Swabhimaan 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina telling Meghna to ask her if she is happy or not. She tells that if she wouldn’t have been married to Karan, she wouldn’t have known a good person like him. Meghna tells her that Karan is unwell. Naina tells that everyone taunts him, but he is a nice man and wants to do some much. She says Karan is very talented and tells her that God made them meet so that she can help him and get him treated. Karan brings Vishal there and asks naina to sit. He asks Vishal to tell him if she needs a doctor. Vishal checks her hand and eyes. He tells him that these rashes on Naina’s hand is not like yours. Karan asks did you check carefully. Vishal says it is a minor allergy and says he will write the medicines. He says this allergy is completed different to your illness. Meghna says

even Vishal knows about it, but you didn’t tell me. She says you went past me. Naina says she has to told him as she wanted to know some questions related to his illness. Sandhya thinks now both sisters will have an argument.

Vishal tells that Naina might be having allergy and says he will get her blood tested. Karan says I will not let you go till she recovers. Vishal says lets go to your room with which thing she got allergy. They check in her room. Sandhya tries to disturb him and asks Vishal about the products. Vishal says don’t know with which thing is allergic to her. Sandhya is tensed as she looks as moisturizer. Kunal apologizes to Meghna.

Meghna talks to God and tells that she is feeling alone and betrayed by her own sister. Kunal tells her that even he doesn’t know about Karan’s illness. Meghna asks if he was lying before or now. Kunal says he never knew about his illness and used to tease him. He says he used to think that he don’t like him. He says he never felt the need of a brother and got busy with his friends. He tells that when he saw their bond, he missed the need of a brother. Kunal says they have a good bond today and their relation is strong now. Meghna says she has become his nurse. She says she lost her sister today and asks him to leave her.

Sandhya diverts Naina and takes the medicine bottle from dustbin. Naina sees her picking the bottle and follows her. Khyati tells Vishal that she doesn’t know that he is a good doctor. Vishal asks who are you? She says I…He says you will chose soon what you want to become. Nirmala asks Vishal to help Khyati to choose her field. Khyati says she will write aptitude test soon. Naina follows Sandhya. Sharda calls Meghna and asks why did she call? Meghna recalls Naina’s words and says nothing. Sharda asks about her voice. Meghna says she has eaten something. Sharda asks her to do salt gargle and ends the call. Naina sees Sandhya keeping bottle in her drawer and is shocked.

Naina gets the bottle and calls Vishal. Later she asks Nirmala why Sandhya haven’t married. Nirmala looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Awwww I love how supportive Naina is as a wife, Meghna needs to calm down and help find out the truth about Karan’s illness with her sister. Tomorrow’s episode seems awesome.

  2. TheReader

    Meghnas over reactiveness is annoying. I love how Naina deals with issues. So now Nirmala should reveal the truth to Naina or both the sisters should find it out. And Vishal should tell everyone that Karans illness is not a spreading one.

  3. Just because Karan has an illness, doesn’t he have the rights to live his life? Oh gosh, I felt very bad when Meghna said those words and Karan over-heard, I felt very bad for Karan. . . Meghna should know everything before reacting, I mean Karan also has feelings.

    P.S – I’m loving Swabhimaan, it’s an interesting and amazing show. . . I like NaiRan’s Jodi but totally love Kunal’s character ❤️ NaiRan and Kunal ✨

  4. a good episode..naina’s dialogues were awessome..and karans care towards naina..they are really made for each other..meghna is right ..but plz understand your cheeku also..vishal-khyathi scene was also superb

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