Swabhimaan 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Meghna asking Dada ji why did you hide this truth from us. Dada ji asks what? Meghna says you called us grah lakshmi and gave us lakshmi necklace, but haven’t told that you will give us wound also. Dada ji asks her to stand up and says bahus don’t sit like this. He asks her to get up. Meghna shows marks on Naina’s hand. Naina asks Meghna to stop it. Dada ji thinks this marks are like of Karan and is shocked. She says why my sister’s alliance was fixed on the basis of a lie. She says why didn’t you tell us that Karan has a skin allergy and you couldn’t get him treated till now. Naina asks her to stop it. Nirmala tries to say. Meghna says you got our son married to my sister, and says he touched her mistakenly and gave this. Naina asks Meghna to understand. Meghna says

why they talk about adarsh and why only we are asked to give test. She says nobody told us about Karan’s skin illness. She says they got their unwell son married to you. Naina tells that her marriage was fixed in the mandap and says Dada ji and Nirmala were not known about it. She says your relation was fixed only, but they accepted me happily.

Meghna says this is not a case and asks her not to argue. She asks if your life will be spend like this, taking care of everyone. She asks if everyone wants her to spend life like this. She asks Dada ji to reply. Nand Kishore comes and says Bua wants answer from us. He says you gets sympathy first by crying and then asks questions. He asks her to ask her Badi mami who said that it is a sin to get their daughter married in our house. He asks Naina to tell who stopped them in the mandap when they were leaving. Naina says I stopped them. Nand Kishore says you got answer now. He asks why you didn’t ask about Karan then, as they wanted to get both daughters married in a rich house. Dada ji asks Nand Kishore why he is hiding his mistake under the lie. He says that family compromised with the destiny and that’s why didn’t ask any question. He says I am ashamed today as my son is insulting someone. He says a younger sister agreed for marriage for her elder sister. He questions Sandhya, why she didn’t tell truth to Sharda or Naina. He says you didn’t try to tell truth to Sharda and haven’t done your duty. Nand Kishore says she tried to stop me.

Dada ji says why didn’t you tell me, you have phone in your hand all the time. Sandhya tells that Naina knows Karan’s truth. Dada ji asks if Naina knows about it before marriage and asks her to apologize to Meghna and Naina as they are most effected. Sandhya apologizes to them. Dada ji asks Nand Kishore to apologize. Gopal comes. Sandhya signs him. Gopal says it is past now and says why Nand Kishore, a nice man will apologize to us. He says Naina would gotten married in a small house if not you. He says we are lucky and happy. Nand Kishore asks Meghna and Naina, if they heard what their chote mama said. Nirmala apologizes to them. Meghna says I don’t want you to apologize and says this is our family. She says we need your support and strength now. Sandhya says I was there, but….Naina asks her to bless them like Nirmala. Kunal comes home. Meghna sees him and says I told you many times to stop Naina and Karan’s marriage, but you said everything will be fine. She says you have ruined her life. Kunal looks on.

Karan brings Vishal to get Naina checked. Vishal says this is something else not related to your illness. Karan looks on surprised. They go to room to find out what caused allergy to Naina. Sandhya comes to room and picks the medicine bottle silently from bin. Naina sees her and thinks what she picked up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow just love them

  2. i guessed Karan would bring Vishal Yay finally Naina noticed Sandya !

  3. Lovely episode. I love the way Meghna approached Dadaji and his response and request to his son. Amazing.

  4. Really liked this episode..but miss nairan scenes..but ok….precap..ho finally karan will be relax..and naina see samdhy..now naina should find the truth..

  5. Awesome episode. Meghana come on fight with Kunal. I am saying this not because I dont like their pair.I love their pair.I just want to see what Kunal will do to console Meghana .Anyway their fight wont last two episodes. It is really awesome

  6. this nk needs a good treatment soon wat an arrogant fellow!!!

  7. actually the precap also had meghna accusing nanina for not informing her instead she informed vishal and saying she is not a tail anymore for her

  8. Megna over react in everything. She is topper but brain less in day today things.
    Very impulsive does not think before opening her mouth. She will destroy her marriage if she keeps up with this behaviour. When people think they over smart this is what happens.
    Naina is better . She has her feet on the ground thinks things before reacting.
    Whoever is writing Megna’s role not doing justice to het intelligence.
    She is acting as a teenager .

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