Swabhimaan 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina telling that Sharda gave her book for her studies, and Meghna says Sharda gave saraswati idol to her. Sandhya says what? Dada ji says Sharda knows what to gift and says that’s why I respect her a lot. He reminds Meghna that she has to join work tomorrow and asks Naina what she wants to do. Naina says she wants to do MBA like Meghna and will study at home. Dada ji says okay and asks his grand sons to take care of their wives. Asha brings Vishal home and asks why did you slap that man. Vishal says I can’t hear anything against my bua. Asha slaps him. Sharda is shocked.

Naina asks Karan if she can keep her books in his table. Karan says okay, I will give one section and asks her not to cross it. Naina says okay. He shares her table. Naina asks books not to move

and reminds history. Karan hears him. Naina thinks he is thinking as if I am stealing his treasure. She thanks him. Karan says it is okay. Naina says not for table, but for bundi trip. He asks her not to be much happy and hope with their marriage. Asha asks Sharda if she is happy now. Vishal asks his papa to say something. He walks inside in shock. Asha says your papa’s respect is ruined today, he is very honest and can’t take money by wrong means. He is being punished for wasting his hard earned money on others. Shrada is shocked and hurt.

Meghna talks to God’s idol and says she will do as Sharda wants and asks Goddess to give her Vivek and patience to deal with any situation. Kunal comes and holds her. Kunal asks Goddess to fulfill all her wishes and says he wants his wife to stay with him always and never to separate from him. He holds her. Meghna asks what you are doing? Kunal says romancing with my wife. Meghnna asks him to leave her and open the door. Servant informs her that Sandhya is calling her. Meghna tells Kunal that Sandhya is calling her. Kunal asks for a kiss. Meghna kisses on his cheeks and goes. Kunal smiles.

Sandhya tells Naina and Meghna that Nand Kishore guests are coming who are very rich, and says if they ask what did Kunal and Karan get from your mayka in pagphera rasam then show this. Meghna and Naina open the gift and are shocked. Meghna says this is wrong, and says we are happy with Sharda’s gifts. Sandhya says we know that Sharda’s gift was meaningful and important and says the guests will not understand that. She asks them to show the gifts which she has given them. Meghna refuses. Sandhya says a bahu shall know the art of keeping everyone’s expectation. Naina says okay. She tells Meghna that they shall keep the gifts and go. Sharda is going to police station and says everyone shall know that we don’t have money at home. Kalpana thinks we had much money and gets tensed. Vishal says I will also come with you.

Sandhya introduces Naina and Meghna to the guest ladies. The ladies like them. Nirmala says they are beautiful and have good values. Sandhya tells that they are IIT and IIM educated. The guest ladies ask what Karan and Kunal got in gifts from their mayka. Sandhya gets a call and goes. Naina goes to bring the gift. She shows the gift given by Sandhya. They see the costly watch and asks if these costly watch from Bundi. They gossip that school teachers also get bribe and laugh. Nand Kishore comes and greets them. He asks what these watches are doing here? Sandhya says she asked them to show the watches to guests. Nand Kishore tells her that the ladies were laughing at them as they had gifted him same watches from abroad. He says now they will have to bear insult everytime. Meghna recalls what Sharda had told her. Khyati comes draping saree over her dress. Nand Kishore asks what she is wearing?

Khyati says it is her gift given by Sharda. Nand Kishore gets angry and asks if Khyati wears saree at her age. Naina says we didn’t know that she is coming with us, and when she went there, market was closed so mamma gave this saree. Khyati throws the saree. Nand Kishore says Sharda would have got money from Kunal rather than gifting old stuff. Meghna and Naina are shocked. Nand Kishore says these kind of gift deserve to be here, and walks off stepping on it. Naina and Meghna cry. They pick the saree. Meghna takes saree to her room and says once again her mum is insulted again. She says why a girl is needed to have vivek/patience and says now she will do justice and will stand for her family.

Meghna is about to leave for office. Sandhya says she got the designer dress for her. Meghna tells that they shall wear clothes suiting the persons they are working with. Sandhya drops juice intentionally on her dress. Meghna looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Meghna u are right why nirmala didn’t say anything what happen in tomorrow episode wait for it

  2. Nand kishore has very delicate ego, & khyati has been spoiled because of her dad & all luxury. Her brothers have better manners, & her mom is a true lady of class ! Rather then sandhya who only knows show off money. I would reallly like to see mother in law bonding with naina, meghna. Please dont leave her out of the story, otherwise in the chauhan house only evil characters are shown more then good family members.

  3. Asha is a b.I. t.c.h and so us that oryher greedy sister in law of sharda why us there so much evil in these serials

  4. Harshiti 4evr

    I don’t find any so-called ‘SWABHIMAAN’ in the show… sharda being an independent woman should leave the house where she is insulted every minute… but she is bearing all the insult inflicted on her and then boasts that her swabhimaan is everything for her…. and then her daughters are also getting offended all the time but don’t speak a single word…. and one more thing… where is dada ji during all the baseless dramas… why don’t meghna and naina complain about all this to him… why doesn’t meghna tell it to kunal… and i agree with u @sam… why is nirmala quiet all the time as if she is nothing in the house… why doesn’t she say anything to sandhya even… why doesn’t she ask sandhya to get the hell out of her family matters… and the most important question…who is this sandhya…she calls nk sa bhai but she is called as masi ma…she should be called bua then… why is she so much involved in everything as if she is more important than nirmala…. God…. so many WHY’s but there is no answer to even a single one…

  5. i like aran and naina

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