Swabhimaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kunal was angry and asks Meghna till when he must testify himself for her. He was ready to leave this house for her, why she always become more of her daughter. He was ready to stand by her side, but he had no reply for Dad this time. Meghna tries to make him up, Kunal asks to let him speak and asks if this is the reality of their love. They are living separate lives and doesn’t share their problems with each other. He asks for a single moment when he wasn’t her side. Meghna was left speechless.
Karan brings tissue to Naina who sat outdoor. Naina asks Karan why he didn’t say anything, if he also considers her and Meghna as wrong. Karan says no. Naina wonders if he doesn’t want to say anything else. Karan sits beside her and says whatever happened today was wrong, he is her side in

all this matter.
Meghna comes towards Kunal and asks if she can’t take her decisions herself. Kunal says he has a problem that she didn’t share her decision with him. Meghna requests him to understand her point of view. Meghna asks Kunal if Shardha didn’t take money from her, would she have taken them from him. Kunal tells her to have shared this with him atleast and leaves the room. Meghna cries in the room.
The next morning Naina brings the report of Shardha in newspaper. Meghna was curt and tries to call Shardha, calling the journalist being irresponsible. Meghna calls home, Mami says she was about to share with her about the storm. Everyone scolded Shardha. Meghna was worried and tells her to relax, she will arrange for something. He announces they must go to Bundi right away. Naina was reluctant and says they must atleast speak to Shardha, else take permission from someone at home about going there.
A journalist informs Shardha that she has already written an article to clarify the reputation of Sharda and the CM. But they must acquire his permission to publish it first.
Naina and Meghna comes to take Nirmala’s permission to go and meet Shardha. Dada ji comes downstairs and forbids them to leave anywhere. He assures that Shardha is fine and he has invited her here, now they must keep her happy and tension free over here. Dada ji says there is another reason, there is a competition of couples in the town. Nirmala tells them the competition was held under an NGO for cancer patients. She gets upset saying Nand Kishore never wanted to participate in this competition. She thinks Kunal would be happy to hear about it but was uncertain about Karan. Naina assures Karan would also take part in it. Sandhya ji heard about this conversation curtly.
Naina comes to the room and tells Karan about the competition. She says Nirmala was really excited to hear about the competition, they must take part in it for Nirmala atleast.
Sandhya comes to the room and opens her cup board, she says its for him that she turned Karan into a trouble in the family. Naina thinks she will change Karan, Naina has already realized her position in life. She would fight anyone for her position. She had decided the fate of this house 25 years ago.

PRECAP: Sandhya brings a photographer. Meghna was worried that Kunal has still been angry at her. Naina thinks she must go near Sandhya to discover why she lets Karan down for everything.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today episode was toot tough for megna and naina.

  2. I think meghna should told kunal at least after sharada return her cheque its purely meghna mistake most time he stand with her but today he hurt more because she didn’t told about money matter

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