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The Episode starts with Meghna getting tensed and tells Naina if wrong number comes here, then there will be a big trouble in the house. Asha and Kalpana will make issue. Chote Mama gives sweets to Sharda. Sharda says she is fasting and will go to temple. Meghna tells Naina that she has to stop this wrong number guy from coming there and says Mamma’s choice is my choice. Kalpana hears her and asks do you like someone else. Meghna says no. Kalpana says you would have told Sharda atleast. She makes an issue and goes to inform everyone. Dada ji tells about his decision and tells that Kunal agreed to marry Bundi girl. Khyati gets happy and hugs Kunal. She asks him to get best designer for her dress. Kunal agrees. Nirmala asks Kunal, if he is sure? Kunal says he is 100 percent convinced. Nirmala asks

Sandhya if she is happy. Sandhya hesitantly says yes, and tells that she is missing Karan.

Kalpana comes to Sharda and asks her to pray that they don’t have drama at home. She says our Meghna likes someone else and asks her to ask her. Chote Mama asks Kalpana not to interfere. Kalpana says Jhalawar people taunted them and left, but don’t know what these rich people will do. Sharda is shocked and looks at Meghna. Kalpana asks Sharda not to tell Meghna anything.

Nand Kishore sees Dada ji dancing and asks Sandhya what is happening. Sandhya tells him that Dada ji have fixed Kunal’s relation. Nand Kishore is shocked and says I didn’t know anything. Sandhya tells that he has fixed marriage with middle girl class from Bundi. Nand Kishore asks why don’t you stop him. Sandhya says I couldn’t say anything, I respect him a lot. Dada ji brings sweets and asks Nand Kishore to have it. Nand Kishore says you have not informed me before fixing his alliance, and now asking me to have sweets like guests. Dada ji says it was decided that I will select girl for her. Nand Kishore says you are doing the same mistake which you did with me, you are taking revenge on me. Nirmala is teary eyes and shocked.

Sharda tells Kalpana that she knows her daughters and knows that her daughter will not hide anything from her. She says you shall know being a mum. Kalpana says I thought to inform you as Meghna was hesitating. Sharda says I don’t need any third person to know my daughter’s feelings. Asha gets angry and asks Meghna to tell what is in her heart. She says if girls go out then they can select guy. Sharda asks her to have faith on her daughters. Dada ji says you don’t want Bundi girl as bahu, as you want a foreigner as bahu. Nand Kishore says Kunal will have to interacts with foreigners and it is important for his wife to interact with them. Dada ji tells him that even Kunal agreed for marriage. Nand Kishore says I can’t make you understand, but I can make my son understand. He asks Kunal to refuse for marriage and asks do you want to marry illiterate girl of Bundi.

Kalpana says I heard them talking and naina was asking Meghna to refuse for wrong number. Sharda is shocked. Naina says so you was talking about it, and tells that Meghna was offered a job and thought to refuse it. Sharda asks Meghna to see the guy’s pic and tell her. She asks her to touch the aarti plate with her forehead and says it has our blessings.

Nand Kishore strictly warns Kunal and asks him to refuse for marriage. Dada ji asks Kunal to decide and tell him. Kunal stops him and says I agreed for that Bundi girl. He says she is IIT, IIM topper and says she must be literate, and tells that they need local support as their warehouse will be build in Bundi. He says we will go to Bundi as a relative. Nand Kishore get happy. Dada ji is shocked and goes.

Naina tells Kalpana made issue. Meghna says when Sharda was supporting her then she was feeling ashamed. She says what is the mistake of that wrong number, we made fun of him unintentionally. Naina asks do you love him? Meghna says love doesn’t matter to her. Naina asks her to call him and asks not to come there, and also deletes his number to end his story. Megna searches for his number in her phone to delete it. Naina says you can’t delete his number and says I will delete his number. Meghna cries. Naina asks her to agree that she loves him and that’s why you have saved his number since years. Meghna says I am not that kind of girl who runs after a guy, and says I think about my goals. Naina says don’t know how this wrong number….Meghna says he is very stubborn..and praises him. She says she likes to get upset with him and also angry. Naina says this is love. Meghna smiles happily and says I love him.

Naina tells Meghna that she will tell about her feelings to Sharda. Meghna comes and tells Sharda that she agrees for marriage. Later wrong number comes to meet Meghna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Avishikta muhury

    Serial is gonna interesting.I think thisso called wrong no is kunal only,right guys???

    1. Of course, because even in the second episode when Naina asks for what wrong number’s name is Meghna responds with she doesn’t know but he called himself KC (Kunal Chauhan).

  2. Yep!! Wrong no. Is kunal for sure?….. Waiting for tomorrows episode ?

  3. even i think that wrong no is kunal bcoz when he saw meghna’s pic for the 1st tym he smiled before that he was lil upset wid this rishta…but wat he said to his father today was not good if you like any girl u cant take her for granted

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      So does Kunal know Meghna is the girl he is talking to? as he smiled after seeing the photo?
      I am confused

  4. i feel kunal’s bro is not like him i think he follows his so called maasi sandhya

  5. i feel like kunal’s bro karan is not like him i think he follows his so called masi sandhya

    1. It was said on colours website thats the brothers have a love hate repationship and that karan likes to stay in his own world but he loves his fanily very much, karan is also less smart than his brother.

  6. Karan chauhan for kc I think

  7. Awesome epi..
    Waiting for next

  8. It’s kinda interesting. Wrong number is kunal. Now meghana agrees for marriage as she saw his photo…

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