Swabhimaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina asking Vishal to mail her details of the treatment for Karan. Khyati hears her. Vishal says he have best doctor with him, and says you…He asks him to follow the things noted which he told her and asks her to keep him happy. He says I am always available if you have any doubts. Khyati thinks Naina is taking his help to treat Karan and regrets to hurt Naina. Meghna comes and tells Naina that they shall do some skit to thank their family. Naina says I will talk to Karan. Kunal asks her to leave him alone for sometime and says lets go home. Naina comes home and sees the things broken in her room. Karan plays the guitar and says sorry. Naina says no problem, I will clean it. Karan says you are always a topper, but you lost. Naina says we haven’t lost and says it was just

a competition. Karan says I have just defeat in my life. He says everyone loves and expect from Kunal. She says don’t know how I lose. Naina says you had won almost today but. Karan says from where this word ‘but’ comes from. He tells that in his childhood, when he was about to win, some light fall on his eyes and he lost. He says today also I saw some light falling on my eyes, and I was like black out.

Naina thinks how same things can happen at different times. Karan says I am happy for Kunal and meghna. He says he don’t want to participate because of defeat. Naina motivates him. Karan says Sandhya taught him good thing and says whatever thing hurts us, we shall not face it. She thinks Sandhya ruined his life. He asks her to stay away from her. Naina thinks he shared his feelings with her and that she has won.

Meghna and Kunal see their pics and are happy about their win. Meghna says they are best couple officially. They talk about resolving their fight and making new memories. Meghna asks him to promise that they will not stop talking in any situation and says we will not sleep until we resolve the problem. They say I love you.

Naina tells Karan that she will not run away from him as he is her friend. She says although she is a topper, but always got less marks than Meghna. She says this has not stopped her from taking part in competition. Karan says you have Sharda Maa with you and says everyone is not lucky like you. He returns the gloves and says I don’t need it. He asks her to leave her alone. Tu Pyaar Hai plays…Naina is teary eyes and leaves from the room. Karan closes the door. Karan cries.

Meghna and Kunal are dancing. Meghna tells him that she is feeling bad for karan and naina. Kunal asks him not to worry and says Naina will take care of Karan. Meghna says we shall go downstairs and spend time with everyone. Meghna comes down and asks Naina about Karan. Naina says he is tired and taking rest. Meghna says you are changing talk and asks why she is upset. Naina says everyone is happy here. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that when the video will get viral then their smile will vanish. Nirmala asks Sandhya to talk to Karan. Sandhya says he might be feeling bad and says I don’t think he want to come here. Naina thinks why Sandhya is doing this and made Karan back from where they started.

Vishal and Sharda are stuck in the traffic. Sharda tells Vishal that they shall help the people. Goons calls Sandhya and says she came. They tell slogans against Sharda. Sharda is shocked. Vishal is also shocked as he gets a video of Sharda and CM. The goons along with people taunt Sharda and Vishnu. Vishnu asks don’t you people have mind. Sharda asks Vishal to leave them. The goon talk bad about Sharda. Vishal gets angry. The goon hit Vishal on his head. Sharda takes him from there. She sees Vishnu, Gopal, Asha and Kalpana standing out in shock. Someone (Sharda’s jeth Solanki) comes and pats on her shoulder. Sharda turns.

Sharda turns and Solanki with his face covered throws black ink on her face. Meghna and Naina are shocked to see the news on TV about Sharda in bad light.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So sad for sharada

  2. Yuvani

    sad episode……

    1. Hi yuvani….i didnt watch this serial after megnals wedding ….so i missed many episodes…so can u plz tell me what happened…is karan have any disease???…….if u dont have prob,plz tell me the story brieflyy….

    2. Razna

      hi yuvani .i didnt watch this serial after their wedding…so can u plz tell me what happened after that….did karans secrete revealed?? did he have any disease…i didnt understand any thing…so plzzzz help me….

      1. Yuvani

        karan has some skin disease….he have always stayed away from people fearing infection, never touch anyone……hence he wanted naina to move away from his life, but naina is adamant and she finds out about his disease. from his childhood, sandhya made karan weak and now he considers himself inferior to everyone……naina understands this but she can’t tell karan because he love sandhya a lot…… vishal is a skin specialist and is helping naina, he tells her to boost karan’s confidence because he has this disease due to his lack of confidence. Naina makes freindship with karan and makes him participate in the competition, but they loose because of sandhya. karan was developing confidence through out the competition, but after this failure, he became weak again as you saw in yesterday’s epi. but why sandhya is doing all these is not yet revealed.

      2. Yuvani

        naina gifts karan glouse so thathe can touch others, which he returned to her in yesterday’s epi

    3. Thankuu yuvani….really yeaturday i was really confused about those glouses. And now i understand…

  3. Come on Naina bcome CID n investigate what’s happening wrong with karan, I hope dance video is recorded n they will catch hold of maasi ma.

  4. Titli

    I feel karan was looking hot in today’s epi.. great acting.. i toh loved the epi..

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