Swabhimaan 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Meghna asking Kalpana and Asha about the matter. They accuse them for hiding the truth. Meghna looks on. Naina is in kitchen. Sharda asks why did Karan haven’t come. Naina says he got busy in some important work. Sharda thinks why she is not saying truth. Meghna asks them not to accuse her mum and says she was not aware that they know each other since college days. She reminds Kalpana that she was found with Gopal in cinema threatre before marriage and asks if she forgot her time. She says she will return their money and that she is not promising as Chauhan’s bahu, but as a vice president of Paras and sons. Kalpana calls Gopal and asks him not to spend much money for Meghna and Kunal, and asks him to come home and convince Kunal to make him PA.

Later Sharda again

asks Naina what is bothering her. Naina says there is nothing to hide. Sharda says I can understand seeing your mood. Naina says she is not hiding anything. Karan comes there and he was busy in work, but came here the moment the moment he got free. Naina is thankful to Karan for giving happiness to her family.

Vishnu is happy seeing Meghna and Naina. Karan feels good seeing happy family. Vaibhav throws paper rocket on him and calls him cartoon. He then apologizes. Karan forgives him. Naina smiles. Gopal comes and tells Karan that he has same pain as his. Karan says he has no pain. Gopal says you are younger and even me, laughs. Kunal wonders where is his gudiya/meghna. Kalpana and Gopal make Kunal sit. Kalpana asks him to talk to Nand kishore and make Gopal as his PA. Kunal says I will talk to him. Electricity goes, Khyati shouts and says someone have closed the lights. Karan says it is gone and asks her to relax. Kunal comes to Meghna and hugs her. He says sorry for calling her gudiya. Meghna says she is apologetic as she is busy in her mayka. Kunal says we are understanding each other now. Khyati shouts….Vishal calls her darpok. Electricity comes back. Sandhya calls Khyati and tells that she has made arrangements for their stay. Khyati thanks her and tells everyone that she has to leave.

She asks Karan. Karan says we will stay here. Sharda asks her to have food before leaving. Khyati says okay. Kunal comes and tells that he went to washroom. Kalpana teases Meghna and asks if she also went to washroom. Kalpana says Kunal is mischievous, but Karan is simple. Karan goes out and feels shy. Naina and Meghna hug Sharda. Naina goes out and thanks Karan asking if he will not ask for what? Karan says I don’t know that you will thank me. Naina thanks him for coming and relieving Sharda’s tension. Karan says he came to tell truth to Sharda and others that they have no relation.

Karan tells Naina that he can’t stay in same room as hers. Naina requests him to stay in her room for a night and is about to close the door, just then she sees Meghna and are shocked. Meghna walks inside room and looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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