Swabhimaan 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Meghna thinking about Kunal’s words that he will give her a special hug with a surprise, and feels shy. Kalpana asks her husband to get a job at Chauhan’s through Sharda. Sharda comes. Kalpana tells that her husband wants to talk to her, and asks her to talk to Nand Kishore and get her little brother get PA’s job at Chauhans. Sharda is shocked and says marriage haven’t happened till now. Kalpana tells her husband that Sharda will get him a job after Meghna’s marriage. Meghna comes wearing the dress gifted by Kunal to the place. She asks what is this? Kunal says this is our pending coffee date. I never gave up and you came in my life as a coupon. Meghna says you talks so much. Kunal says someone have to talk, else….Tu Pyaar Hai song plays……They have an eye lock.

Kunal says everyone is quiet then who will ask question. Meghna says I thought what you will ask, and says he is dramatic. She says can we sit now. Kunal says not now, as I have one more surprise for you. He bends down on his knees. Meghna asks what you are doing? Kunal says I wanted to do this long back, but stopped thinking that you won’t permit me. He says now I made you wear ring officially and now I want to give you my heart too. He pretends to take off his heart and put in the cup. Meghna sees heart made of coffee in the coffee cup. She gets glad and says now she came to know that his love is strong. Kunal says I love you Meghna….Meghna smiles. Kunal says we can’t hug each other infront of everyone. He asks for a personal hug. Meghna runs and says this is called wait till marriage. Kunal says I have given you my precious thing, ie heart and then also you don’t believe me. Meghna laughs saying heart is inside.

Naina asks Sharda what happened? Sharda says she is tired. Naina receives the bill and gives to Naina. Sharda checks the bill and says 510000 Rs. Naina says Mami’s spa’s expenses are much. Sharda is shocked. Bade Mama comes and asks what happened? Sharda says she is tired. Bade Mama asks about the bill amount. Sharda says they will give us later. Bade Mama asks her not to worry about money and says I brought credit card with me. Sharda recalls her promise made to Asha and says I will ask you money if needed. He goes. Naina asks why did you refuse to take Mama’s help. Sharda tells her about the promise made to Asha.

Naina says that’s why Mami agreed to come here, and says how we will manage the money now. Sharda looks at her bangles and says she will give her bangles. Naina stops her and says our studies is a waste if you have to sell your jewellery. Meghna comes hearing it and says what else she will sell. She checks the bill and says bill amount is 5 lakhs. Then what will be the marriage expenses amount, 1 crore. She says until when we will compete with them. Sharda says we are not competing with them. I want you to get in a nice family and says they have to do according to their preference. Meghna says it is a competition. She shows the gift gifted by Kunal and says what gift we shall give him back. She refuses to marry. Sharda says it is enough.

Naina goes to reception and asks if they can give them discounts under their special schemes. Receptionist says that their bill is already paid by Sujan Singh Chauhan. Kalpana and Gopal come to Dada ji. Gopal asks can I call you Bau ji. They sit and have a talk with him. Dada ji says we are fortunate to get Meghna’s alliance. Sharda, Naina and others come to Dada ji. He asks them to sit. Sharda asks why did you settle our bill? Dada ji says you are my beta ji and I am your Bau ji, then how come paisa ji come in between us. If we come in your city, do we need to pay. Sharda says it is not like that.

Dada ji says Meghna is not less than Kunal. You are not just a girl’s mother, but a mother of an educated daughter. He says Kanyadaan is the big daan amongst other daans. He asks her not to make him feel low and make arrangements for marriage. Sharda says we can’t make grand marriage arrangements like engagement. Dada ji says you all have Swabhimaan and it is the most beautiful ornament. Sharda says I need one month time for marriage. Dada ji says how can I agree as we want Meghna to come to our house as soon as possible. He then agrees to give them time. He asks Meghna to promise him that she will teach same thing to Kunal. Meghna promises him with a high five. Meghna says our high five will be between us.

Sandhya calls Sharda and informs that marriage will be after 7 days. Nand Kishore says that marriage will happen in Bundi. Gopal promises Sandhya that they will get five star treatment at their house. Sandhya smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode…With meghnal scenes…<3<3<3 nd can't wait for thier marriage…Nd coming to dadaji…His character is really Sweet…!!!

  2. Nice epi frnds. Jss love meghnal…

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