Swabhimaan 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Meghna and Naina serving the food. Sandhya says it seems to be good. Dadaji says presentation and taste should be good and gives 10 out of 10 marks to them for good presentation. Nirmala asks him to give nek to them. Dada ji says he can’t stop himself from tasting the food and says he will start with kheer. Nirmala brings kheer. Dada ji tastes it and looks at Kunal, Nirmala and others. He asks Naina if her sister is topper in kheer making. Naina hesitantly tries to speak. Dada ji says she is a topper in cooking also and says he has no words to express his happiness. Nand Kishore tastes food and says it is good. Nirmala also tastes food and says it is really good. Sandhya says it is good. Khyati and others also like it. Meghna thinks what is happening. Naina recalls talking

to Sharda and telling that she will make sure that Meghna don’t do any mistake. A fb is shown, Naina checks the food made by Meghna, and thinks to make it eatable within 30 mins.

Sandhya asks Naina to bring dishes made by her. Naina says she didn’t get time to cook food. Nand Kishore says one has no time for puja and other has no time to make food. Dada ji says you would have made something naa. Naina says she made sooji ka halwa/prasad as time was less and she thought to make it as today was kul devta’s puja. Dada ji asks where it is kept? NAina says it is kept in the inhouse temple. Dada ji asks her to bring it. Naina brings it. Dada ji says he is happy that they are his house grah lakshmi. Naina serves prasad for them. He gives nek to them. He announces that whenever she joins office, that day he will throw a grand party. Kunal says I will wait for you. Meghna looks on.

Sandhya asks Meghna why she is sad. Naina says Meghna must be tired after making food after many days. Sandhya asks her to rest. Meghna tastes food and says I haven’t made this. Naina tells her that Sharda thought that she will do mistake angrily and that’s why checked the food. She says our mamma knows everything, amazing. Meghna thinks why I couldn’t choose a way, Mamma is my strength and weakness also. She wonders what to do? She goes to room. Kunal says I was waiting for you and asks her to end the wait. He swirls her romantically. Kinna sona plays….Kunal thanks her for giving happiness to his family and asks why you are crying. Meghna hugs him and cries. Kunal says you have become romantic after marriage. Meghna asks God why he gave her love like Kunal, and also gave her hatred. She says I am not the same Meghna, and could see only Sharda’s helplessness.

Vishal brings juice for Sharda and asks her not to worry and give some time. Dada ji calls Sharda and tells her that Kul Devta’s puja and first rasoi is done. He says your daughters have won everyone’s heart. He says he is proud of them. He tells her that pagphera mahurat is of tomorrow. Sharda thinks if Vishal goes to bring them home, then Asha will get angry. Dada ji tells her that he is thinking to send his grand sons with their wives, so that she can get time to spend with her son in laws. Sharda gets happy and smiles. Dada ji thinks Sharda was hesitant to send their brother and that’s why I said that. He says Kunal and Karan will take bahus home.

Karan is angry. Nirmala comes and asks Karan to help Naina. She asks why didn’t you give cupboard to Naina, and asks him to give some space to Naina so that she can keep her stuff in cupboard. She says I came to tell you both that you both have to go to Bundi tomorrow for pagphera rasam. Naina gets happy and says tomorrow. Nirmala goes to inform Meghna and Kunal. Karan scolds Naina and calls her stubborn and shameful. Naina asks him to move from her way before she touches him. He makes space so that she can keep her stuff.

Karan tells her that yesterday she covered him with blanket and now they are going to share cupboard…Naina smiles. Karan asks her not to stay in doubt that he will accept her as his wife and says I will not take you to pagphera tomorrow. Naina gets shocked.

Sharda tells that Meghna and Kunal know each since college days. Kalpana tells the same thing to Asha and provokes her against Sharda. Asha says it was not arranged marriage, but love marriage and throws her out of house for hiding the secret. Sharda cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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