swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 22


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swaragini-swasan(love after marriage) epi 22.

recap-swasan kabhi jo badal moments.
precap-sanskar talking to dp about uttara’s wedding.

next morning in mm:
both raglak n swasan reach mm at the same time.swaragini hug n wish each other a “HAPPY B’DAY”.they go inside n everyone pamper them a lot.
lunch time:
everyone start having their lunch when sanskar starts to speak.
sanky-bade papa…….now as uttara has complted her studies n has started going to hospital…….don’t u think we should get her married??????????????
he then winks at uttara.
dp-even i was thinking the same sanskar….
uttara-but bade papa i want to work for a few more years.
sanky-uttara u can work but u can atleast do the engagement now if u like the boy.
uttara(shy)-ok bhaiyya……
dp-then sanskar u search for a good groom.
sanky-actually bade papa i know a marwadi boy rohit who is working in my office.he really a good person,harworking,sincere n has no bad habits. he started working last week only n his idea gave …..
dp-ok then u call him to our house tomorrow.
sanky-ok bade papa…..
at night in swasan room:
sanky just gets off the phone with someone.he turn n sees swara smirking.
sanky-what?????why r u smirking at me??????????????
swara walks upto him n acts like adjusting his collar.
swara-sanky i’m your wife n i know what u r thinking.so i know that u only purposely suggested his name uhhhh….what’s his name………hmmmmm rohit.i know u only suggested rohit’s name to bade papa.
she then looks up at him.she keeps staring at her lovingly n suddenly pulls her closer to him by holding her waist.
sanky-now tell me what i’m thinking.
swara-ufffffff………u always have romance going on in your mind.
she took his hand off her waist n was about to go but sanky pulled her n pinned her to he wall n at the same time nidhi started crying.
sanky-shona why do u always restict me when i try to get closer to u??????????
he pouts saying this.
swara-mr.maheshwari pls remember we r the parents of six months old toddler.n if u leave me now i’ll take care of her she’s crying.
he leaves her n sighs n goes to sleep.swara takes th e baby from th ecradle n sings a song so that she sleeps.after singing she sses that the baby had slept n puts her back in the cradle.she turns back n sees sanky too sleeping like a baby.she turns off the light n hugs him n sleeps.

next morning in mm:
a boy aged in his mid twenties enters mm.swara was about to enter kitchen but gets shocked seeing that man.the man gets shocked as well.
swara-gets happy n hugs him.tears well up in her eyes but thos were tears of happiness.
swara-bhaiyya…….how come u r here????
boy-my boss called me here.btw what r u doing here?i heard u got married n u also have a six months old baby….so bad u did inform me n where is ur sweet hubby i want to meet him.
swara-relax bhaiyya.i’ll te………..
she was cut by the voice of sanky.
sanky-u have already met him……
everyone look at sanky who is at the stairs with nidhi.
he comes down n gives nidhi to swara.he gives her a side hug n wraps his arm around her shoulder.
sanky-she’s my wife rohit n she’s our daughter(pointing to nidhi).

precap-swasan romance n uttroh engagement.

Credit to: swetha

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