Swabhimaan 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina seeing her name as Naina badtameez in phone and calls Karan. Karan asks her why did she name him as Karan Chaatewala. They argue. Karan asks her what is her problem with his umbrella. Naina says we didn’t know how that ring reached to dustbin and asks him to ask him umbrella. Karan asks her to return his phone. Naina asks him to come on terrace and says she will throw the phone in air. Karan says my driver will come and pick phone tomorrow. Naina asks him to send her phone with him. She thinks how I will tolerate him. Sharda and Vishal makes list. Vishal says he made list of expenses and tells that the expenses will be 27 lakhs, but we have just 4 lakhs rupees. Vishnu comes and asks them to get band baaja also. Asha tells Sharda that they can manage to get 4 lakhs rupees

to contribute. Sharda thinks about her promise made to Asha.

Gopal comes and says he will also contribute. He gives 30000 Rs. Sharda says Meghna just needs your blessings. Kalpana goes to kitchen. Asha follows her. Kalpana says Sharda is very clever and getting all their money. Sharda comes there and gives their money back saying they have done so much for them already, and don’t want any other help. Vishal tells Sharda that he doesn’t know from where she gets the strength. Sharda says because she is a mum.

Meghna is speaking to Kunal. Naina sings do dil milrahe hai….song and teases her. Meghna says I was speaking low as you was sleeping. She takes the call and asks how you are? Kunal says I am fine and even more fine after speaking with my saali. He asks her to take Khyati and Karan’s help. Naina says she don’t his help and tells that he gets angry seeing her as if his thermometer will break. Kunal says my brother is not that bad and smiles. Naina asks him to send his clothes measurements. Kunal asks him to take his measurements from Meghna.

Meghna takes the call and asks what he was saying? Kunal says you have only hugged me and asks for a kiss. Meghna says sure and asks him to get kiss in dreams, and ends the call smiling. Nand Kishore talks to union leader and asks him to maintain the strike for one week, no matter what. Sandhya is shocked. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that Dada ji have to be away from the marriage function. Sharda gets an idea and sees land papers. She thanks her dead husband. She comes to the bank and asks for 20 lakhs loan, but manager refuses to give. Sharda is shocked. Nirmala asks Dada ji to come to marriage. Dada ji says it is okay if I don’t attend marriage, as Nand Kishore will handle all the responsibility. He hopes Nand Kishore don’t do anything wrong. Nand Kishore says they shall know what they have to do to make relation with us.

Sharda’s Jethji meets her, and says you haven’t told me about Meghna’s alliance. He says are you egoistic because your daughter is marrying in a rich family. He says you have broken your relation with us after my brother was dead. He says when Pandit will ask about her kul, what you will say? Sharda says I will proudly take your kul’s name. Jethji asks her to ask him if she needs money for marriage. Sharda says she is making arrangements.

Nirmala gives Kunal’s wedding card to Dada ji, saying you being an elder shall open. Dada ji opens the card and says this is so beautiful. He says this house’s luck will change for better after our bahu enters here. He asks her to apply kumkum and haldi on the card. He thinks I know why Nand Kishore agreed for this marriage and he will try to insult Sharda. He thinks to help Sharda anyhow. Sharda comes to the money lender. Money lender tells that she had sold her ornaments to get her daughters’ education and now mortgaging the land for their marriage. He tells that right now he can’t help her. Sharda goes.

Meghna tells Sharda that how she will live without her at her inlaws place. Sharda suggests her to take two steps towards Nirmala and make her mum. Later she asks her jethji for 20 Lakhs Rs. Her jethani puts forth a condition. Sharda looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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