Swabhimaan 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya getting shock talking on phone. Dada ji and Nirmala see news of Nand Kishore arrest with regard to accident case. Reporter says Nand Kishore tried to give 1 lakh rupees to the accident victim to end the case. Nirmala faints hearing the news. Sandhya calls her. Dada ji feels bad and says Nand Kishore would have taken that man to hospital. Meghna feels bad as Dada ji is feeling bad. Sandhya calls Lawyer. Dada ji says he will do something. Kunal calls Sandhya and tells that he will handle the case. Dada ji says I will also go there. Sandhya stops him and says Kunal said he will manage. Kunal goes to Police station and meets Inspector. He asks Constable to free him. Nand Kishore comes out. Kunal runs to hug him.

Nand Kishore accepts infront of Police that the accident happened with his car. Kunal asks him to trust him and says whatever happened will be right. Inspector says we will enquire on your statement and says they need Ganesh Chai wala’s statement. He asks Kunal to stay in the lock up till he gives statement. Nand Kishore looks on as Kunal goes in the lock up.

Gopal comes to his room and sees Kalpana wearing googles and having juice. He asks if she is fine. Kalpana says she is fine and tells that her husband got a job in a big company. Gopal is shocked. Kalpana says you got a job in the big company. He faints. Kalpana sprinkles water on his face. He tells that it was a good dream. Kalpana says it is real and not a dream. He tells that he will inform Sharda. Kalpana says no need. She tells that Meghna didn’t do anything and tells that nand kishore helped him.

Dada ji talks to Nand kishore and comes to know that Kunal is arrested by the Police. Meghna and Nirmala are shocked. Sandhya says Kunal did the accident actually. Meghna thinks what did I do and runs out of house, sits in car and goes. Karan and Naina come to the dargah and pray. Tu meri plays….Meghna comes inside the Police station and looks at him crying. Naina and karan do the mannat and tie the thread. Karan looks at her as she ties the thread Meghna cries. Kunal consoles her.

He asks her to stop crying. Media also comes there and accuses Kunal for trying to give money to the injured guy. Kunal ass her to stop crying and makes her drink water. He says I will tell you what happened? He tells that he was going office and answered a call Suddenly a man is hit by his car. He offers to help the man and asks him to come to Police station to get his scooter insurance. Man refuses and says it was my mistake. Kunal calls nand kishore and asks him to send money as he wanted to help him. He tells that media came there with Police and arrested Nand Kishore. He says he didn’t do mistake as the man came from wrong side. Meghna cries and thinks this has happened because of her anger and thinks Chiku was right.

Meghna is taken away by the constables. Karan touches naina’s hand mistakenly and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Titli

    Its so sad to see the new upcoming track.. naina gets infection guys, and karan to rethink about their frndshp
    Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EuD70jl-qCQ
    Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uPetQG5V6WI

    1. Oh no…….wat really naina gets infection. ……

    2. Thanks titli for the links

    3. naina get infection….i know this will also that sandhyas evil plan…thnx for sharing this news titli..and second link..their interviews are very cute and best..

  2. So now Meghna should learn a lesson. Patience! I think there will be some ups nd downs in meghnal love story coz maasi maa will expose meghna. May be she did this on purpose ” pretending it was Nanskishore but actually Kunal in the frame”
    Excited for Monday epi…..

  3. But I feel that Meghna is correct. She is kinda bold character and she says what she feels.

  4. I like this serial lot and feel it is well meaning in general and aims to spread good values. However I think it’s spreading a wrong notion that allergic diseases are contagious. Most allergic diseases however troublesom they may be won’t spread from one person to another. If their is secondary infection, infection might spread but that won’t be permanent and can b cured in a short time and won’t be make another become allergic. Just don’t want people to develop stigma towards people with allergies being a doctor. I had hoped that it would be shown that Sandhya had created a false impression that this illness spreads and Naina would prove it wrong.

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