Swabhimaan 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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In the morning, Nirmala discusses with Dada ji that Naina is really upset. Shardha comes downstairs, Sandhya says their festivities will be lesser this year. Shardha assures Sandhya both of her daughters are heartily ready for Teej.
Shardha gets a call from her brother, he speaks to Shardha that celebrations are going on here. Only Meghna and Naina aren’t here. Kalpana speaks to Shardha that someone else is missing her even more, they tell her about CM’s call on landline. Her sister in law tells Shardha to clarify to CM that he must not call here anymore.
Later, Meghna and Naina come downstairs to take blessings from Dada ji, Shardha and Nirmala. The celebrations begin. Pandit ji says this 21 pot stand is ready, and begins the Ganesh Pooja. Sandhya wonders why Shardha calls the CM repeatedly,

and this teacher rejects his call; what’s going on. Shardha instructs the girls to hold the pots with full concentration and belief, she prays their hard work pays off. Naina notices there was a hole in the pot. Sandhya remembers marking a pot with silver coin to break it. Nand Kishore says this doesn’t seem right to him, the rituals haven’t yet begun and it seems their nurse’s bad luck started already. The pot can’t be replaced and Meghna would do the rest of Pooja. Naina decides she will do the Pooja with the same pot, she tells Nirmala bad omens are out believes only. She will consider this pot as her Shagun. A lady tells Naina she won’t be able to hold it, there is a possibility the pot breaks. Meghna was concerned what if Naina is hurt because of the broken pot. Naina requests her to let her do this, for her Shiv. Naina seals the pot with a cloth piece. Shardha prays that may God support her daughter. The Pooja begin.Naina and Meghna dance with the pots. Everyone claps for them. They touch elder’s feet and take their blessings. Shardha was happy that Naina didn’t forget anything she was taught. Dada ji says it’s the belief that turns the mountains down. He assures Naina would surely get her Shiv soon.
Later, Shardha does Pooja of Karan and Kunal. Sandhya and Nand Kishore stood together. Sandhya says the pot had broken, the reality is that Naina had lost already before Pooja began. Nand Kishore says these sisters seem to be very cunning. The mother also arrived here. It doesn’t seem they would ever leave Chauhan house now. He says they will have to go through all the testimonies. Sandhya says uptil now everything was easy, but from tomorrow starts Nirjal fasting.

PRECAP: The couples spend some good time with each other. Nand Kishore taunts about the gifts boasting about gifts from Nirmala’s family. Dada ji shows Shardha’s hands having bruises over them. He says such are the gifts from a mother to her daughter and son in law.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Someone plz bring sandhya truth out soon.. as she is brainwashing nandkishore, she is maim culprit and main villian in this family..

  2. Barbara Lewis

    Standbys a horrible villain. What’s the secret she hides from all, waiting to see.

  3. i think kunal is sandhya’s son

  4. VINAL

    I think nandkishore is also villan

  5. Hi everyone why only very few comments?
    Yeah as you all say Kunal is Sandhya son. Seems like Nandkishore isnt aware about all this. Sandhya is manupulating him only for own benefit. Chittirgrah track is taking too long. Nice to see how naina fighting to get her karan

  6. Guys y there is no update of the 11th july epi can anyone pls explain

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