Swabhimaan 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Nand Kishore about the ring. He says why did you change the ring and asks him to answer. He says ordinary ring can’t be changed to diamond ring by itself. Sandhya apologizes to him and says she bought the ring keeping their status in mind. Dada ji says your Bhai Saheb must have told you this, and you saw it in diamond ring. He says I am very sad today that I couldn’t teach you about the show off. He talks about Sharda’s status due to her daughter’s good education and values. He tells that a ring is valued as per their intention. He says marriage will happen in Bundi as Sharad requested me and also that marriage mahurat will be after 40 days. He says marriage will happen after 40 days and goes. Nand Kishore gets angry and breaks glass angrily. Dada ji hears

the sound and looks angrily. Nirmala tells Nand kishore that she will clean the floor. He asks her to stop and says no need to keep my ruined respect in trash. He asks her to go. Nirmala goes.

Nand Kishore tells Sandhya what did Bundi people think about themselves. He says we sent good clothes for their daughter and bought ring for my son, and they insulted me twice. He says marriage will happen in Bundi and all scores will be settled. This marriage will happen in one week…just 7 days after. Sandhya says 7 days, but Bau ji said….Nand Kishore asks her to do as he said, and asks her to make two lists, one is the guest list and other is the arrangements list. He says marriage should be grand so that it will be remembered for years. Sandhya says they can’t manage so fast. Nand Kishore says Sharda should have thought about it before stopping my car and says my son’s marriage will happen as per my preference and not with Sujan Singh’s preference.

Vishnu tells Sharda that Sujan Singh gave them much respect and paid the bill too. Gopal says we will do best marriage arrangements. Sharda tells that she was thinking to talk to Shukla ji and get his bungalow for guests. Vishnu says we shall talk to him now itself and asks Asha to make list of things. Asha says okay. He asks Sharda to come. Gopal sees Sandhya’s call on Sharda’s phone and says I will give to her. Kalpana asks him to take the call and make Sandhya feel that he is suitable for PA’s work. Gopal picks the call and tells Sandhya that Sharda is not at home. Sandhya says marriage mahurat is after 7 days. Gopal is shocked. Sandhya says next mahurat is after 4 months and then we thought. Gopal says okay, your idea is good and says he is sure. Sandhya says 100- 150 guests will come from our side, and says she is worried about something. Gopal asks her not to worry.

Sandhya says there is no 5 star hotel in Bundi and our guests are big business so…Gopal tells her that they will give 5 star hotel treatment to her guests. Sandhya says her guest shall have AC, carpets and sofa in their rooms. Gopal assures her. Sharda comes and is shocked. Gopal and Kalpana tell about Sandhya’s call. Gopal says she told that 5 star hotel arrangement is needed. Sharda asks with whom you asked and confirmed. She says I asked for 30-40 days and says how we will manage in 7 days. Dada ji tells Nand Kishore that they asked for 3-4 months. Nand kishore asks him to talk to Pandit. Dada ji says how she will make arrangements in 7 days. Sandhya asks him not to worry and says I talked to them and they are really excited about the marriage. Nand Kishore says there is one more problem, I can’t attend the marriage after 7 days. Nand Kishore looks on.

Vishnu asks Gopal why did he promise for Grand wedding? He says how we will make arrangements. Sharda asks him not to worry and says we all will distribute work and do all arrangements. Vishal says we all will do all the arrangements. Sharda asks Vishal to take care of guests. She asks Gopal to see the arrangements. Vishnu asks Gopal to ask them before doing anything. Sharda asks Naina to talk to Kunal’s family and know what he wants to wear. Naina says she will call his sister Khyati and know his choice. Sharda says Meghna shall not know about this, as I want her to enjoy all moments and shall not worry. She gets Dada ji’s call. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. He asks her to tell him if he needed anything. Sharda says okay. Dada ji says I can’t attend marriage due to our factory work. He blesses her. Nand Kishore looks on and thinks my plan is successful. Sharda is tensed.

Kunal talks to Meghna and says he will kiss her before marriage. Sharda tries to take loan, but she couldn’t get. Meghna’s tau ji meets her and says you didn’t bother to invite us for Meghna’s wedding. Sharda looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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