Swabhimaan 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Karan getting back his phone from his driver. Sharda recalls that she was denied of loan and gets tensed. She gets Sandhya’s call. Sandhya tells her that they are making arrangements to come, and asks her to do best of arrangements as Gopal promised. She says media is taking keen interest on this marriage and asks her to make it good. Sharda assures her. Dada ji is going to airport and asks driver to go to Bundi after dropping him and give this bag to Sharda, and not to let anyone know about this. Vishal comes to Sharda and asks about money. Sharda says she don’t have money. Vishal gets tensed and worried. Driver comes to meet Sharda. Sharda is about to leave. Kalpana calls her aloud.

Sharda comes back and takes the bag. She thanks the driver. She tells Kalpana that

may be it is a gift for Meghna and asks her to keep it in house, we will send it with Meghna. Kalpana takes the bag with her. Naina calls Karan and thinks he might have become unconscious by now. He gets irked as song is played on his phone as caller tune. He cuts call and smiles. He calls her. Naina’s phone rings and caller tune plays. She is surprised to see song playing. Karan asks her not to mess with him again. Naina says okay and asks him for help. He says he needs name and age of the guests coming there. Karan says I will write their surname, and their kids also. He asks her to stop ordering on phone. Khyati comes there. Karan asks her to call on his phone. She calls him. A song plays…Khyati says she will complain to Sandhya. Karan says it is not a big issue and asks her not to tell her. He looks at the marriage card.

Sharda comes to her jethji’s house. Jethani ji tells that it is good that she called them, else nobody would have come from Meghna’s father side. Sharda says I will leave and is about to go. Jethji asks if she made arrangement for marriage in small time, and tells that he will give her money for Meghna’s marriage. He says he knows that she is denied of loan, and that her brothers are not having money. He says from where you will get money for marriage. Sharda says I will not take money. Jethani ji says we know that you have self respect woman. She says they will give money with 22 percent interest. Sharda accepts. Jethji asks about the amount? Sharda says 20 Lakhs.

Jethani ji says she has a condition. Sharda looks on. Kalpana opens the suitcase and finds money. She being a greedy woman keeps all money bundles in her almari and thinks Chauhans’ sent so much money for bahu, and for me. Sharda comes back and is highly stressed. Naina asks Sharda about her visit to Jethji’s house. A fb is shown, Jethani ji tells that she has a condition which she will tell later. Sharda gives them land papers and says until I repay you money, this land will be mortgaged with you. They look on greedy. Fb ends. Sharda asks Naina not to tell anyone. Naina says this will be secret between us. Jethji and Jethani ji smile looking at them. Jethji tells his wife that Sharda agreed easily and laughs evilly.

Sandhya tells Nirmala that she is very excited about marriage and that’s why brought lehenga for her sister also. Nirmala says Naina is so good, and it is their custom to give gift to girl’s relatives also. Sandhya says I hope they gift us also, I mean love and respect.

Sharda is keeping her jewellery for Nirmala. Meghna says this is your muh dikhayi jewellery and asks why she is giving this to Nirmala. Sharda says if I respect her then only she will respect my daughter. She says Nirmala is like your mum now, and asks her to mingle with them and fulfill all relations with honesty and trust. She says Nirmala ji will become your saas first and will become your mum when you take two steps ahead towards her. She asks her to give respect and love to her. Nirmala says I am sure that Meghna will love and respect me like her mum. Sandhya is doubtful though and feels Meghna is new age girl. Nand Kishore tells them that he would have broken the alliance, but stopped himself because of 150 crores matter. Nirmala asks why you are saying this. Nand Kishore says he can break the alliance in a hurry also. Sharda asks Meghna to keep family members united. Meghna says I don’t know anyone there. Sharda asks her to take care of Khyati, and asks her to give respect to Nand Kishore. Meghna says if I get insulted there. Sharda tells her that they are not insulted by family. She asks her to understand the difference between Abhimaan and Swabhimaan, and says sometimes we have to bend. Meghna thinks I will bend if the matter is about me, but I will not keep quiet if anyone disrespect you.

Chauhan’s come to Sharda’s house. Nand Kishore asks them to switch on AC. It seems AC is not working, Vishal and Naina gets tensed. Sharda asks Vishal to switch on AC. Karan looks at Naina and sees her tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hmm… karan taking interest in naina….. good. lets c how the writers manage to marry them within a week .. ha ha

  2. and choti mami… i wish someone beats her black n blue… good for nothing but bad for everything…

  3. Riddhima

    Hahaaannn …seems more interesting. … Karan and naina story is started …..

  4. I hate that Kalpana. blo*dy idiot she is.

  5. Esther

    Kalpana is disgusting,,,,

  6. I just love the pair Karina(Karan+Naina) ..Acting is awesome…I just loved their scenes

  7. how can mami do this .d writer they show anyting.sarda should open the bag.

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