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The Episode starts with Sujan Singh asking his bahu to keep two plates as he sits on ground to have food. Nand Kishore asks servant to serve the plate on the dining table. Kunal comes and sits on dining table. Nand Kishore asks his wife to serve food. Kunal tells him that he is very hungry and will eat gatte ki sabzi with Dada ji. Nand Kishore is irked. Dada ji asks him to have food and says he has a big news for him. Kunal asks if you are getting me married and says only I have the right to choose life partner. Dada ji says still I have two rights, one to sign on the cheques and other to choose bahus of the house. Nand Kishore looks on. Kunal smiles.

Meghna lights the diya and thinks about Sharda asking them not to let diya blow off. She prays to Tulsi plant and says she can’t pray like

her mum. She prays asking not to let her mum get insulted. Naina hears her and says if our mum get insulted then…..She is our lord and father also. Meghna asks to protect her swabhimaan. Sharda reaches Jaipur and thinks her work should be done. She buys sweets. Maasi asks chef to change the sweets as these type of things are not served at Chauhan’s house. Chef says okay. Sharda reaches Chauhan house, and tells that she wants to meet Sujan Singh Chauhan. Watchman asks her if she has appointment, and asks her to talk to Sandhya (Maasi) for appointment. Sharda asks for the number. Watchman says they are busy today and asks her to leave.

Kunal asks Sandhya Maasi, why she asks about Priya when she was talking to her dad Mr. Agarwal. Sandhya Maasi says they have to talk like that. Kunal says he is feeling low thinking about Swayamwar. His mum comes and gives him coffee. Kunal says I missed you both very much. Sandhya asks him to come and select a dress for him. Kunal’s mum thinks she is very lucky to have Sandhya, who takes care of all her family. Meghna calls on Sharda’s number, but it is switched off. She tells Naina that Sharda’s phone is off. Naina says battery must be off. Meghna says she gave her power bank. Naina says our Mamma is strong, we shall try after sometime.

Sharda spends all day sitting outside Chauhan house. Later in the night, Sharda hears reporter telling other reporter that he needs all rich girl’s pics as Sujan Singh is going to announce the girl for Kunal’s marriage. Sharda hears them. Sandhya comes in car. Sharda tries to speak to her, but in vain. Kunal comes to the party and meets the guests. Sharda thinks her phone is off and uses power bank to charge it. She gets Meghna’s call, and she asks him if she has anything. Sharda says she will eat now. Meghna asks did you meet Chauhans. Sharda says no, and tells that she will meet Chauhan and have full trust. Meghna tells what they have seen on TV. Sharda says I am doing this for you and asks her to leave her anger. Meghna asks her to come fast and gets angry. Naina says I will talk to her. Kunal tells his sister that what he is searching in a girl is not in these girls. His sister Khyati asks him to search fast.

Sandhya tells that Nand Kishore will make a special announcement tonight. Nand Kishore takes a mic and is about to make an announcement. Naina sees wrong number on Meghna’s phone and thinks what is the matter, shall I scold him. Nand Kishore tells that his son returned after completing his education from abroad so they thought to give him more responsibilities. Kunal removes the cloth and sees the message on the card. Nand Kishore announces that Kunal Singh Chauhan will be the CEO of Bharat Industries. Kunal looks on. Reporters flash the news on TV.

Naina calls Meghna seeing the missed calls, and thinks to call him. She calls him. Meghna comes and cuts the call. She scolds Naina for giving wrong impression to the guy. She says he wanted to take me out for coffee dates, but I didn’t go with him. She says she will marry the guy which her mamma chooses for her. Naina apologizes to her. Sharda wakes up outside Chauhan’s house. Watchman asks her to go. Sharda sees car coming out of gate and stands infront of it to stop it. Watchman asks her to move back and pushes her. Sharda questions him on his misbehavior. Nand Kishore gets down the car and asks who is she? Watchman says she wants to meet Saheb Sujan. Nand Kishore says I am his son and asks her to tell. He gets a call and says he is coming and asks him to wait.

Sharda tells that she heard so much about them, and Pandit ji told her about their family. Nand Kishore asks her to come straight to the point. Sharda tells about her daughters Naina and Meghna. Nand Kishore says I am not interested to know about your family. She tells him that she brought her daughter’s alliance for their son. Nand Kishore gets angry and asks from where did she come? She says Bundi. Nand Kishore asks if I am sitting on the market to settle my son. He says my watchman have more manners than you and you are talking about values. What do you think that I will fix the marriage and throws Meghna’s pics in air. He says relations are fixed seeing family and its status. He says you couldn’t know this being from Bundi, and asks her to leave before she gets more insulted. Sharda is sad….Swabhimaan song plays…….

Sharda calls Kalpana and tells that she talked to Nand Kishore while standing on gate. Kalpana says you got insulted. At temple, Sujan Singh requests Sharda to accept his grand son’s alliance for her daughter. Sharda looks on hopeful. Kunal refuses to marry the girl of Dada ji’s choice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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