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The Episode starts with Karan regretting to have touch Naina and accuses himself for her rashes. He says to be Karan is a sin. He hits his hand badly and says I shall be punished. Naina tries to stop him. Naina cries. Blood comes out from his hand. Meghna is coming towards their room and recalls Sandhya’s words. She recalls how Naina and Karan marriage happened. Naina asks him to stop it and sits down crying. Meghna sees Karan hitting his hand and Naina crying. She pushes him holding his umbrella, and asks him not to hurt himself and says I will go to hospital and get myself treated. She says she will bring first aid box. Karan talks to someone and asks him to say where is he? He says he is in Jaipur. Karan says I will come to take you. Naina thinks with whom he was talking to and left without his umbrella.


comes to Naina and hugs her. She says you have grown up and started hiding things from me. She says I was always with you, but you made me a stranger. You used to say that you are my tail, but when time came to share the matter, you have hidden everything. She says when you got married due to conditions, I was very hurt, but today you have hurt me and bearing everything alone. She says I was involved in my matters, that I couldn’t see your problems. Naina says there is no problem. Meghna says I know in which conditions, you got married and I should have taken care of you. She asks if Sharda knows about it. Naina is silent. Meghna says I will tell mamma and goes to get her phone. Karan thinks he left keys and comes inside to get it. Meghna is calling Sharda. Naina asks her not to tell anything to her and says whenever she thinks we are happy, some problem arise. Meghna calls Sharda. Sharda is busy in protest outside the school, but picks the call. Meghna tells her that Chiku’s marriage. Someone comes and says CM sahib came. Sharda says I will call later and ends the call.

Naina says you didn’t tell as you loves mamma just like me. Meghna says she can’t make her life perfect on her sadness. Naina says their marriage not be perfect at first, but now since she started knowing Karan, she didn’t see a good person than him. She says I am really happy with him. Karan comes there and picks his umbrella. He gets the keys as well and is leaving. He hears Meghna saying that Karan is unwell and says you became his nurse. She says this is not marriage, but punishment which will suck your blood all life. Karan hears her and cries. Meghna says Dada ji welcomed us, but didn’t tell us anything. She asks did he ask you once how you are managing in this relation. Naina asks her to talk, but not to fight.

CM addresses to the people and tells that he wants students’ development, and says he is thankful to Sharda for making them understand that school is like a temple for city’s development. He says this school will not be moved from here, and says highway will be made at a different place. Sharda gets happy. CM thinks he is attracted by her knowing she is bounded by her principles and he is bounded by his past. Meghna comes to Dada ji crying. Dada ji asks what happened? Meghna sits on his feet and says we are betrayed big. Dada ji is shocked.

Dada ji asks Nand Kishore to apologize to bahus and says you did wrong for putting the conditions and getting Naina and Karan married. Meghna asks Kunal how can he forget to tell about his brother’s illness and says her sister’s life is ruined. Naina looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why is meghna being such a kabab main hadi!!! Why is she interfering in naina’s life? Okay she is your sister but she is married now. She has her own responsibilities too. Why can’t meghna just handle her own relationship first!!? Also how is it a punishment for naina and karan!? It doesn’t seem like she is her nurse. It seems like their friends. Meghna needs to handle her own business and stop interfering in naina’s life!!

  2. Meghna is right .. no one can live her whole life as friend…. if kAran’s illness is permanent than after some days naina will be fed ….

  3. Emotional episode..nairan’s tough situation..hope everything become fine soon..meghna is also right in her points..because she loves her sister somuch..and she herself know the situation when naina married…naina should make understand her didi that she cant leave her karan…

  4. What the hell Meghna..Karan was not interested I marrying Naina…he also told her to leave on marriage day itself…but Naina did not agree…because of meghna…Naina got married to Karan… actually Karan does not have any skin problem…he is been forced to accept it bcoz of Sandhya…and what is this whenever we want to marry n whenever we want to leave it we cannot do like that. Marriage is not always about happiness right n it’s also about responsibilities…they should support each other…tmrw if Naina has some problem..will Karan leave her..or what if the skin problem started after marriage…this is not cancer it’s just a skin problem….without thinking how to get rid of it..they r thinking something else

  5. whats the illness of karan?

  6. Episode – 113
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 24 May Set Alert
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    Sujaan Singh Chauhan says that NK is wrong. Later, Nirmala apologises to Meghna. Subsequently, CM says that the school will not be shifted, much to everyone’s delight.
    Episode – 114
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 25 May Set Alert
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    Vishal examines Naina and concludes that her symptoms are different from Karan’s. Later, Meghna confronts Kunal who says that he had no idea about Karan’s medical condition.
    Episode – 115
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 26 May Set Alert
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    Meghna feels guilty and thinks that Naina is suffering because of her. Later, Kunal arrives and consoles her. He tells her that Naina and Karan’s relationship flourished because of her.

  7. Meghna over reacts everytime. Naina and Karan share a beautiful bond. I really liked how karan talks to Naina telling about the music notes. Since Karan doesn’t have any spreading skin condition there is no doubt that Naina will soon figure out what happened as Vishal also has examied Naina.

  8. Renu..from where did you get these updates

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