Swabhimaan 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sharda telling Asha that she came to know about Meghna and Kunal getting educated in the same college, later on and when she get to know, she was not having time to inform them. Asha taunts Sharda and her daughters and asks her to leave from her house. She closes door on her face. Kunal asks Meghna if the way is right. Naina says Meghna knows well. Kunal asks why she took time to reach me. Meghna smiles. Sharda worries and thinks to do as Meghna and Naina will come at any time. Asha opens the door and asks Sharda to take her stuff and leave. Sharda gets worried. Meghna makes Naina and Kunal have something. Naina says Mum must be cooking food for us. Vishal and Vaibhav come home. Sharda informs them that Asha has a misunderstanding again. Vishal says don’t know what happened

to her and asks Vaibhav to get inside through the window and open the door.

Vaibhav opens the door and asks Sharda to get inside. Vishal takes Sharda inside. Asha stops him and says she can’t stay here. Vishal says if she can’t stay here, then I will go with her. He asks don’t you know that Naina and Meghna are coming here now, and asks why she is doing drama. Asha says you didn’t know what she has done. Vishal says I will go and packs his stuff while Asha tries to talk to him. Meghna, Naina and Kunal come home. Naina welcomes Kunal and says welcome home. Asha asks Vishal if he will go with stranger. Vishal says she is not a stranger, but my papa’s sister and my maa also like you. Asha says no. Meghna, Naina and Kunal come inside. They see Sharda and Vishal holding stuff in their hands and get tensed.

Nirmala asks Karan why he didn’t do with Naina as Dada ji asked him. She asks him to sit withn her and says you got married suddenly…I didn’t get a chance to talk to you or ask, how you are? She says life changes after marriage and it takes time to understand each other. She says Dada ji had chosen her for Nand Kishore and they met 1-2 times before marriage. She says few things will be unacceptable and few things will be good, and says you have met her in marriage. She says your relation with Naina is strong, irrespective of the circumstances. She says truth is that, she is your wife…….

Karan tells Nirmala that this marriage is forced on him. Nand Kishore asks if he knows what is life and marriage. He asks him not to dare to go against his decision. Karan looks on helpless.

Sharda says you have come. Meghna says yes, and asks if she was going somewhere. Vishal asks Vaibhav not to bet with him and says they have come on time. Naina asks about the stuff? Vishal says they were planning surprise and thought to have an outing with them. Kunal says I thought to come with them to meet my gorgeous mom. Sharda says you have done good. Meghna asks Sharda if she is fine. Sharda says yes. Meghna thinks something is wrong with Mamma and she has to find what everyone is hiding from her. She hugs her. She then asks Naina if she is fine? Naina asks if she talk everything on door itself. Vishal asks Kalpana to bring aarti plate. Kalpana goes inside. Sharda tells Meghna and Naina that their hairs are dried and she will massage their heads. Kunal says no, then smell will come from her hairs. Naina and Meghna smiles. Kalpana brings aarti plate. Vishal asks Asha to do aarti.

Sharda asks Asha to sit and says I will bring tea and snacks. Kalpana gets happy seeing the stuff sent by Dada ji. Naina thinks about Karan’s words. Sharda thinks something is wrong with her, she is so sad. Meghna thinks to ask Vaibhav and takes him in room. She asks if anything had happened in the house before we came here. Vaibhav says I will not tell you. Meghna emotionally blackmails him and asks him to sign her with yes or no. She asks if anything happened in the house, because of money. Vaibhav says Vishal’s money is used for your marriage, and that’s why Asha is angry and shouted at her. Meghna is shocked. Kalpana tells Asha that they might have to give their bangles to Sharda’s bangles for pagphera. Asha says I will not give anything to them. Kalpana says we have to act until they are here. Meghna comes and says acting….Asha and Kalpana looks on.

Sharda asks Naina if everything is fine between Karan and her. Naina says yes. Just then Karan comes there and says everything is fine. Later Naina asks Karan why did he come there? Karan tells her that he came to tell Sharda and others that there is nothing between them. Naina is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Kalpana is a perfect exampkes of why se should be having her own house and rule by herself. This is thing of women from different backgrounds staying under the same roof because they’re married to men in that family never works. When is she getting caught for the money she stole? She’s partly the reason why Sharda is in financial problems. Vishal was too good. Karan needs to get over himself,he should’ve said he doesn’t want to get married.

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