swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 23


hey sorrry sorry soory for the late update…..but i had some personal problems so i couldnt update it…..hope u understand….

in the last episode i typed it as last week but its last month.and uttara met rohit in mm only once n they used to meet outside…..whenever swaragini went to meet rohit,he was hanging out with uttara or was in office but they met anamika n sudhir(rohit’s parents).

swaragini-swasan(love after marriage) epi 23.

recap-sanky speaking with dp for uttara’s wedding.
precap-swasan romance .

by this time rohit’s parents had also come inside mm n witnessed the whole scene.sanky comes down n stands beside swara.
sanky-btw rohit…how do u know swara?
rohit-actually i’m her bua’s son.my mom had a fight with dadi when i was 12 and swara was 10 and we had to leave for london.i studied there only .then we both come in contact with each other on facebook n dadi n mom ended their fight last month.i finished my studies n was in search of a job so i thought to work in india itself.now i’m working in your company .i’m so sorry that i couldn’t come to ur wedding or nidhi’s naming ceremony.
swasan-it’s ok…
swara-actually sanky i n rags went to meet bhaiyya many times but to our luck we couldn’t meet him as either he was in office or went out somewhere.then we was engaged in all works so i didn’t get time to visit them.

anamika n sudhir mathur(bua n fufa of swaragini)-it’s ok beta .we understand u.
rohit-so sir can i call u jiju from nw?
sanky-of course u can.
then they all sit down n play with nidhi.
anamika-she looks exactly like her father.
swasan blush.then whole family comes down.they get up.
dp-pls sit down.
sanky-bade papa he is rohit mathur and his parents sudhir mathur and anamika mathur.
anamika n sudhir-namaste.

then rohit takes blessings from him.
dp-khush raho.
swara-bade papa i have something to tell u all.
ap-what is it beta?
swara-woh rohit is my cousin….he is my bua’s son.since thy had some family problems they couldn’t atttend any of our functions.

dp-this is a very good news beta.i’m happy that ur family reconciled.(to anamika n sudhir)we liked ur son very much …….can u give his hand for marriage with with our daughter uttara.
sudhir-we would surely but we would ask for rohit’s opinion first.
rohit-uncle if u don’t mind can i see uttara once?
dp-bring uttara down….
then pari n rags bring uttara down.rags goes n hugs rohit n his parents.after a little chat both uttroh agree for tieing the knot.then the pandiiit enters for fixing the dates n uttroh r sent fot talking alone.swara to overhear what they r talking, hides in a room which is dark from where she can hear their talks.

dark room:
swara goes back n back n dashes with someone.actually its sanky.but she doesnt see that him coz she is very much interested in listening uttroh’s talks.suddenly he wraps his hands around her waist which freaks her.she turns n is about to slap him but he holds her hand n shows his face to her.she gets releived n hits him slightly on the shoulder.
swara-u scared me u idiot.btw wat r u doing here?
sanky-i came here for bringing some utensils…btw y did u come here? u know hearing others talks is bad……
swara starts getting nervous.

swara-i…i.. didnt come here for overhearing others talks….
sanky-accha then y did u come here?
swara(without thinking n sarcastically)-for romancing with u .
swara realises what she said n bites her tongue.
sanky(teases0-but i’m not interested….
she then pins him to the wall n tries to seduce him.
sanky(acts like getting scared)-swara what r u doiing?anyone will come……………
swara-mister sanskar ram prasad maheshwari u r not supposed to speak my dialogues.
sayin this she pulls him by his collar n kisses him hard on the lips.then she makes herself presenntable n leaves with a smirk on her face while sanky is still shocked .
the screen freezes there.

precap-uttroh engagement.

Credit to: swetha

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