Swabhimaan 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Meghna thinking how can Kunal forget Valentine’s day and thinks he forgot after becoming husband. She gets his message asking her to come near dining table. He then gets a message and call from her asking her to come to garden area and that something is urgent. Meghna comes to her and asks what is urgent. Kunal shows the heart showpiece and says it is your heart and mine. Meghna gets happy and says you are romantic today. Kunal says it is because of her. Meghna tells about rose day, chocolate day, teddy day before marriage, and then chai de, coffee de, kambal de and sone de after marriage. Kunal stops her and throws water petals on her…..Meghna says I thought you have forgotten.. Oh Piya plays……

Karan and Naina see Kunal and Meghna busy in romance. Naina smiles.

Karan looks at Naina and goes. Later Naina thinks about Karan telling her that he is not her husband and will not come to pagphera rasam. Meghna comes and asks if she is fine. Naina says yes and says she is missing Sharda since morning. Meghna asks if you will go with dull face. Naina hugs her. Kunal asks what shall I do to bring smile on my cute saali’s face. Meghna asks him to stop flirting with her. Kunal asks her not to be jealous and says I am just your ghulaam. Meghna says okay and says she has to do her packing.

Sharda calls Naina and asks if she is busy. Naina says no and says she is excited to come there. Sharda says she is cleaning their room for Kunal and Meghna and says I am thinking about your and Karan’s room. Naina says he might not come. Sharda says okay and asks if Kunal is coming. Naina says Kunal likes Meghna a lot and is more excited to come to bundi. Sharda says they know each other since college and that’s why must know each other well. Kalpana hears her and records all her conversation. Sharda says their relation is strong, and their marriage is love marriage. Kalpana thinks she acted to go to Jaipur and made us fool and thinks to show recording to Asha.

Kunal and Meghna are about to leave. Dada ji calls Karan. Naina makes an excuse. They leave. Karan looks at them from window. Asha tells Kalpana that Vishal’s future is in darkness, and worries when will his dispensary open. Kalpana laughs and says nothing will happen. She asks if he got the job and says no…and says Sharda went to Jaipur to meet Chauhans. She met Sujan Singh and fixed the alliance. She says she made us fool by covering up Meghna and Kunal’s love marriage into arranged marriage. She says Sharda made us fool. Asha asks what you are saying? Kalpana shows the video in which Sharda told that Kunal and Meghna love each other before marriage.

Naina, Kunal and meghna are in the car. Meghna shows short cut to Kunal. Naina gets emotional thinking about her Mayka. Meghna asks Kunal to stop car at a temple. Kunal asks if this temple is special. Meghna says we used to come here with Mamma in our childhood. She prays to God and asks him to give her strength so that she can take revenge for her mum’s insult. She says Kunal’s love made me forget everything except one image of Sharda bent on her knees infront of Nand Kishore. Naina prays to God and apologizes for lying.

Asha shows the video to Sharda. Sharda looks at Kalpana angrily.Asha says I don’t know what to say after seeing this big betrayal. Sharda says you are thinking me wrong. Asha says I don’t believe you and asks her to reply in yes or no. She asks if Kunal and Meghna know each other before marriage and asks if she knows about it. Sharda says yes. Asha says you said that we have given you place in our heart also, and said that I have never differentiated among kids. She says you have betrayed me big and said that you are going to search relation for Meghna, when you knew about her love. She says second betrayal, you have taken money from your Jethji Solanki and then asked us to do kanyadaan and got us insulted by them. Sharda asks her to listen to her.

Asha says you have no blood relation with me, but you have relation with your brother. She says my son got slapped infront of everyone, and you have used his money. Now he is sitting at home and we don’t have money for his dispensary. She says relation of brother and sister is over, relation of sister and sister in law is over, and asks her to get out of her house. She holds her hand and takes her outside.

Asha throws Sharda out of house. Vishal says if bua don’t stay here then Vaibhav and I will go with her. Meghna and Naina come there with Kunal and see Sharda holding her bag in her hand. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Meghnal nailed it…luv u kunal jii…..
    And cmng to naina ,dont worry karan s nice guy and lovable person too…he s scary of his physical prblm….one day karan will confess d luv……
    Poor sharada y she couldn’t speak rudely wit d family members? ????

  2. Vishal is stood for her bua he is so nice meghna is sad for her mom insult she has blood relation but vishal he is so good to don’t worry naina u also celebrate Valentine’s day in future

  3. I have just started reading the updates of this show.can anyone tell me what’s the problem with Karan

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