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The Episode starts with Sharda apologizing to Kundan and tells that she wants to see her daughters working after marriage. Kundan tells that he came here to become her samdhi, but she hit on his face with her chappal. He blames Asha and says he came to know about her value now. Asha cries. Kundan humiliates them and reminds Sharda about her failed marriage. Sharda says I know you are Asha’s elder brother and asks him not to scold Asha. He goes. Bade Mama tries to stop him. Asha asks her husband to let Kundan go, and says he is much insulted. Meghna says I will talk to Mami. Sharda says she will talk to her.

Naina hugs Meghna and says my loving sister. Meghna says why marriage is so complicated, and tells that Mami sees such TV shows. Naina says Mami cries watching TV. She talks about values.

Meghna says Kundan uncle was insulting his own sister today and asks what about his values. Naina says you are saying right. Meghna asks her to use her mind sometimes. Naina says when you are using yours, why shall I waste my mind. Meghna asks when will you use your mind. Naina says I will tell you when I disagree with you. She tells that she is hopeful. Meghna gets a call and disconnects it saying it is a wrong number. Naina asks who is he? Meghna says he likes me and tells that he is her college mate. She says his name was KC something. Vishal comes and says Sharda bua needs you.

Asha is about to leave from the house. Sharda stops her. Asha says I thought about my nieces betterment, but I was wrong. She says you have insulted your own brother. Vishal tells his mum that Sharda can’t send Meghna to Kundan’s house. Asha insults Sharda and tells that Sharda left her dying husband for work and didn’t wait till his 13th day anniversary. She shows big favor on Sharda and says whatever she is today is because of them. Bade Mama comes and asks Asha to stop insulting Sharda. He says Sharda and her daughter’s condition was bad at her husband’s house. He tells Sharda that he is not taking her side and is still upset with her. Sharda thinks about Asha’s words. Meghna tells Sharda that she will not keep quiet if her mum is insulted again. Naina says we trust you Mamma. Sharda says I want to show you something and shows her pic with her husband. They smile looking at their pics.

Sharda tells them that their papa was a very nice guy. His elder brother used to give us money and he never cared to work. She says he used to drink all day, and fell ill. She says his brother stopped giving us money and that’s why I started doing job to meet house expenses. She says your Taya ji and Tai ji used to blame me badly. My husband asked me to promise to make you both independent and give values. She says I am trying to fulfill my promise. Meghna says we won’t let your head down. Sharda asks them to respect bade mama and bhabhi. She says she will talk to bade mama and will bring their alliances. She comes to the marriage bureau and tells that she needs a groom for her daughter. She tells she got job with an annual pack of 35 lakhs rs. He says his marriage bureau is small and asks her to approach someone. A big house is shown. A man Sujan Singh Chauhan is seen doing puja with many pundits. S

harda meets Pandit ji who tells her about the person who have a grand son. Sujan Singh does puja and tells that his grand son is coming home. He asks if puja is done. Pandit ji says 10 mantras are remaining. Sujan Singh says I talked to God and he knows that my grand son is coming, he will forgive me. He gets up and calls Nirmala, his bahu. He goes to room and asks if she made gatte ki sabzi as his grand son likes it. Nirmala says I want to talk to you and asks where to keep your grand son’s plate. She says your son Nand Kishore Chauhan will get upset. Sujan Singh says Kunal will sit where he wants to, and says I don’t force anyone. Sharda sees Sujan Singh Chauhan’s interview asking the people to make their daughter’s educated and save their swabhimaan. Naina says he talks exactly like you and asks who is he? Sharda sees Reporter telling about Sujan Singh Chauhan and his son Nand Kishore Chauhan. She says Nand Kishore Chauhan is giving 35 lakhs car to his son Kunal.

A woman comes and asks media to excuse them. Nand Kishore comes and says he is giving car to his son. Asha tells Kalpana that she is thinking to throw her phone as many people are calling them. She says how Meghna will marry now in our community. Sharda says she will marry. Kalpana says we shall go to Chauhan’s home, Jaipur. She says they have gifted 35 lakhs to their son. She says if Meghna marries there, then she can handle home and work, laughs. Sharda says I am searching same type of family for my Meghna where her education and qualities are respected. She says I have decided to go to Jaipur taking Meghna’s alliance. Everyone is shocked.

Kalpana says Sharda will be shocked when she sees Kunal’s marriage getting fixed with someone else. Sharda meets Nand Kishore and talks about Meghna’s alliance. He insults her and asks her to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. SRSL

    Because of this stupid serial swaragini got over…I bet no swaragini fans even gonna see this one…down to hell with you..*sorry if I hurt anyone but being a sr fan this is unbearable….???

    1. Saba

      I guess u have to give a chance to this serial…I m big fan of SR and I m not a hater…and this story looks interesting ….

      1. SRSL

        It could have come in some other timing….it had to select 9:30 for some reason…idc about story..??

    2. It’s funny that you actually opened the written update just to show your hatred…I mean if i hate a serial,i wouldn’t even bother to open the link!!

      I guess it would be more wise to let those who wish to watch this show comment their opinion rather than expressing your hatred about your favourite show ending!

    3. Nilufar Sharifova

      Hi i am from swaragini too but this SR is good. Well swaragini ended not bc of this SR. sorry for hearting your feeling too. I love this SR

  2. Pls change that meghana sangeeta chauhan pls keep nikita sharma or someother..will watching this serial i am becoming drowsy…i thought she is a indepedent single mother…but being in her myka she is preaching about being independent.. Independent doesn’t comes from depending on others…

  3. there is no guarantee of life only and some people are getting angry for ending a serial as if their life is only over. its good they ended swaragini instead of dragging like SSK or any other long running show showing the same problems in different manners all the time

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