Swabhimaan 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Meghna asking Sharda if she can’t treat Karan with medicines. Karan accuses himself for letting Sharda treat him even after knowing that she will catch his infection. Sharda asks them to have trust on her and says she knows treatment and nothing will happen to her as Kunal and karan are also with her. She asks them not to worry about her, and says Karan needs her now. Karan thinks until I stay here in this house then everyone will have problem and if I don’t stay then everyone’s life will get better. Naina asks Meghna not to worry and tells that Sharda’s patches will go, and thinks if Karan comes to know this then he will blame himself. She comes to room, but he is not there. She calls him, but his phone is off. She asks Kunal. Kunal says whenever he is irritated, he sits

somewhere and calls office. He is informed that Karan is not there. Naina gets tensed. Kunal asks her not to take tension and tells that his car is outside. Naina starts crying.

Sharda and Nirmala are shocked to know that Karan is not in the house. Naina says if Karan came to know about Mamma’s allergy. Sharda says he must be here somewhere. Meghna asks her not to take stress and asks her to sit, says you are having fever. Kunal calls office again and asks employee to call him if Karan comes there. Nirmala comes to Nand Kishore and tells that Karan left home, feels bad and says we couldn’t give him love. Naina says it seems he heard our conversation. Nirmala tells Nand kishore that you have never spoken softly with him and asks him to go and bring him. Nand Kishore says I will see what to do. Sandhya talks to jharoka and tells that she loves him and wants to confess her love, but it is important to keep it as a secret. Nand Kishore comes there and tells that Karan is missing and asks her to enquire. Sandhya thinks now she has to search karan else Pushpa will ruin everything. She comes to hall and tells Nand Kishore that she couldn’t find Karan. Karan comes and says Maa…Nirmala gets emotional.

Sharda recalls finding Karan and talking to him, says she felt he is more brave to have fought with illness. Karan says he will go from there for everyone’s betterment. Naina comes and asks him to go. She says Meghna thought that Nand Kishore’s view will change for Nirmala if he gets fine, and says you don’t care about Kunal who left everything for you etc. Sharda asks them to fight for each other. Naina says we never thought we will reach here, but have reached and says we will move very far. Sharda says we will win. Fb ends.

Nand Kishore tells Nirmala that Karan came back and was not going anywhere. It is not easy to sustain outside the house. Dada ji asks Karan what is he hearing? Nand Kishore scolds him and says he will not go anywhere. Dada ji says this parvati has brought her Shiv today and both bahu’s puja have shown wonders. Nand Kishore tells that there is only one bahu Meghna and says Naina have to leave after Teej. Pandit ji comes there. Nand kishore asks Pandit ji to tell about unmarried girl puja. Sandhya recalls calling Pandit ji and asking him to suggest something very difficult for Naina. Pandit ji tells Nand Kishore that unmarried girl fast is difficult and asks her to make 108 diyas and lights it while ringing the bell. Meghna asks Naina if she could do all this thing. Naina says I need your trust and then no fever can stop me. I will do this puja and will make arrangements now itself. Dada ji blesses her. Sandhya thinks this word Pativrata is easy to be heard but difficult to do anything. She says your puja will not be completed.

Naina does Puja while ringing bell. Sandhya thinks how can nothing happen to her as pooja is going smooth. Just then glass pieces pierced in Naina’s foot and she feels pain. Meghna shouts. Naina continues to ring bell. Sandhya thinks pack your bags Naina. Karan comes and holds Naina as she faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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