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Dada ji appreciates the singing of both Karan and Nirmala. Meghna says Naina fulfilled all the conditions till today, she will now live here. Dada ji says sure, she will stay here as Karan’s wife. They all go towards the temple. Sandhya discusses with Nand Kishore if singing implies Karan is perfect, wasn’t Naina’s testimony to make him perfectly alright.
In the temple, Pandit ji was about to give sindoor to Naina after Meghna. Nand Kishore comes to stop them. He says Naina can’t get this sindoor, he questions how Naina became rightful to this sindoor. Nirmala and Meghna say Naina has passed all her testimonies, Nand Kishore stares at her. He asks how Naina came upto all her testimonies, only doctors will decide of Karan is perfectly fine or not. He calls a bunch of doctors and say they

will observe Karan. Karan tells Nand Kishore not to make a drama of him, he won’t get the test. Naina says he will get the tests done, and asks if he doesn’t trust her Pooja and himself. They have done everything they could, they surely will succeed. They can’t back up when so close to their destination. Karan nods at her and agrees. Sandhya thinks she now understands these ailments don’t go so easily. She gets Pushpa’s call.
Pushpa tells Sandhya to complete her condition, else she must get out of the house. Its time she fulfils her responsibility as a mother. A beautician is here to make Sanvri up.
The doctors inspect Karan.
Naina brings Meghna aside worried where Sandhya has gone. She was worried what if doctors ask about any report of Karan. Meghna tells Naina that in Chittorgarh, she went to hospital and found there were two deliveries there. One was Nirmala and the other was Sandhya, a nurse asked her about Sandhya’s son there. Naina was disturbed thinking about what was there behind the curtain. Meghna says there is something else that disturbs her, it seems Sandhya did something wrong and Nirmala is hiding it. Naina thinks about Kunal’s photos behind the curtain. Naina even rejects the idea that Sandhya loves Kunal the most.
Sandhya gets a video call from Pushpa who asks her to see Sanvri, she would also be happy to look at her.
The doctors come outside with Karan. Sanvri smiles towards the video and greets her Masi, she then asks Pushpa if she is must say something else as well? Sandhya tells Pushpa this isn’t fine. Pushpa says only this is fine, else there are storms and ruin everything. Sanvri stands up behind Pushpa cursing the beautician for making her even tan. Pushpa comes to calm Sanvri while she beats the beautician with a broom stick. Sandhya thinks Karan must have undergone the test. The doctors say the direct sourse of this ailment was stress, but in case of Karan there are no symptoms pointing towards any of skin disease right now. He has recovered completely. Everyone was elated. Naina runs towards him, he holds her back from hugging saying everyone is around. He walks towards Nirmala for blessings. Sandhya was worried that all her hard work has ruined. Karan comes to hug her as well and excited that he has recovered, it was Sandhya who awaited this day. Sandhya says she is in such a disbelief that Karan is perfectly fine. Dadi ji calls Karan for a hug, he has wished for a long time. Karan looks towards Nand Kishore, he blesses him with a smile. He meets Kunal thanking him for always being his strength. Shardha sat in the temple.
PRECAP: Naina takes Nand Kishore’s permission to do Sindoor Pooja. Kunal and Meghna both say they can’t do this, she did the Pooja of virgins.

PRECAP: Naina takes Nand Kishore’s permission to do Sindoor Pooja. Kunal and Meghna both say they can’t do this, she did the Pooja of virgins and even Karan had untied their Gadh Bandhan at the time of marriage.

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  2. Episode superb but i really wish flr that NaiRan hug ya waiting so long for this and y ya no hug pls cvs watching the show only for NaiRan pls cvs atleast a hug in wednesday’s epi plss

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