Swabhimaan 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sandhya fells on the floor as Pushpa enjoys and tells her about breaking the news to Meghna. She assures Sandhya later Meghna is still outside the house. Sandhya requests Pushpa not to tell her anything, Pushpa asks if Sandhya has ever tried to understand her condition. Her daughter daily requests her to find a groom for her, till date she has thought about Sandhya but now she will only think about her daughter. She will no longer take any time to break her secret. The maid of Pushpa opens the door but doesn’t let Meghna come inside the house. The maid doesn’t let Meghna come inside and says Pushpa is a good nurse and has gone for a delivery. Meghna thinks there is a problem in every thread connected to Vasundra, she will wait here. Meghna gets a call from Kunaal and offers to come and pick her. Meghna

thinks she knows the address now, will come later. At home, Kunal assures Sandhya that Meghna will soon be back home.
On the way, Meghna gets a call from Naina. Meghna says there was a huge matter here she will share at home. Naina thinks she also has to tell Meghna that she got the secret behind the curtain, there were Karan’s photos. Dada ji calls Naina and discuss with Naina he wants Karan and Nirmala to flourish tonight, this way Naina must also demand her sindoor rightfully. Meghna returns home where the function was going on. Naina hugs Meghna. Meghna goes towards the temple thanking for the purpose she had gone. Dada ji points towards Meghna in the temple and says they were waiting for her since long. Kunal comes to Meghna, she asks to let her speak and apologizes him. She thinks the day Kunal realizes she is doing this all for their family he won’t blame her. She apologizes the whole family as well, then wish Nirmala luck for her Jugal bandi with Karan.
Naina wish Nirmala, then comes to boost Karan’s confidence. She was sure no one can beat him. Meghna brings tea for Nirmala and asks if she is nervous, Nirmala says a little. Meghna says the happiness doubles when one is tensed, she assures Nirmala she is blessed and doesn’t need to worry. She must only foresee the clappings. Nand Kishore heard this. Nirmala says she only cares for her family. Meghna goes to bring Karan leaving Nirmala with the tea.
In the hall, Karan takes blessings for Shardha. He assures to try his best to make her win, she left her everything behind to come here and save his life. Shardha assures Karan he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, only think about himself and his family. Meghna taunts at Karan to only keep looking at Naina.
Nand Kishore comes to curse Nirmala again and tells her not to get him disgraced today at least. He shows her the classical music academy teachers in the function. They came here on his invitation, she must not forgive to be Nand Kishore’s wife. He tells her to return to her place when all the drama has ended. He stands to leave. Nirmala touches his feet. He was about to place a hand over her head but doesn’t. Meghna calls Karan and Nirmala on stage. They play well. Sandhya eyes as light fells over Karan’s face. Naina was worried about the source of light in Sandhya’s hand, Karan looks towards her saving her. Naina thinks she won’t let anything interfere between his successes. Karan continues his performance. After the performance, Dada ji comes to Nand Kishore and asks if he liked the performance and says he is happy that Naina and Karan have passed all their testimonies.

PRECAP: Pandit ji was distributing Sindoor. Nand Kishore comes to stop them give it to Naina and reminds them the condition that Karan must get medically fit. He has called some doctors to inspect Karan for the matter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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