Swabhimaan 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Karan asking Naina to move from his way. Naina says no, and asks why did you keep quiet outside and haven’t told anything. She says as everyone is thinking that they are happy, stay there for a day. Karan says he don’t need any drama. Naina says it is a matter of a day and says she will not let him go today and is about to close the door, but sees Meghna standing outside. Meghna comes inside the room and looks at Karan and Naina. She holds Naina’s hand and takes her outside. She asks what Karan was saying? She says I am with you, tell me what happened. Naina hugs her and says Karan haven’t accepted this marriage. Meghna asks what do you mean? Naina tells her that Karan had opened the ghatbandhan in mandap itself. She tells that when they were going to their inlaws home.

Karan stopped the car and asks her to go. Meghna says marriage is not a joke.

Naina says Karan doesn’t believe on this marriage and says I am free to go anywhere at any time. She says when he opened the ghatbandhan, I didn’t know what he was going to go and held the ghatbandhan. She says even though I got married suddenly, but I have accepted this marriage, this is the biggest truth of my life and I can’t cheat with this marriage. Meghna hugs her and says I will talk to him right now. Naina asks her to leave everything on her and let her handle him. Meghna gets emotional. Sharda comes and asks what you both are talking? Meghna says just like that. Sharda asks are you gossiping, and says I am not J/jealous. She reminisces the old time and now I can sleep peacefully as you both are together in same sasural. They hold Sharda’s hand and hug her. Swabhimaan song plays……..Some goons enter there thinking about Gopal saying that he will make the marriage arrangements grand and don’t care about lakhs. They think he is a rich guy and come steal money. Sharda asks Meghna to check Kunal and Karan, if they need anything.

Meghna says she will check and goes. She sees goons entering to Gopal’s room and thinks Vishal is going. Goons get the money bag which Sujan Singh sent for Sharda and which Kalpana had stolen and kept for herself. Kalpana wakes up and shouts goons. Goons run out of her room. Kunal also wakes up. Karan is about to catch the goons, but stops himself. Meghna asks Karan why didn’t you stop the goons, and says don’t forget that you have relation with this life. Sharda says Meghna. Kalpana thinks if goons have stolen the money and thinks to check. Kunal says yes, she is saying right and asks why didn’t you stop the goons. He asks him to say….

Karan says you need answer for this very well and asks why you are asking again and again. Naina thinks what he is hiding? Kalpana checks the bag which sujan singh sent and cries. Everyone rush to her and asks what happened? Kalpana thinks she can’t tell that Sujan Singh’s money is stolen and says nothing is stolen. Asha says she has checked and nothing is stolen. Kalpana thinks thieves had stolen 25 lakhs rupees.

In the morning, Meghna and Naina find Sharda near the tulsi plant doing puja. Meghna says she knows that she will be here. Naina says yes. Sharda teaches them to do puja daily. They hug her. Kunal comes and wishes good morning to everyone. Karan comes out of room and thinks they got ready so soon in the morning. They have jalebi made by Sharda. Vishnu asks Kunal to have it else it will be finished. Kunal says even I like it. Gopal says it is not tasty, so as to make everyone go. Sharda says she will give jalebi to Karan first as he is silently sitting. She gives him. Karan thanks her. Sharda then gives envelopes to Kunal and Karan and says it is a shagun. They take it. Vaibhav asks Karan why he always keep umbrella with him. Naina hears him and thinks even I want to know what is the secret.

Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that he has no hopes from Nirmala and asks her to treat Meghna and Naina as their saas to make them realize their place in the house. Sandhya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kalpana blo*dy hell u are not ashamed for what u did u throw sharada that’s y money also went

  2. Riddhima

    I like vishal’s character .. Such a. Lovely brother ..son … Kalapana need this …

  3. why doesn’t karan stop the goons ?

    1. Karan hates being touch ..he never touches anyone ..thats why he stopped himself

  4. Nice epi
    ….whn will b reveal d karan’s truth??,
    Poor naina i can’t see her n teary eyes…

  5. naina and vishal such a great couple

  6. Naina nd vishal r brthr n sister

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