swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 19

swaragini-swasan(love after marriage) epi 19.

recap-swara gave birth to a baby girl.
precap-sujata tells swasan something n they get happy.

the epi starts with swara getting concious n calls sanky slowly.sanky n sujata see her n give the baby to her.she slowly gets up n leans on the beadstead n gently places a kiss on the baby’s forehead.
sujata-hey bhagwan!now we have to handle four babies at home.
swasan look at her with a confused face.then sujata shares the fb with them.
while sanky is taking swara to hospital,ragini faints n the admit her in the same hospital.after checking her up the doctor says that she fainted due to stress n they have to remove the baby by c-section.they too agree n ragini gets operated n gives birth to a baby girl as well.while swaragini were in hospital,they got a call from mm stating that pari is getting labor pains.they called the doctor n got her connected with uttara.as it was difficult to bring pari to the gospital,doctor instructed uttara how to do the delivery as she is a medical student n pari gave birth to twin boys.

fb ends.
swasan become happy hearing the news.then a nurse comes in to tell sanky to complete all the formalities.n so sanky goes out for the same n meets lucky in the corridor.they look at each other for a moment n laugh n hi-fi each other.
sanky(with devilish smile)-now his sisters torture will end n we will start our torture by romancing with them…..
lucky(smirks like devil)-yea bhai.
fb is shown.
it is midnight.
in swasan room:
sanky is sleeping soundly when swara wakes him up.
swara-sanky wake up(shakes him).
sanky-what shona….sleep n let me also sleep.
saying this he dozes off again.swara gets angry n kicks him off the bed.he falls down with a thud n gets hurt on his back.
sanky(annoyed)-what shona??????????

swara(with attitude)-i want to eat something like chat.make it n bring it for me.
sanky-i’m sleepy shona……..
swara-if u dont make n bring it u know what’ll happen….
sankyt gets scared n goes out of the room.
in raglak room:
lucky wakes up immediately.
lucky-what do u want my love?
rags(lovingly)-will u make homemade chocolate cake now?
lucky-ok my darling.

he pretends to be happily making for her n goes out.while in the corridor,he meet sanky who comes holding his back.
lucky-bhai u?at this time…..n what happened to ur back?
sanky narrates the whole incident n lucky laughs at him.
sanky-what about u?
lucky-bhaisaab i came here to make chocolate cake for ur saali.im not like u who is a sleepyhead n irritates his wife by not obeying her.
sanky makes a crying face by pouting his lips like a kid.both bros go to kitchen n start making the dishes asked by their wives.swaragini used to wake up sanlak almost every midnight n it became a torture for them..
fb ends.
in rags’ ward in the hospital:
she gains conciousness n takes the baby from ap’s hands n hugs it n kisses its forehead.
the screen freezes on swaragini holding their baby.

precap-swaragini gruhapravest at mm with their babies.

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