swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 21

Guys this is a treat to swasan fans…..its full of swasan scenes….enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
swaragini-swasan(love after marrige) ep-21..

recap-swasan,raglak,n parish babies’ namrakhan ceremony.
precap-swasan kabhi jo badal moments………………………………

after 6 months of the birth of nidhisha n aaryaan.
the scene starts with rags talking to sujata in evening.
rags-chachi ji…………my friend has met with an accident so i’m going there.laksh is also going with me but isha….we can’t take her there…..
sujata-i’ll care of her beta….u go.

rags nods n raglak leave.
in swasan room:
uttara is there with sanky.
sanky-uttara i need ur help….i want u to go down n play with nidhisha then i will shout ur bhabhi’s name n u’ll tell u’ll take care of her.
uttara-what will i get if i do it?
saky-i’ll convince bade papa to fix ur marriage with rohit….

((actually u all must be thinking who is this rohu…don’t think too much…i’ll tell u.
rohit is an employee in sanky’s company.uttroh met each other at mm when rohit came for some work with sanky n it was love at first sight (funny right!!!!!!!!).after that they met each other frequently n finally confessed their love.she told about it only to sanky.))

utaara(blushing)-really bhaiyya?then i’ll go.
saying this she immediately runs out of the room while sanky smiles seeing her behavior.
swara was playing with nidhisha.uttara too joins her.then she looks up n signs sanky who is watching everything from corridor.he goes to his room n shouts swara’s name.she igores him n keeps playing with nidhisha.he again shouts her name.she gets irritated.
uttara-u go bhabhi…i’ll take care of them.
she smiles n goes.
swasan room:
swara enters the room frustrated.
swara-what happened sanky?
she goes forward n see noone.just then she hears the sound of the door locking.she smiles as she knows it is her sanky.he hugs her from back.she closes her eyes to feel his touch.sanky puts his chin on her shoulder n she puts her one hand on his cheeks.sanky kisses her neck.

sanky-will u come with me to dinner?
swara-what happened pati parmeshwar u want to take me to dinner?????????
sanky-nothing i just wanted another baby from u thats y…..
swara widens her eyes n breaks the hug.
sanky-chill yaar….i just wanted to spend some time with u alone…..u have completely ignored me after the birth of nidhi.
he gives her a puppy look n she agrees.
swara- but nidhi….
sanky-there r many people in the house ….they will take care of her.
he then pulls her n makes her sit on the bed.he opens a cupboard n takes a packet n gives it to swara.she opens n sees a peach saree designed beautifully,fully embroidered with a gold blouse.she gets mesmerised seeing it n runs her hands over it.
sanky-did u like it?
sankygets sad as he had spent hours n hours for selecting it for his lady love.
swara-i loved it.
sanky’s face lights up

sanky-wear it no today….
she gives him a peck on lips n runs to washroom to try it.after a while sanky gets ready to leave n is continuously lokking at the washroom door to see her in the saree.she comes out.she looks like an angel…..sanky gets mesmerised seeing her n keeps staring at her without blinking his eyes.she hugs him n he comes to his senses.
sanky-shall we go????????
swara nods n they leave.
they go to a restaurant n have a romantic candlelight dinner.it almost midnight so they decide to stay at their farmhouse n inform their family about the same.actually it it’s all part of sanky’s plan.they reach the farmhouse n swara sees it decorated beautifully.they go inside.its exactly 12 now n sanky switches on the light.swara sees a cake in the centre with their n nidhi’s pic printed on it.she gets happy n hugs him.sanky whispers a “HAPPY B’DAY SHONA” in her ear.she cuts the cake n feds him .he too does the same.
swara sees rain outside n drags sanky too with her.she dances like a mad person in the rain.he smiles seeing her childishness.both get drenched completely.he looks at her lovingly.her fluttering eyes,wet curls,her wet saree stuck to her perfectly shaped body.what attarcts him the most r her rosy red lips.he was attarcted to her as if she were a magnet.her statue like body makes him crazy for her n irresistable.
kabhi jo badal starts playing in the background.

he goes towars her ,picks her up n takes her inside a room n puts her on the bed.her posture on the bed makes him even more crazy n irresistable.he comes over her n kisses her lips with a lot of passion.he then left her lips n she hugged like air was struggling to pass through them.she then removed his shirt.he wanted to feel her every part of her body.he then removed her saree n started kissing n biting her neck.she was mourning with pleasure.he then removed her blouse n kissed n bit her naked shouleder with passion n she mourned more loudly.he then started kissing n biting her exposed boss*ms as if it was his right.swara called her hubby’s name in a romantic manner.however he didn’t stop n continued his work on her body.after a while both were undresed n he took his time n exploring his wife’s flower like soft body.a while later he fell down beside his love asleep after enjoying his night with his wife.

precap-sanky is talking to dp about uttara’s wedding.

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