swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 20


swaragini-swasan(love after marriage) epi 20.

recap-sujata tells swasan about raglak n parish baby.
precap-swaragini gruhapravesh with their babies to mm.

the epi starts with swaragini n sanlak entering mm with their babies.the gadodia family is also present there.
all pamper them a lot.then parish come down with their babies n swaragini n parish play with each others’ babies for sometime.all have a family time.
at night———————————————

swasan room:
sanky comes in n closes the door.he sses that the baby is crying n swara is trying to calm her but in vain….
he goes to her n takes the baby from her hand.he plays with the baby for sometime n she sleeps.sanky is in a leaning position on the bed n is staring the sleeping baby on the bed admiring her.swara also sleeps like him.
swara-hmmm…so u put the baby to sleep uh??????????
sanky-shona………shona……..don’t u know that i’m btter than u in everything n even in romance n she is papa’s princess so she’ll listen to her papa only not to her mamma.
swara(with fake anger)-very funny……
then both start laughing.
swara-btw sanky what r u going to name our princess coz after one week is her naming ceremony.
sanky(lovingly looking at the baby)-nidhi.
a smile appears on both swasan faces.
raglak room:

suddenly rags gets up coz she was getting pain.at th same time,she sees the baby crying.she tries to get up slowly.
lucky-rags take rest i’ll take care of her.
rags-but lucky….
lucky-no more talks.u take rest while i handle the baby.
rags looks at him lovingly while he puts the baby to sleep.he comes back aftre putting the baby back to sleep.rags is staring at him lovingly.
lucky-rags dont’t look at me like that…OMG don’t tell me u r going to eat me.
she slightly hits n hugs him. he too reciprocates.
rags-lucky after a week is ou baby’s naming ceremony.what r u going to name the baby??????????
lucky-u name her rags.
rags-i’m thinking of naming her isha.
lucky-good n pretty name like urs.’

rags gets happy n both raglak smile.
after a week in mm———————————————-
decorations r going on n gadodias r also present there.everyone r busy working with the arrangements.just then the pandit comes.ap,dp,sumi n shekhar welcome him.the couples copme down with their babies.they perform all the rituals.the pandit gives the couples small garlands to be put around the babies’ neck n they do it accordingly.
pandit-now tell tell the name of the baby to everyone n then in the baby’s ear three times.
aadarsh(with on baby)-aarav.

pari(with another baby)-ayaan.
they all tell the babies’s name in their ears three times.
uttara-arre wah!!!!!!!swaragini bhabhi n sanlak bhaiyya babies’ name together “NIDHISHA” n aadarsh bhaiyya n pari bhabhi babies’ name together “AARYAAN”.really good selection n combination.
all smile hearing uttara’s comment.all have a family time.
when nobody is seeing sanky gives swara a peck on her cheek.unfortunately uttara sees this n begins to tease them.
uttara(loudly)-bhaiyya we have given u a room for ur privacy….see bhabhi how she’s blushing…….
everyone laugh hearing it.swasan r embarrassed.

precap-swasan kabhi jo badal moments.

Credit to: swetha

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