Swabhimaan 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina telling Karan that she brought soup for him and asks if he is going somewhere. Karan tells that as he make him saw dreams, he is going to learn music in music class. Naina is happy. He asks about Nirmala. Naina says she went with Meghna. Nirmala is with Meghna and asks where did we come? She asks whose house is this? Tamanna comes and thanks Nirmala for making her understand and says she kept Mata Ki Chowki to thank the God. Meghna says Maa sings well. Tamanna asks her to sing some bhajan. Nirmala says she forgot and left singing long ago. Meghna says you stopped singing, but you have shraddha for God in you. Nirmala imagines Nand Kishore’s anger and refuses to sing. Meghna announces that Nirmala will sing. Nirmala refuses again tensedly. Meghna asks her to play dholak


Naina is in the kitchen and making food. Sandhya comes and says you makes food for everyone and asks won’t you make for me. Naina asks her to tell what she wants to have. Sandhya says anything sweet. Naina says she will make moong dala halwa and will add less sugar as she knows she is health conscious. Sandhya thinks Naina and Meghna’s relation will break with this truth and thinks today it is the day when she will be ruined.

Meghna tries to motivate Nirmala and says I know you have that strength. She asks her to play dhol. Nirmala nods no. Meghna thinks Maa might not play, but Nirmala starts playing dhol. She gets emotional. Meghna says this music was in you and today it came out. She says today I understood that you have a deep relation with music and it found you. Nirmala hugs her.

Naina brings mong dal halwa and says it is sugar free and heathy diet. Meghna and Nirmala come home. Sandhya thinks why Nirmala is happy. Meghna tells that they went to mata ki chowki at her friend’s place. Sandhya recalls adding medicine in her moisturizer and thinks it showed affect. Nirmala sees red marks on her hand and asks when did it come? Sandhya says it is same and this is what we are fearing. Meghna asks Naina to tell what happened? And asks about the rashes. Naina says it is fine and thinks she can’t tell her and make her worried. Once Naina goes, Meghna asks Sandhya about the red patches. She tells that Karan…Meghna asks if karan got same rashes. Sandhya says Karan have skin allergy. Meghna is shocked. Naina applies medicine on the rashes. Karan comes there and says you will not believe knowing what has happened today. Karan hums the song. Naina asks if this is new? Karan says I made it and everyone like. Naina says I didn’t know you makes song also. He asks her to see in his book. Naina hides her hands.

Sandhya says Oh My God, didn’t Naina tell you about his disease and says he has a skin diseases and that’s why he don’t touch anyone. She says Naina knows everything and asks if she didn’t tell you. Naina tells Karan that she can’t understand music nodes. Karan says I will play it. He asks what is she hiding? Naina shows her hand. Karan gets upset and says I have shared my illness with my best friend. Sandhya says didn’t you think why they were dancing wearing gloves during competition. Meghna recalls Dada ji saying that Karan don’t celebrate holi. Sandhya says you should have known being elder bahu of the house and says sorry.

Karan hurts his hand blaming himself for her allergy. Naina tries to stop him, but in vain. Meghna comes to Naina and tells that Chauhans have to answer. She falls down infront of Dada ji and tells that they are betrayed big. Dada ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Completly dragging episode…hope naina will find the truth…nairan bond is very strong..i cant think about their seperation..hope for best..
    Hi friends…how are you all

  2. I wish naina checks the trash. And she must get to know that Karans’ illness is not a spreading one. Please dont separate Nairan at any cost. Naina find out sandya reason behind being evil to Karan soon ?

  3. Oh no…..sad precap……

  4. Hii Jis123 ! Im good . How are you? Hopefully Naina will go against Meghna this time as she always wants to support Karan.

    1. Iam fine too?yup hope so…naina will stand for karan now..and wish naina will find truth very soon..

  5. Serendipity

    Hey guys, I am Rupa and I am a silent reader. Mind if I join this beautiful family? 🙂

    1. Hi…i sawyou in tamus page ..are you malayali??iam also from kerala…really feel very happy to see more people commenting here

      1. Serendipity

        Heyy! Yeah I’m mallu 😀 I love her updates! Like damn, they’re super good 😀

  6. Good eposide .Sad precape

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