Swabhimaan 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nand Kishore praising Nirmala and says she is learning this from Sandhya. Nirmala gets happy and tells Sandhya that Nand Kishore praised her for first time. Sharda tells Meghna that she will make something for her. Meghna cries and says she is feeling bad to leave her and go, and tells that she never thought that she will go. Sharda asks her not to cry and says if you go happily to your sasural then I will think that my life is successful. She says I won’t be lonely here, and asks her not to worry about her. She asks her to talk to Dada ji whenever she feels alone, and says I am sure that family will love you very much. Ek Shringar song plays…..Nand Kishore asks Sandhya to take care of Nirmala and be sure that she don’t become Meghna’s mum from saas.

Sandhya says you are saying right. Nand Kishore says they shall know that they have made relation with us.

Sandhya says she is sending Karan to see the arrangements. Sharda tells Naina that she will check the arrangements. Naina says she will go and check. Naina sees Karan and says hi to umbrella, asking how many times it was open and shut. Karan says your laugh will vanish soon, as my family will come and asks for AC, lights etc…He says AC, lighs and fans will not work. He asks her to have fun. Naina asks her to tell everything. Karan sits in car and tells that the place where they have made their arrangements have no electricity. Naina comes to the place and tells Vishal that the bungalow have no electricity. He asks the electrician and calls someone. He says there is no electricity at that lane. Vishal and Naina are shocked. Karan comes there and hears them. Sharda calls Naina and says the arrangements must be good. Naina says she is making arrangements.

Sharda says they will reach in 1 hour. Karan acts to talk to umbrella and says there is no electricity, and Jaipur people is on the way. Hes ays when they are insulted, I will laugh. Naina says I was laughing on your umbrella and not on your helplessness etc. She says we are making arrangements in such short time, and says we can’t complain as we are from girl’s side. Gopal is taking suitcase to Sharda. Kalpana tries to get it from Gopal. Gopal says Sharda wants to check what he sent. Sharda tells that she wants to see it as they have to give gift to Kunal. Just then Sharda gets a call from Sujan Singh. He tells that he sent something as a blessing for Meghna. Sharda thanks him and says that arrangements would have not been possible without his blessings. Kalpana gets tensed and thinks if Sharda opens the suitcase then…Vishnu comes there. Sharda tells Kalpana that she will check the bag later and gives to Kalpana.

Vishal and Naina are worried as the generator is not working. Vishal calls someone to send other generator. Karan sees her sad. Naina says we shall try to repair this. Chauhan family come there. Vishnu welcomes Nand Kishore and makes him wear garland. He welcomes everyone. Sharda does tilak of Kunal. They get inside. Vaibhav asks Naina why she didn’t apply tilak on Karan’s forehead. Naina says sorry and is about to apply tilak on his forehead, but he makes plate fall. Asha apologizes to him. While everyone is seated inside the bungalow, Nand Kishore asks them to switch on AC.

Everyone see someone dancing and entertaining the guest. Nand Kishore asks Vishnu to welcome the guests with a welcome drink. Vishnu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Karan is attracted towards Naina

  2. Riddhima


  3. 10q’s for giving priority to my karina(karan+naina)…karan is falling for naina…i just loved ?? seens…watching this show only for them…seriously for them only…i just love their nok-jhok.10q’s to the team…pls change meghana take nikita sharma…meghana action is worst…kunal is also superb.meghana&kunal pair is flop pair…their chemistry doesn’t seems gud

    1. Meghnalforever

      Plz stop saying shit about meghna her acting is superb and meghnal(meghna+kunal) rocks..

  4. love karan and naina pair.

  5. Nila

    good to see karan and naina scene

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