swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 18


hey guys this is my 18th epi.

swaragini-swasan(love after marriage)epi-18.

recap-mysterious man face revealed.
precap-nine months leap n aadsanlak fun.

it is after nine months now.
in mm:
decorations r going on full swing.all men n elderly women r engaged in doing the decorations.it is swaragini n pari’s godbharai today.
in swasan room:
swara is dressing up.she has a cute bump in tummy.sanky comes n hugs her.he kisses on her lips. he then hugs her tummy n kisses it.suddenly swara feels pain n holds her tummy.
sanky-oho….so my princess kicking my shona?????
swara-haan….she is naughty like u only.
sanky-that’s like my princess.

both laugh n hug.
in raglak room:
rags too has a cute bump n is trying to put the pallu of her saree but is not able to.lucky sees her thus n helps her in wearing it.she looks at hm lovingly.he then hugs her n her tummy n kisses it.
then the girls r to be brought down to the lvng room so the send all the men to the hall.they comply n go.swaragini n pari r brought down n the function is about to start when aadsanlak barge in.
aadsanlak-we too want to watch the function.
there r many elderly ladies present there.
one lady-arrre beta….this is ladies’ function.boys should not be here.now go.
the boys make sad faces n go out.all laugh seeing that .
lucky-i’m bored sitting in the hall specially with that hitler.
aadsan glare at him angrily.

lucky-ok…ok…i meant PAPA…..bhaiyon plz tell some plan so that we can watch this function.
aadarsh-i have an idea.we’ll go the drawing room,open the window n see the function.
sanlak look at hm with a smile on thir glowing faces.
sanky-bhaiyya…u r not so innocent as u look.btw nice idea.we grab something from kitchen n go to the room.i’m feeling hungry.
he rubs hs stomach while saying.then they all go.
in drawing room:
aadsanlak execute their plan acccordingly while in the living room,the function starts.
in living room:
the elderly ladies apply turmeric paste to swaragni n pari,put bangles in their hands n bless them one by one.
in drawing room:
all the boys r eating snacks.just before the function ends,aadarsh gets a call n goes out.meanwhile swara sees sanlak watching the function n informs about the same to ap secretly.
she tells sujata n she tells to another woman.likewise everyone get to know about sanlak’s presence.
sujata-sanskar…laksh..come out.u r exposed.

sanlak come out embarassed.ap holds their ears n everybody tease them.
just then aadarsh happens to come to the drawing room.sanlak tell that it was aadarsh’s idea n run from there.sujata calls aadarsh but he stammers n runs from there.
then few ladies help swaragni n pari to go to their room.
in swasan room:
swara is sitting on the bed.sanky comes in n locks the door.he sits beside her n she starts laughing.she tells him that she was the one who informed everyone about the presence n starts laughing again.
sanky puts a sad face first but later he too laughs with her.both r laughing whole heartedly but he stops laughing when her grip on his shoulder tightens.he immediately shouts her name.
swara starts screaming in pain n everybody come to their room hearing her screams.sanky lifts her n walks out of the room.
in hospital:

swara is placed on the stretcher.she is screamng n crying in pain.sanky fills a form n a nurse tells that doc is calling him n he rushes to the O.T.
sanky enters the O.T.the doc tells hm that his wife wants him to stay by her side during her delivery.he smiles listening to that.
everyone r waiting outside except for raglak,parish n uttara.they hear baby crying sound from two rooms.sujata enters swara’s room while ap enters the other room.
swara’s ward:
sujata enters the ward n sees swara unconcious n beautiful baby girl in sanky’s hand n sanky is admiring her.sujata walks upto hm n she takes the baby in her hands with tears of happiness in her eyes.
she looks at him.
sanky-ma…my princess ma…my princess…..
just then he hears swara calling him n he turns back to see her in a concious state.he helps sit n the bed n sujata gives her the baby.swara carefully takes the baby from sujata’s hand n kisses its forehead.
the screen freezes there……

precap-sujata tells something to swara n she gets happy.

Credit to: swetha

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