Swabhimaan 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vaibhav asking Karan why do he keeps umbrella with him always. Naina hears him and thinks even she wants to know this. Karan tells him that this umbrella is his friend and that’s why stays with me. It saves me from sunlight, rain etc, and don’t get upset with me. He says I shares all my secrets with this umbrella, and it listens to me and don’t share my secrets with anyone or judge me. Naina hears him. Karan says that’s why it stays with me. Vaibhav says your umbrella is like my Raghav and says we stays together always. He asks do you dance with your umbrella? Karan smiles and sees Naina standing there….and goes.

Naina tells Sharda that she is feeling like she is combing her hairs after years and says she is feeling light. Sharda says even I am feeling good

to be with you both, and says time passes so soon….you came yesterday and today you will leave. She says I miss you both so much here, being a mum and says a mum’s heart is always stuck with her children. She says I am happy that you both came here. Naina tells Meghna that their strong mum gets emotional too. Meghna says strongest people are emotional too. Sharda wipes her tears and asks them to give the box. She opens the box and shows saree to Meghna. Meghna says it is beautiful. Sharda says Vishnu took it for Chiku, but then she didn’t get a chance to wear. She says I am thinking to give this saree to Khyati. Meghna says she don’t wear sarees and says she will find fault in this, and asks her to give saree to Naina only. Sharda says she is childish, but good. Meghna looks on. Naina says I am sure that she will like it. Sharda asks them to gift saree to Khyati on her behalf.

Sandhya tells Nand Kishore that they didn’t gift anything to Khyati. Nand Kishore says we shall not have any hopes and goes on badmouth about Sharda’s family. Sharda gives IIM books to Naina as a gift and asks her to concentrate on her career. Meghna asks what about me? Sharda gives her Goddess Saraswati idol and says she gives us Vivek too, shows us right path whenever we are in trouble. Meghna takes Goddess idol in her hand. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that whatever happened during marriage, shall not happened in Chauhan’s house.

He tells her that he has no hopes with Nirmala as she has become her bahu’s mum and says someone need to treat them as saas. Sharda gives her Goddess idol so that she can take her decisions wisely. Nand Kishore says I don’t want that girls to forget their limits in this house. Sandhya says I will do this work and will not let them cross their limits. Nand kishore asks her to show their values to them. Sharda tells Meghna not to let anger control her and asks her to keep control on her anger instead.

Gopal and Vishnu are in the market. Gopal tells Vishnu that he will feel good to have some vegetable. Vishnu comes to a pan shop and asks for a plain pan. Some men sitting there and says till now, you are stuck with plain pan and simple job, we thought you are done with your habits of rich. Vishnu says I don’t understand what you are saying. Other guy says that he seems to be hiding from us, how much money they got from Chauhans for his nieces’ wedding. Vishnu is shocked. He says you please make me your student so that I can learn how to fit a daughter in a big family. Vishnu asks don’t you people have shame. Gopal comes there. Asha and Sharda also listen them. Other guy says you have sold your daughter and is acting now. Gopal asks them to keep their mouth shut. Guy tells that your tears made everyone convinced, and asks what did you get from Chauhans…He says you are a small IT officer and laughs. Vishnu drops his tiffin from his hand and gets attack. Sharda asks them to keep quiet and says everyone knows about Vishnu’s respect. Vishal asks them to apologize. The goons tell about yesterday’s theft at his house and says may be they had stolen the money given by Chauhans. Sharda is shocked. Vishal asks them to keep quiet and slaps goon. Goon slaps him back. Asha takes him home.

Naina and Meghna come back home. Dada ji blesses them. Nirmala says aarti is going to start. They attend aarti. Nand Kishore comes. They touch his feet. Nirmala asks about their trip. Khyati badmouths about Bundi and says her brothers’ faces have turned pale in one day. Nirmala scolds her. Sandhya asks Kunal and Karan, what they got in their sasural. Kunal says we were treated nicely and asks do we need to get an award. Sandhya asks if they didn’t get any shagun. Kunal shows the envelope. Sandhya says we had expected this from Sharda. Naina says we didn’t do these rasams. She says mum have send something for Khyati. Khyati opens the box and sees saree. She makes upset face and thanks her, saying she have to search place to keep this.

Khyati covers herself with saree and shows to Nand kishore. Nand Kishore tells Meghna and Naina that Sharda would have taken money from Kunal for gifts. Khyati throws the saree on floor and Nand Kishore walks over it. Meghna and Naina cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow!! so fast updtes,,,lv did…. ?

  2. Please update the episode written updates fast

  3. This NK is horrible. Dangerous than a vamp. I only watch thi serial for naina and karan……

  4. Meghna don’t forget ur revenge those who are hurt ur family members u will hurt badly but don’t hurt whom are loved u naina u do ur work

  5. I don’t know why masi is staying and showing power in chauhan house? Was there any story that I missed in beginning

  6. Sandya’s husband in abroad…..
    No.1 family drama…i like it vry much..
    Day by day d montange s gud and making curious. …i feel sad if i missed one epi…..
    Kyati s as like as her father NAND KISHORE…
    Kunal and karan too living luxury life but they managed n adjusted in sasuraal……
    Precap s vry poor….is k baad meghna uske revenge se piche nhi hatne wali hai..
    want more nairan scenes…….

  7. Yes kopz l agree with you. I too want more nairan scenes.

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