand Kishore is leaving for work. Pushpa and her daughter come there in auto with marriage stuff in other autos. Guard stops them and says he will ask someone. Pushpa scolds him and says she will get him fired. She says she is Chauhan’s relative and tells auto driver that bridal stuff is in other autos. She says we have come here for marriage. Dada ji asks Pandit ji about mahurat. Pandit ji tells about the mahurat after 15 days. Dada ji says marriage shall be grand. Nirmala goes to bring sweets. Nand Kishore sits there. Dada ji tells that they want to do God Ganesha’s puja. Pandit ji says he can sense troubles coming there, but there is a solution. Dada ji asks him to do puja. Pushpa gets down from the

auto and argues with the driver. She refuses to give him 220 Rs. Dada ji and others hear her.

Dada ji comes out and sees Pushpa trying to beat driver with chappal. He asks why she is talking to auto driver badly and asks how did he enter inside. Pushpa says they don’t expect this kind of welcome from them. Dada ji asks what do you mean? Sandhya is shocked to see Pushpa and her daughter Sawri. Pushpa tells Dada ji that they came for marriage and says she is Nirmala’s relative and introduces her daughter Sawri. Sawri touches Dada ji’s feet.

Dada ji asks her to come inside. Sandhya asks her to come. Pushpa comes inside and says so Sandhya stays here. She says we have come to see your tensed face. Sandhya asks her to talk slowly. Pushpa goes to Nand Kishore and calls him Jija ji. Dada ji pays the money to auto driver. Nirmala is about to faint. Sandhya holds her. Pushpa tells Nand Kishore that’s he told them many times that she wants to meet him. Nand Kishore asks who are you? Pushpa asks Nirmala if she didn’t tell him about her. She introduces herself as Pushpa, Nirmala’s friend. She says why didn’t you look back at Chittorgarh again. She says I have seen you in my city when you came to drop Nirmala for her delivery. Nand Kishore says he don’t remember her and greets her. Sandhya says she is our old friend. Pushpa asks him to meet Sawri. Sawri looks at the house. Nand Kishore says I will go now. Dada ji asks where you are going?

Nand kishore says Pandit ji took mahurat of Karan and Naina’s wedding after 15 days. Sandhya gets tensed as Pushpa hears this. Pushpa scolds Sandhya and Nirmala and says she needs the right price for her wait. Meghna and Naina come there. Pushpa asks Meghna if she is Meghna. Meghna says yes, and is about to introduce Naina, just then Sandhya stops her. Pushpa says she is her chittorgarh maasi. Meghna recalls Servant telling that Pushpa is not at home. Sawri sits on the swing and thinks house is good, it will be fun to become bahu of the house. Sandhya asks Meghna to make list of invites. Sandhya asks Pushpa to sit and says we will talk later. Meghna tells Naina that she is the same Pushpa whom she was searching her in Chittorgarh.

Naina says she might be some other Pushpa. Meghna says she was taunting me jokingly. She says she is 100 percent sure and tells that she is not simple. Meghna thinks you didn’t let me step into your house and thinks how you will be saved now. Nirmala pleads infront of Pushpa not to tell anything to anyone, and says they were not living peacefully and was living in fear. Pushpa says she got emotional hearing her, but time has come to fulfill her condition. Sandhya asks what we will get by betraying you. Nirmala thinks what is her condition. Sandhya asks Nirmala to handle herself and takes Pushpa from there. Sawri searches for Karan and thinks her mum didn’t show her where is he? Naina asks Meghna to think that everyone is happy and asks her not to interfere. Meghna says I have many dreams with your marriage and says she will get her ready for marriage and will protect her from Pushpa and others. Naina thinks she will keep her from all problems. Pushpa tells Sandhya that she was always double standard woman and says you have asked me to keep silent and said that you will agree to my condition. Nirmala comes there. Pushpa says you had promised me that you will get my daughter marry Karan. Nirmala is shocked and sits down on the door. Sandhya goes to her.

Pushpa tells Nirmala and Sandhya that she will get her daughter marry Karan and then only leave. Nirmala asks Sandhya to handle everything and says Naina can’t be punished for your mistakes. Sawri looks at Karan and Kunal and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Stupidity drama.. now I have 2 doubts-
    1. sawri is daughter of nirmla and the babies are exchanged due they want boy not girl and kunal is of sandhya (100%)
    2. Bride swap will be shown..
    I don’t get how this show name is swabhiman as swabhiman means self respect but they never show anything related to this but always ruin swabhiman

    1. sushmitha shetty

      show should be named bin swabhiman instead of swabhiman

    2. Richa19

      who knows that sawri may fall for kunal. .. as she hasn’t seen karan till now n she was smiling looking at the brothers… who knows whts going to happen. .??


      Right said sushmitha shetty….

      Richa19 sawri will fall for karan as per spoilers

  2. Seyal

    I am commenting here for the first time and commenting in swabhiman page after a long …but couldn’t resist my self after knowing about the current track…nairan’s remarriage for sure is a great news….but,l am afraid whether the Cvs make this story line worse…hope that the successive revelations of kunal’s truth won’t make him away from chauhan family…and waiting impatiently for nairan’s unison……??????????????????????????????????

  3. Writers please don’t spoil this show by separating Naina and karan. You will loose the charm of the entire storyline.
    Please bring up a seqeuence where Naina and Meghna together will solve this problem.

    @Shradda even if it Sawri is nirmala daughter how can she marry karan? And what about kyati then? And Nirmala is totally unaware about Sandhya’s promise made to Pushpa. Anyways the bride swap may happen
    dear will see what happens. And Please writers don’t make this show like every other shows

  4. sushmitha shetty

    even if bride swap happens karan and naina are married earlier whatever the reason may be she is legally karan’s wife how can any other girl marry him and become his wife just because he is marrying naina for the second time with his will only because earlier they were forced to marry

  5. Raj shree production wale bHi atleast drama seekh gaye…

  6. In spoilers it is there that Naina will learn the truth of Kunal being Sandhya’s son n hear Pushpa saying that Sawari will marry to Karan or Pushpa will tell the truth to everyone .then Naina will think to sacrifice her love Karan for maghnal’s happiness

  7. Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan Upcoming Story: Naina plans to get Karan married to Savri
    The upcoming episode of Colors’ popular serial Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan will bring in a shocking twist as Naina (Ankita Sharma) will decide to sacrifice her love for Kunal (Samridh Bawa) for the happiness of Kunal (Sahil Uppal) and Meghna (Sangeita Chauhan). This twist will enable the access of Savri (Gulki Joshi) is Karan’s life.

    Swabhimaan serial’s future story will bring the shocking revelations of some secrets related to Sandhya (Suchitra Pillai) and Kunal. These revelations will turn Karan and Naina’s lives upside down and their happiness will vanish. As seen in the recent episodes of Swabhimaan serial, Chauhan family gears up for Karan and Naina’s remarriage where everyone is happy except Sandhya. Sandhya is seen getting blackmailed by Pushpa who knows the truth that Kunal is Sandhya’s son and Sandhya has smartly turned Kunal as Chauhan Property and business successor.

    Pushpa blackmails Sandhya that her daughter Savri must marry Chauhan son Karan or else Pushpa will let out Kunal’s secret. Naina also comes to know that Kunal is unaware of the fact that he is Sandhya’s son. Naina gets shocked and gets confused about handling the truth. Naina will decide to hide Kunal’s secret from Kunal and Meghna for their happiness. And hence, Naina will decide to fall prey for Pushpa’s blackmail and will decide to sacrifice her love to get Karan married to Savri.

    It is known that Savri is a psychopath. What will be Karan’s reaction on Naina’s decision? What will Naina do after knowing Savri’s truth? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Swabhimaan serial.

    This is the future story

  8. Resh

    Oh my god!! This is so shitty! Very bad move! Bride swap!!! ?? okay I get it.. Naina cares for Meghnal but doesn’t she care about Karan? I thought she loved him! Can’t she save him too!! From that psychopath!! She is gonna put Karan in trouble!
    At least I hope that during the weeding.. Karan identifies the swap!! Obviously they might cover the brides face if there is a swap! So then he should identify by looking at her hand! This is literally not happening! And the background music when sawari comes… it kills me! It is so scary!
    Someone should leave her in the nimhans or else these people should make her understand how she should behave! She can’t randomly walk into the story and spoil the shit out of the serial!!!?
    I’m soooo pissed right now!!

    1. Jiya09

      How can this happen?? Naina is still the legal wife of Karan!! They didn’t give divorce , so how could sawri marry karan!. This really can’t happen. I m feeling like crying. After a long wait we thought that nairan will unite but the writers r dragging it too much. Fingers crossed. Hope Naina will not be like the sacrificing bahus. And why didn’t she tell this to Meghna. Meghna would surely take a way out. Really sad for Karan!!??????? Please don’t change the concept of swabhiman. And end this chittorgarh track!! Otherwise the grp will surely fall like kasam Tere pyaar ki. Wanna see nairan and Meghnal together.?

    2. Jiya09

      So by mistake it came in ur reply section!???

  9. On basis of recent track….It feels that bride will swap on karan-naina marriage day …or again naina sacrifice for her sister. ……writers please don’t make this storyline as boring and same as other serials. ….its better to make the truth revels with the suspense and get karan- naina United on their remarriage day. ……don’t make a joke on marriage word …..because it effects people

    1. Resh

      So true.. they are definitely making a joke out of that word!! Marriage!! They really think it is a joke!! So bad!

  10. How can Savri marry Karen? Isn’t Karen also Nirmala’s son does bro and did get married?

  11. How can Savri marry Karen? Isn’t Karen also Nirmala’s son does bro and sis get marry? Who is Sandhya what is her relationship with Nirmala

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